UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort Extended Video Preview

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, at UFC 126 on Feb. 5, will continue to try and make his case to be considered the pound-for-pound best fighter int he world. He face Vitor Belfort, one of the most explosive fighters in the sport, in the UFC 126 main event in Las Vegas.

Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin, both former UFC champions, are slotted in the evening’s co-main event, each trying to find his way into title contention in the UFC light heavyweight division.

Not the veterans that Griffin and Franklin are, rising contenders Jon Jones and Ryan Bader will square off in another light heavyweight bout at UFC 126. Like Griffin and Franklin, Jones and Bader are fighting for the next rung on the ladder leading up to the UFC light heavyweight championship.

Learn more about all six competitors in this UFC 126 extended video preview…


  1. Silva

  2. Belfort – KO

    Franklin – Dec

    Bader – KO

    How much we bettin’? 😀

  3. Silva

    Well at least we agree on Franklin

  4. LOL – Anyone who thinks Bader is even going to last more than 10 mins Vs Jones is on crack & has NO CLUE about MMA, let alone to say Bader is going to beat Jones. Thats so funny, you guys are comedians – where do you do your stand up shows at?!? hockednAwed & uncanny390 – I Will bet my mmaweekly subcription for a year – HAH!!! Not to sound like a jerk, but Bader over Jon Jones?!? WOW – u guys might want to re-think those picks. I’d like to see Belfort come out like Sonnen did Vs Silva – which was run towards Silva & dont let him get comfortable and then attack, I can see Belfort doing that & then Silva will be KTFO, jsut like what Belfort did to Wanderlei!!! Franklin Vs Forrest…….. could go either way, both got KTFO by Silva but Franklin might have the edge in experience, but Forrest trains with Randy.C, so hes game plan will be taylor made to fight Franklin!!! Bader beats Jones…… OH MY!!! WOW

  5. yup i have to agree. bader has a punchers chance thats all..I dont know what people are watching if theyre thinking bader can beat jones. Watch all baders fights, his stand up is SHITTY. def tuff guy. but jones wins first round tko. im not sure if whats gonna happen with silva and belfort if silva fights at his best, i dont think belfort can hang, but if he lets belfort beat on him like sonnen he will get put to sleep. Forrest ovr franklin but im guessing a decision.