UFC 122 Available To Half Billion Potential Viewers Worldwide

November 11, 2010
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UFC German FlagUFC 122: Marquardt vs. Okami,” the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s second trip to Germany, will be available to a half billion potential viewers.

“The UFC is becoming very international if you haven’t been paying attention, and this event is no different. This event will probably be the most widely distributed event on television since Germany hosted the World Cup,” said UFC Managing Director of International Development Marshall Zelaznik at the UFC 122 pre-fight press conference.

“The event will be seen in over 140 countries. It will be available to a half a billion people and has 13 different nations represented on the card. It will actually be distributed in 19 different languages,” he added.

The event will not be seen on television in Germany, however.

The UFC television deal was blocked in Germany when licensing was retracted by the TV licensing authority in Bavaria, a move the UFC feels was unjust. The UFC filed a lawsuit against the licensing authority and is currently tied up in litigation expected to take six months to a year to come to a conclusion.

The event airs on Spike TV in the U.S. on tape delay and live in the U.K. on ESPN and is available in Germany online at Spox.com, the official German media partner of the UFC.  The deal is similar to the Yahoo Sports partnership in the U.S.

  • MMeh

    Re: UFC filing suit against the German broadcast authorities.

    I think a lot of anti-UFC people don’t realize how much money the UFC spends to get our beloved sport sanctioned around the world. Of course there is selfish motive ie. more countries, more viewers, more money however the entire MMA community benefits from this. When is the last time another organization sent delegations to lobby governments or opened satellite offices to try and get sanctioning.

    My point is this: I have heard numerous times people (including Bas Rutten – whom I like) stating that they believe that having multiple large scale promoters would benefit the sport. In that scenario each promoter would be in a life and death struggle to maximize profits and none of them would spend the time and money to do the long and expensive process of getting sanctioned in a new area just to have their competitors piggy-back in and capitalize. MMA global expansion and acceptance would slow to a crawl and possibly stop altogether.

    Combine this with the issue of 3 large organizations fighting over talent and driving salaries into the stratosphere. There cannot be any doubt that this would lead to the boxing model of having one or two “big name” fights and nine or ten “filler” fights at minimum wage. No promoter would have the revenue to put on deep cards. Ask boxers outside the top rankings how this model is working for them.

    I have never heard a thorough, logical explanation of how multiple large promoters would benefit the sport. I wish that everyone could get over petty hatreds and just enjoy this amazing, growing sport.