UFC 128 Post-Fight Video: Is Mirko “Cro Cop” Retired? “Probably”

March 20, 2011
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On a two-fight skid and having gone 4-5 in his UFC career, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic could be at the end of the line.

That’s what UFC president Dana White said on Saturday night, anyway.

The 36-year-old Croatian fighter has had a long and illustrious career, once commanding the respect of being a Pride champion. But lately, he hasn’t been able to recover the spark that he once had.

White now says that Cro Cop is likely headed for retirement…

  • lowlb

    The Schaub win was CRAP!
    He got warned twice with a point taken away about hitting the back of Crocops head…
    Then how did he win? He nailed CC behind the ear..
    Watch the fight again.. the illegal blow is even announced.. It’s all crap… You can’t hit someone behind the ear, it’s an illegal blow but that’s how Schaub won.. And now CC is retiring.
    So lame…. The important thing is that the American won….

  • dikkimac

    Not sure if the win was CRAP, he won, didn’t like the second shot when Cro Cop was on the ground. But Cro Cop needs to either go to LHW retire. He’s 225-230 lbs, cut and go down, he’s talented just not big enough to fight the new breed of HW’s!

  • wonggfan

    First, the win was not crap. It shows that Cro Cop cannot handle with young fighters anymore.

    Second, CC should retire. He is a legend no doubt. And will always be remembered as one of the greatest HWs.

    Third, CC should NOT cut down to LHW. One reason is that not all HWs that cut weight can do well at LHW. Cutting weight means he needs to lose muscle mass. He will feel lethargic after a 20+ weight cut. Also, CC would get KILLED by J.Jones. Look at the Overeem fight. And imagine a better version of Overeem on top of CC.

  • dikkimac

    My thought of him cutting weight and dropping to LHW is that he can still compete and be a gate keeper in the LHW division! He still wants to fight but can’t compete with HW’s. Forrest, Rampage, Bader, Ortiz, Silva, and Soszynski all cut down from 220 to 230, all to fight at 205! If he wants to stay competetive then he should drop or just retire, he’s only in his early 30’s and still has a career ahead of him.

    • wonggfan


      The thought of CC cutting down just to stay as a gate-keeper is just shocking because it might be the only option for him at this point.

      Forrest, Rampage, Bader, Ortiz, Silva are out of shape at 220 to 230. Cro Cop is naturally at 220 to 230. It is a small difference but Cro Cop is a naturally bigger guy than those you mentioned.

      Go watch Igor Vovchanchyn at LHW. People thought he would dominate when he goes down to LHW. But he lost the power and did worse at LHW, although he also got older.

  • wonggfan

    I just remember CC being a really really scary dude. Like, he can kill anyone. He used to have an attitude too, “I am Cro Cop. I will knock you out just because I am Cro Cop.”

    And after 4 years of struggling after winning the Pride GP, his career is completely winding down.

    A legend indeed. But it’s time to go.