UFC 133 Prefight Video: Tito Ortiz Doesn’t Even Think About Losing

August 4, 2011
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Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz

One victory doesn’t exactly constitute a remarkable comeback in the world of MMA. It is a good start, however, and if Tito Ortiz were to string a victory over Rashad Evans onto the back of his first-round submission of upstart Ryan Bader, then he’s got a definitive turnaround in the works.

In Ortiz’s mind, he’s already back, and there’s no doubt that his resurgence will continue.

“I don’t think about losing,” he said on Thursday. “I have some great things to achieve in this world, and I’m not done yet.”

  • wonggfan

    Lyoto makes $250k per fight, Anderson makes $400k.

    [Dana White calling Lyoto]
    Dana: Hey Lyoto, can you take this fight against Rashad Evans?
    Lyoto: Yeah..I guess so. When is it?
    Dana: It is in X weeks.
    Lyoto: That is kinda short notice no?
    Dana: Yeah it is but we would appreciate it greatly and we will not forget how you helped us out.
    Lyoto: Hmm…well can I get paid more?
    Dana: Umm..how much?
    Lyoto: Like like $150k more?
    Dana: Are you nuts? No! That is how much we pay Anderson Silva!
    Lyoto: Yeah..but it is short notice!
    Dana: Listen..you are now asking me to pay you Anderson Silva money?
    Lyoto: I guess..it is short notice and I have a lot to lose…
    Dana: No we are not gonna pay you extra!
    Lyoto: Okay then I am sorry but I have to pass.

    [Dana is interviewed by Gariel “Rat” Helwani]

    Rat: Ariel Helwani with AOLFIGHT joined by the UFC president Dana White..and Dana..umm..I heard that you offered Lyoto Machida a chance to fight Rashad Evans and he refused.
    Dana: Yeah..the dude asked for Anderson Silva money…listen….here is the thing..and I am gonna just say it…we are one of the most generous, nicest, open companies out there…And Anderson Silva has been the p4p king for 10 years…he has defeated everyone…and went up to 205 and destroyed two good guys up there…and for you to come and ask for Anderson Silva money??? No way.
    Ariel: But, I know Anderson and Lyoto are good friends at Black House with Minotauro Noguiera and them…but did he give you a reasons why he thought he deserved Anderson Silva money?
    Dana: Listen..again..I don’t care who you are…no one deserves Anderson Silva money unless you fight like Anderson. The guy is a P4P king. Anderson Silva is the best fighter on planet (GSP being #2 and Fedor was never good). And this guy calls me up and says I want to take the fight but only if you pay me like how Anderson Silva is getting paid..ridiculous..that is insane.
    Ariel: But the disclosed salary shows that it is only $150k difference..does that mean that…perhaps…UFC fighters are getting paid $20million but the disclosed salary is only a small portion of their actual pay???
    Dana: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…why??…..YES!!!…Listen…we pay our fighters better than most people think. Anderson is rich. All of these guys are rich.
    Ariel: Thank you Dana!
    Dana: Pleasure.

    • BigGuy

      wonggfan = Douche!

      • wonggfan

        BigGuy = 35 years old + 50k salary + shit apartment/shit neighborhood + no college/junior college/shit college education + MMA worshipper

  • bajafox

    LOL, and Tito made $450k at UFC 132, he’ll probably bank another $450k at UFC 133

    I never liked Machida but him not taking this fight, which most likely would have given him #1 contendership, which in itself is priceless, was just plain stupid.

    • Unador

      ah, you’re right…. and that makes me think… Perhaps Machida didn’t want a title fight with Jones….
      Isn’t that how fighters hide their cowardice? they just demand too much money and then blame it on the orginization?

      • wonggfan

        LOL! So you are saying that Machida refused to fight a guy that he has already destroyed not so long ago so that he could avoid fighting for the belt in 6 months from now???? LOL!

        I think Machida WANTS to fight Jones. But to do that he needs to climb back up. Fights that make sense to him are do-or-die with Shogun, fight with Forrest, or revenge against Rampage. Taking a fight on short notice is tooo risky at this point.

        • Unador

          No, I’m not saying it, I’m speculating. Machida is risking a lot on short notice. I don’t know if it’s 60% increased pay risk tho.
          And he very well may be hoping someone beats Jones so he doesn’t have to fight him himself. Nothing unrealistic about that. Might not be true, but it’s not unbelievable, or far fetched either.
          I’ve not seen evidence of Machida ‘wanting’ to fight Jones. Perhaps get the belt back yes, but a desire to fight Jones specifically? I may have missed that interview.

          • wonggfan

            Don’t let the percentage fool you. $0 to $1 is infinite increase. $1 to $2 is 100% increase.

            MMA fighters are paid so shitty and UFC makes so much money that they could afford another 150k easily. Dana makes more than that in a week.

            So what is the real problem??? UFC doesn’t want to allow fighters to even think about negotiating for salary. UFC wants to avoid setting precedents.

  • Unador

    what happened to the rest of the negotiations?
    Machida hit him with 150k more and Dana just said ” are you nuts? no way! *click* ??
    I would expect Dana to offer 25 or 50k more and for Machida to counter with 125 or 100, and they could have settled somewehre in the middle. Less than Anderson, but a small bonus for a short fight. Machida is right, he is risking quite a bit for short notice, but I agree perhaps not a 60% pay increase.
    Then again maybe Machida refused to negotiate. I don’t think we have the full story here.

    • wonggfan

      I just made the whole script up to show you how ridiculous Dana is. He is a little kid.

      • Sinalag

        I think we figured out that you made that up. It’s not like we think you have an inside connection somewhere.

        • wonggfan

          Did I say that you didn’t know?

  • Unador


    Ok, I can see your point about presedents. You suspect the UFC is intentionally holding the pay scale down for these fighters to increase their own profit margins. Following that reasoning the UFC cannot give very much more, or any more money to one fighter for a fight than any other fighter. If so, then all of the fighters demand more.
    So basically, in your eyes the UFC says you fight for this much. Period. Or you go fight elsewhere, which isn’t a very attractive option. As they have the biggest corner of the most succesful part of the market. They may offer more ( tho 800k or 1.2 mil from SF is way more than 250 to 400k ) but it still isn’t an agreeable or fair amount in your opinion.
    And you think the leverage the UFC is using is less than justifiable from any perspective including that of a business perspective. Just plain greed and disrespect?
    WIthout the proper information about the payscale of the other fighters there s no way to determine how crappy that pay is in comparison to other organizations.
    As for Dana making 150k a week? I dunno.
    But UFC/Zuffa has got to be racking in the cash. Even if just from the commercials!. And now I’ve got commercials on my PPV? They should refund some of my money for that, or air it free. If I pay for it, I don’t want to hear any sales pitches.
    1hr ultimate fighter TV show = 20 minutes of actual show, 15 minutes of the same intro before and after every commercial break that constitutes another 25 minutes of that 1hr show.
    And it’s crap to boot. Just another MTV reality show, crappy superficial drama.
    I’d rather see it set up more like the team event they portray it to be. The Biggest Loser is more entertaining and with better content!