UFC 134 Rio Post-Fight Bonuses: No Subs, but Three Fighters Nab $100,000 Each

August 28, 2011
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UFC 134 took place in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night and Brazilians surely held their home turf, winning eight of the 12 fights on the evening’s card. Of the three fighters who earned bonuses, two of them were from the South American country and performed well enough to pocket an extra $100,000 in cash.

Listed in the sportsbooks as an underdog, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira shocked everyone with a knockout of young up-and-comer Brendan Schaub. “Big Nog” finished his opponent in the first round of their meeting, and did so in his first ever professional fight in Brazil. It took 40 fights, but he finally got to showcase his abilities in front of his home crowd and walked away with a healthy bonus for the Knockout of the Night.

Edson Barboza and Ross Person punched their clocks mid-way through the main card and traded shots for the length of their fight. Barboza took home the split decision win, but not without Pearson putting up some stiff opposition. Pearson, the British fighter, stood with his Brazilian counterpart and put on some pretty offense of his own. With the fight being as close as it was and both fighters striking at their peaks, each of them walked away with a bonus and earned Fight of the Night honors.

Even though UFC Rio bonuses were $100,000 each, UFC president Dana White’s wallet didn’t take as much punishment as a typical fight card due to there being no submission victories on Saturday night. No tapouts means no Submission of the Night was awarded.

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  • b-soc

    No subs because most of the fight card was fought primarily on the feet. It was different, but I’m not complaining.

  • Cptmats

    With no subs, they should have givin Shogun a KO bonus as well !

    • wonggfan

      UFC is fucking cheap for a company that’s worth more than a billion.

      I understand the lack of insurance, severance, and other benefits to the fighters.

      But the UFC is already milking the fighters. Why not give Rua the co-KO of the night award??

      If you think about it, Rua put on one of his best performances.

      • shakejunt

        yep, this cheap company upped the fight bonuses 30k each -_-

      • Cptmats

        Lack of insurance and benefits ? The ufc Take dam good care of their fighters ! They all have health insurance as well as lots of extra health benefits ie: Hospital coverage,Physical therapy !

        No boxing promotion ever did anything like this for their fighters !

        • Cptmats

          Rua should have gotten a bonus, agreed. But The UFC is def. not cheap !

  • wonggfan

    30k is nothing when you think about how much money the UFC is pocketing.

  • BigGuy

    wonggfag is an ass clown! The UFC is in business to make money, not pay it all out to the fighters. They pay their fighters, give them insurance, bonuses, medical, etc. If you don’t like the offered package, take your services elsewhere. Free country to do so. Would you like the UFC to stop making any profits and just give all money earned to the fighters? Would you like to be the genius that determines what amounts the UFC can keep? Should it be YOU that determines how much money they should be allowed to make off of their investment??? Idiot!

  • Unador

    How did we get no Subs with 12 Brazillian, Brazillian Jujitsu fighters? 1 for each bout?