UFC 133 Results: Rashad Evans Finishes Tito Ortiz

August 6, 2011
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Rashad Evans

It had been fourteen months since former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans had competed when he stepped into the Octagon at UFC 133 inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Saturday to rematch former titleholder Tito Ortiz, but you couldn’t tell it by his performance.

He did to Ortiz what Ortiz has done to so many throughout his career. Evans let his hands go standing and utilized his wrestling to put his opponent on his back and put him away from there.

The two stood and traded shots through the first two minutes of action before Ortiz shot in and secured a takedown. Evans worked his way back to his feet and turned the pressure up with his striking. They had a spirited exchange along the cage where Evans landed several punches, but Ortiz answered with knees.

With a minute remaining in the opening round, Evans elevated Ortiz into the air and slammed him to the canvas. From there, he softened Ortiz up with punches and elbows.

Evans secured a double-leg takedown early in the second stanza and Ortiz applied a guillotine choke. Evans fought his way out of it and began to brutalize Ortiz with ground and pound. Ortiz worked his way up to his knees, but it would be his undoing. Evans delivered a knee to the midsection of Ortiz, causing him to wilt to one side. Evans finished with several right hands, forcing a stop to the fight.

“All the hard work, all the trials and tribulations have paid off. In life, you have setbacks; those are the things that test you the most. When you’re in a valley, that’s when you’re tested the most, not when you’re at your peak,” said Evans following the fight.

Ortiz made no excuses for the loss and was respectful in defeat.

“I have to take my hat off to Rashad,” said Ortiz in his post-fight interview. “He beat me at my best.”

With the Ortiz bout behind him, Evans focused his attention to champion Jon Jones and Quinton Jackson, who fight at UFC 135 in September for Jones’ UFC light heavyweight title.

“Got my first performance in. I want to get at Jon Jones; I want to get that belt back. So whether (Jones) has it or Rampage has it, I’m getting my belt back.”

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  • wonggfan

    What’s next for Tito? Machida rematch or Lil Nog/Rich Franklin loser leaves UFC match?

    It looks like Tito can’t hang with the top dogs.

    • jared499

      I would personally like to see Lil Nog or Franklin, not Machida. Machida had the big win against Couture and I think that there is no upside to that fight for him or the UFC.

      I think that Franklin would be a better fight the Nog though. And then you are right, it is forced retirement from that point on.

      Question did Axe Murderer retire or is that still in the air. If not I think that this would be a good retirement match for Tito. depending on what weight Silva is willing to fight at.

    • Machida is now almost certainly fighting Forrest next; indeed the only thing that would have prevented that matchup was both Rashad losing to Tito AND Forrest beating Shogun, since then Forrest would have earned the next title shot.

      And Forrest also helps identify Rich Franklin as Tito’s likely next opponent, as Tito and Rich have very similar recent losses to Forrest.

      • wonggfan

        If Forrest could take Franklin down, Tito can also.

        Tito usually gets away with fighting smaller guys with weak takedown defense.

        I hope Franklin wins..but it will be a hard fight for him. Tito is hard to put away.

  • Dranegoldhawk

    Whats next is to hear what excuse Toto had for why he lost. There is always a really good reason other than he just was out matched. I had a toe injury, I hate bad chicken, i cat had the flu and I had to nurse it….I am so bummed that Bader lost, I just wanted Toto to go back to Oz

    • wonggfan

      Toto didn’t make crazy excuses.

      Excuse #1: I took the fight on short notice.
      Excuse #2: Rashad had a 14 month training camp.
      Excuse #3: Rashad was the better man TONIGHT! (only tonight???)

    • Tito deserves a lot more respect than that (and this comes from a Rashad fan).

      And Rashad’s change of camps was really vindicated tonight: After getting a draw that should have been a loss to Tito with Jackson’s, Rashad got a smashing win over Tito with Imperial.

      • wonggfan


        First, Rashad’s skills have not dramatically improved since the first match, although he has become more seasoned.

        Second, I doubt change of camps made that much difference. He is fighting a mediocre fighter in Tito that lucked out against Bader.