UFC 134 Post Fight: What’s Next for Anderson Silva? How About Anderson Silva?

August 28, 2011
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Anderson Silva UFC 126

Anderson Silva at the UFC 126 post-fight press conference

A champion wouldn’t be a champion without the team that helps to get them there.

As dominant as Anderson Silva has been throughout his UFC career, the sports’ top fighter won’t take credit for his success without passing along the accolades to his coaches and team.

He also wouldn’t feel right celebrating his own win without including those victories by his close friends who also fought at UFC 134.

“I’m happy, my whole team this night, my master Minotuaro (Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira), Erick Silva,” Silva commented after his win at UFC 134.

The champion was of course paying homage to his teammates who were also successful in Brazil. Knockouts were a theme among the Team Blackhouse fighters with Anderson Silva, Erick Silva and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira all winning that way.

For Anderson Silva this was just the latest victory in a career of stunning wins. While Yushin Okami was absolutely no slouch, Silva was prepared to do what he did by the training he was prepared with before he ever stepped foot in the Octagon.

“I train for the best guys in the world. The best team in the world, Team Nogueira is the best,” Silva stated. “I train against Cigano (Junior Dos Santos), I train against Rafael Feijao (Cavalcante), (Antonio) Rogerio Minotoro (Nogueira), (Antonio) Rodrigo Minotauro (Nogueira). I’m training for the best guys in the world.”

With his record setting 9th consecutive title defense, Anderson Silva continues his reign as the best pound-for-pound fighter in all of MMA.

While his dominance cannot be denied, Silva will always continue to push himself and face the best fighters in the world.

So with names like Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson floating around as potential opponents, who does the Brazilian legend see as a real challenge?
“Next? My clone, yeah, my clone,” Silva said with a smile when asked who he’d like to face for his next fight.

It might take modern science and a really good clone to actually give him a challenge at this point because in the sport of MMA, there’s none better than Anderson Silva.

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  • ShockednAwed

    I’ve got absolutely no interest in watching Anderson Silva destroy anybody else in middleweight. Last night’s Main Event was an embrassment. I know they’ve run through any and all actual contenders for this title, but they refuse to acknowledge it.

    Take the strap off Silva, and force him out or up to Light Heavyweight, where fights including him become interesting again… this is like watching a 20-year-old kick the crap out of kids, and frankly, it’s boring.

    • afk

      You sound like an ignorant retard who watches MMA for blood and titties. Obviously they’re not going to strip him of his title and force him up a weight division. What the hell would that prove at 185? Get rid of the best fighters to create a more liquid ladder? That’s like WWE type shit right there. Can’t beat him in the cage so you beat him out.

      You’re pathetic. Go back to Monday night football ‘BROSKI’.

      • wonggfan

        You sound like a retard that attacks other posters for the most innocuous shit just to make you sound smarter.

        I agree 100% that Anderson Silva should move up to 205 and fight Rampage, Lyoto, Rashad, and Shogun.

        I’ll bet you he will get beat within a year at 205. Match him up against Ryan Bader or Phil Davis as a warm up. Then Rashad Evans. Then Shogun. See I don’t think he could get passed those guys.

        And of course, Jon Jones would destroy him.

        • hunter

          wow r u serious do you think these people he’s fighting r slouches, um vitor belfort is a beast and would probably piece up shogun and probably rashad too and anderson did move up to 205 and pieced james irvin and forrest quicklike and forrest had the lightheavyweight belt at 1 point so whats ur point

      • ShockednAwed

        #1 – Titties are the main reason I force my eyes to focus on anything, be it television, internet or in print – but I’m not sure where the titties are in MMA… did you mean Matt Mitrione?

        #2 – I think you’re missing my point. I’m sick of being sold, WWE-style, fights that aren’t fights. Contenders that aren’t contenders. The only way I see them making Anderson Silva viable as a competitor is to shove him up a weight class. It’s arguable, in my opinion at least, that he may well be just as dominant, but it’ll be against guys I believe may have half a chance.

        So I’m afraid your pathetic diatribe offers little in the way of an actual response… and I actually quite like wrestling, so suck my nuts. 😀

    • What the hell you talking about? Anderson Silva really don’t have to prove nothing to nobody. He is a true middle weight. Ok, let’s use this senerio, GSP needs to bump up to challenge him, but its to Silvas advantage cause the weight GSP put on will slow him down. Silva will beat him down in the standing position. Anyway, he has a linky body. It ain’t like he’s a big masculine person that’s cutting down to have an advantage. I heard Chael Sonnen got poped for steroids when he fought Anderson Silva. But, believe it or now I think I can beat Anderson Silva. I know martial arts and I wrestle for 6 yrs. I’m super strong and I have a lethal punch that I can let off at any time. But need less to say he’s one of the greatest of all time. I would like to train and have a shot at him while he’s at his best and I’m at my best that will be the fight of the century in MMA.

