UFC 134 Post Fight: Forrest Griffin Makes No Excuses, Dana White Calls Him a Warrior

August 28, 2011
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Forrest Griffin UFC 126

Forrest Griffin at UFC 126

Going into a fight it’s not unusual for a competitor to have doubts in their mind. Whether it was a bad training camp or a nagging injury, the mental side of fight preparation is second to none.

For Forrest Griffin on Saturday night in Rio, the former light heavyweight champion had probably one of the biggest mental distractions any man could face on his mind when he stepped into the cage with Maurcio ‘Shogun’ Rua.

Thousands of miles away in Las Vegas, Griffin’s wife was due to go into labor with the couple’s first child.

Still despite this obviously mental distraction, Griffin offered no excuses why he lost the fight to Rua, and actually didn’t even mention his wife’s pregnancy until his boss took up the cause.

“I’m not 100% sure. I know I had a lot of opportunities to go and I didn’t go. The game plan was to kind of get off after he kind of missed, and he missed a couple times big and I just stood there and let him off the hook. I didn’t stay in the rhythm I wanted to,” Griffin said at the post fight press conference.

“I had a pretty decent camp going into this, pretty decent since 9 weeks since the last time we were here. I definitely could have done a lot better. It sucks when you do poorly at your job.”

UFC President Dana White then took the mic and let everyone know just how proud he was of Griffin for even taking the fight, and that he would be flying home immediately to be there for his wife and child on the way.

“His wife is literally getting ready to deliver their baby in Las Vegas right now, so we’re going to try to get him home as fast as we can,” White stated.

White expanded on that following the press conference, stating that it was obviously a very tough spot for Griffin to be in, fighting in Rio with his wife expecting to give birth at any moment at home in Las Vegas.

“Forrest is a warrior. He wears his heart on his sleeve. I have so much respect for him for coming and taking this fight in this situation,” White stated. “He knew he was going to be in this situation. He was just hoping, she was supposed to be nine days later. He was just texting with her before he came in here, and she said she thinks she’s ready to go, so I’m leaving tonight and he’s flying home with me tonight.”

White also believes that Griffin is as tough as they come, and despite the loss to Rua on Saturday night, the former light heavyweight champion is still among the elite at 205lbs.

“There’s no doubt Forrest is top ten,” said White. “He can go out and beat anybody on any given night, you never know with him. He’s tough. He’s durable.”

With a ride on the UFC’s private jet, Griffin heads home today with a loss on his record, but much happier thoughts will soon wash over him when he greets his new child at home in Las Vegas.

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  • BigGuy

    Did the bitch run out of the ring like when Anderson demolished him? Run Forrest, run!

    • WhiteIvy

      Forrest Griffin is a bitch? Intelligent….

      Of course your name is BigGuy, with the little man’s complex.

      Way to go computer warrior!!

      • wonggfan

        U mean to tell me that BigGuy is a little guy in real life that uses the computer to boost his ego? You mean he chose that moniker to make himself feel better? “I am a big guy! Therefore, call me BigGuy if you want to talk to me!”

        I doubt it. I think he is a fat guy. A fat nerd with glasses who claims to train in MMA. He is a fat nerd who equates FAT with BIG.

        Let’s call him FatGuy.

        • WhiteIvy

          LOL, SOLD!!, “FATGUY” it is,

          Amazing analysis Dr. Lecter

  • Unador

    No. Silva broke his will on TV and shamed Forrest into an early exit attempt.

    Rua beat him in the side of the head like Evans did until he was barely conscience. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

    Forrest doesn’t have the best W-L record. But after looking at his recent fights, they have all been against LHW champions. Some may say he doesn’t belong in the Top Ten. I’m starting to think, you don’t belong in the top ten LHW ranks unless you have beat Forrest.

    • wonggfan

      So Rampage and Jones are not top 10?

      I would say Forrest is still in the top 10 but UFC needs to match him up against Bader or Phil Davis, which they won’t since Forrest’s career would be over at that point.

      I don’t think Forrest could beat Ryan Bader or Phil Davis. I don’t think he could beat King MO or Mousasi..

      • Unador

        no, I didn’t mean as : If you haven’t fought forest and won your not a top ten.

        I meant it as : Forrest seems to be right at the threshold of champion caliber, so we can use Forrest as a ‘control’ fight to see whether up and coming stars are really capable of becoming champion, by beating Forrest, or if they need to muck around abit in the muddied waters of talented fighters below Forrest.

        Hmm, I think Forrest would defeat Bader.
        1. If Jones broke Bader’s will as some say is evidenced in the Tito fight, then Griffin wins
        2. Bader is a wresterl turned striker. I don’t see him outstriking forest. What I do see, is Bader getting into some serious submission trouble on the ground with FOrrest, which is where Bader will take the fight, eventually.

        Phil Davis? hmmm I can’t comment on, I don’t have enough information on Davis.

        • wonggfan

          Understand your point. Forrest would make a good gate-keeper. But he is too expensive to keep around for gate-keeping purposes.

          Also, agree about Bader. Bader has been looking shitty. Bader probably needs to win a fight before we could give him the benefit of the doubt.

          Forrest is 2-3 in his last five bouts. And all three losses were via KO, while his two wins are via decision, one of them split.