UFC 134 Post Fight: Maurcio ‘Shogun’ Rua Lives His Dream with Win Over Forrest Griffin

August 28, 2011
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If Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua was haunted by visions of his first fight against Forrest Griffin, he certainly had a productive therapy session at UFC 134.

Coming off a loss to Jon Jones at UFC 128 where he lost his light heavyweight title, Rua had a lot to prove fighting back home in Brazil, while also looking for a certain level of revenge for the man who kicked off his UFC career with a loss.

Looking at the fight that took place on Saturday night in Brazil, nobody would even recognize the Maurcio ‘Shogun’ Rua that fought Forrest Griffin the first time.

Like a bull, Rua charged forward and was relentless with his attack on Griffin from the moment go. Once Griffin fell to the ground, Rua was on him like a pitbull, and after a blitzing series of hammer fists, the fight was over.

“I’m very happy because Forrest is a very good fighter,” Rua told UFC.com after the win. “I fought Forrest in 2007, and I wanted this fight, I know Forrest can fight. It’s a hard fight for me, but I wanted this fight, and I wanted to win and I win.”

It was exactly the type of homecoming Rua wanted to have as he fought in front of his fans in Brazil.

For the long time veteran of Pride and the UFC, getting a win like that at UFC 134 was everything Rua could have hoped for.

“This is my biggest dream to fight in my home,” said Rua. “For my people, for my family, for my team.”

The win puts Rua back on track to hopefully earn another shot at Jon Jones or whoever has the light heavyweight title in the future.

Now the only question remains after a quick first round stoppage win at UFC 134, how quickly will Shogun want to get back in the cage again. Could he appear on the UFC on Fox debut show in November?

Only UFC President Dana White knows the answer to that.

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  • Cptmats

    Time for Shogun Hendo on Fox ?
    It will happen Remember where you heard it first !

    • wonggfan

      I don’t want to see Shogun Hendo because I know Shogun would win. I want to see Shogun vs Rashad and Lyoto vs Forrest.

      I want to see Hendo Silva rematch. I think Hendo or Sonnen could pull off a unanimous decision by taking the fight to the ground, obtaining control, and scoring on G&P.

      • Cptmats

        Dana hinted that Hendo may return on the first fox card, and also said his opponent would prob depend on the outcome of ufc 134 but wouldn’t be Silva ! That leaves the winner of Forrest Shogun.

        You know shogun would win ? My money would prob be on Hendo !

  • devine22

    would be a MUCH BETTER CARD if they did Shogun vs Rashad an Hendo vs Anderson

    • Cptmats

      Agreed, That would be a great show !

  • There is only one possible next opponent for Shogun that makes any sense at all, if you really think about it: Rampage. The only thing that could possibly get in the way of it is if Jon Jones literally knocks Rampage into retirement.

    And can Shogun become the Jon Fitch of the UFC LHW division – staying clearly ahead of everybody else besides, of course, Jones?

    He was that good against Forrest to suggest that he can in fact pull that off.

  • Unador

    Shogun vs Hendo would be great. 1.They need to fight 2. Hendo doesn’t have to cut to 185.

    Hendo vs Silva II would be lackluster. 1. They’ve already fought 2. Hendo still has to drop to 185.
    I’d rather see this at a catch weight of 195. Non title fight, Co Main event.

    Shogun needs a match up with Rampage, and Rashad before he fights Jones again. Whether Jones keeps the title or if one of these other two get it. He needs to fight both of them before a rematch with Jones.

    For my personal pleasure, I’d like to see Shogun vs Jardine, Shogun vs Bonner.