      • If any trainer want to give me a chance to train me and get me in the UFC and challenge him while I’m at my peak in strength,power and striking ability I can fight at 180 and still have my power and striking ability. Who ever want to give me a shot? Hit me at brownmartinez96@yahoo.com, I’m ready for that challenge

  • devine22

    Yeah you cant kick him out for beating everyone!!! I dont understand why anyone would try an Stand with him??? Okami had chance to rush him to the ground but wanted to throw with him!! He will get beat if someone ground an pounds him thats it! Sonnen will take him out! How great was that to see Shogun an Nog win the way they did !!!! What is wrong with the tree stump?? is he all there or what why would he just stop fighting like that

    • wonggfan

      No one is kicking him out.

      But we’ve seen him perform at 205. He looked amazing. 205 is a bigger challenge for him. Anderson knows that. So he is ducking fights at 205 and fighting washed-up 205 rejects like Rich Franklin, Michael Bisping….etc..

      I must say, however, the way Rua handled Forrest yesterday took glory away from Anderson’s win over Forrest.

      Anderson vs Rua would be an awesome match.

  • Cptmats

    I read that if(when) GSP beats this lil Diaz faggot, He and Silva are gonna fight at 177lbs. and if George wins they will rematch at 185lbs. for the belt. Gsp will take him down and grind him out Like Sonnen did, But George is to smart to get cought the way Sonnen did !

    • wonggfan

      No you dude.

      Chael waaaaaayyyyy stronger than GSP. Guys like Chael, Nate, Hendo, Munoz can out wrestling skinny GSP any day.

      So….no…GSP will have tough time taking Anderson Silva down.

      It will be a one-sided murder.

      • phrankthetank

        Yes, gsp at a absolutely shredded 190 lbs walking weight is skinny and weak. At middle weight he will be faster and better conditioned than any middleweight, just as strong, and with the minimal weight cut, a hell of a lot fresher in later rds. I would pick GSP to outwrestle, out strike, and outlast Sonnen nate, munoz, and a dehydrated 185 lb hendo any day of the week.

  • sirreadsalot10

    Anderson is 36 years old. I figure he has two to three years left before his reflexes start to slow. That is time enough to fight Brian Stann, Michael Bisbing, Mark Munos, and rematch Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen. If he wins all those fights then he should retire as the greatest middleweight ever. I don’t see the need for him to go to 205.

    • wonggfan

      Dana should have moved Anderson Up a while ago.

    • ShockednAwed

      Sorry, I just don’t understand how Silva beating the tar out of Stann, Bisping or Munos does anything more for his reputation. In my opinion at least, sticking him in the cage against any of those guys is like matching him up with a chick… he’s supposed to win, so when he does it’s nothing special – but if he loses, it would be disastrous. All no-win situations for Anderson.
      If he retired today, it’d be pretty difficult for anyone to argue against him being the best ever – do you really think he needs those ‘second-tier’ names under his belt to pad the resume any more?

  • devine22

    gsp has no chance to win against Anderson !!! Gsp has no reach an is gun shy to getting hit!!! Matt the Terror KOd him! He has the reach advantage over all his opp thats why he fights with his hands down . He knows that if he cant reach an hit them they wont be able to reach him an when they try he just sways to the side a little an then counters!! They need to bring him to the GROUND!!! he wont fight his brazil bros! Bones has the reach on an Bones would take him out! Would love to see the spider take out Rashad

    • phrankthetank

      You’re right, the extra 1.5 inches of reach silva has over GSP would completely make GSP helpless. You need to get your facts straight, GSP has great reach and outstanding movement. He covers distance better than anyone, and then gets back out before you can counter. Watch him jab koschecks face into hamburger again before saying he has no reach.

  • BigGuy

    I’d like to see someone beat the shit out of Dana for constantly dangling the GSP-Silva fight. I don’t want to see that fight, and I know it will never happen anyway.

    • ShockednAwed

      100% agreed with the BigGuy on this point – Dana knows full-well they’ll never promote this fight in reality, so he should just drop it. Like his bullshit about paying us back for Abu Dabi.

      Besides, Jon Jones vs Silva has a lot more taste to it! 😀

  • Unador

    Stann needs to be his next opponent.
    Tho, it would be interesting to see Shogun drop to 185 and fight Silva.

  • bajafox

    Although it will most likely never happen, I would like to see Silva v. Machida

  • jared499

    Machida vs Anderson will never happen. But I do like some match-ups that could happen in the LHW division. Mostly the ones mentioned here already. but I think that the most interesting would be Jones vs Anderson. But he does have to win some fights in the division before he would get title shot.

    I like what Wongfan said, match him up with Phil Davis (great wrestling). If he beats Davis, then give him the winner of Rampage vs Rua, this should definately define the #1 contender for the next shot at the title. I would say to throw Machida in the mix, but as I said earlier Anderson and Machida will not fight each other.

    And to be completely honest with you, I would not complain to heavily if they gave Anderson a title shot right after winning a fight against any of the fighters I have mentioned.

    • All I need is 6 mos of mma training and I will be ready to fight anyone in the middleweight or light heavyweight. My dream is to challenge Anderson Silva before he retires. Whoever is a trainer in the UFC, give me a chance. I will bring it to him. Just give me 6 mos of training. I’m a natural beast from Sunrise down south of New Orleans I’m bout it