UCMMA 18 Results and Photos – A Night of Stoppages

February 6, 2011

John Maguire subs Dean Amasinger

John Maguire subs Dean Amasinger

LONDON – Ultimate Challenge 18 took place on Saturday night at the Troxy in London, where Ultimate Fighter veteran Dean Amasinger tried to wrets the UCMMA welterweight title from John Maguire.

The two stood in front of each other like a pair of bulls for the majority of the first round, throwing kicks and occasionally going for a takedown. Amasinger shot first having landed a few solid low-points, but was unable to make it stick as the Tsunami fighter popped right back up after trying his luck with a guillotine.

Amasinger had clearly been working on his range and timing for this bout, throwing high-kicks with precision and stalking Maguire for the remainder of the first round.

With the bell ringing out for the second round, Maguire had obviously been digesting the fight and started to make adjustments, moving in and out of range while landing strikes, the catalyst of which was a hard knee that landed flush with Amasinger’s face, breaking his nose and allowing his opponent onto his back.

Though hard fought in defense, it only appeared to be a matter of time before the Rough House fighter succumbed to the rear naked choke, as blood streamed from his nose and breathing became laborious. Maguire retains the belt with the victory.

Tim Radcliffe came back from being dropped and dominated in the opening moments of his bout with Michael Pastou, who looked much improved following a long training stint at American Top Team. Radcliffe roared back with a brutal, highlight reel knockout via head kick and picked up the UCMMA lightweight title to boot.

Pastou never saw the strike coming, having clinched up and forced Radcliffe against the cage. He tried to drop and take out the noted grapplers legs, only to eat two very firm knees square in the face. Breaking away and clearly discombobulated, Pastou’s lights went out, never sensing the high kick that was following him away from the clinch.

A workman-like outing for Linton Vassell against Rolandas Cizauskas had him grounding the Antonio’s gym fighter, laying five knuckles into the side of his face from side-control.

Cizauskas was unable to improve position or counter the assault, eventually scrambling in desperation, allowing Vassell to take his back with both hooks in before stretching him out and doubling up on his striking options to force a referee stoppage. Vassell has now positioned himself as the main challenger for incumbent light heavyweight champion Jimi Manuwa’s gold.

It as a tough character-building round for Jack Mason, as he dropped to the mat following a huge uppercut that sent him reeling. Remaining composed, he tied up to recover his senses and set about trying to bully Sutherland into a position to set up the guillotine, which he managed twice, but failed to close.

Shortly afterwards, Sutherland landed a takedown that Mason took as an opportunity to try a heel-hook setup, but ended up eating some heavy leather.

The exertions of the first stanza appeared to take a toll on both fighters, as they seemed content to work against the cage, pummeling for underhooks and exchanging short knees for the remainder of the bout, excepting a late charge from Sutherland who started to throw more hooks and uppercuts while chasing his opponent down. Denniston Sutherland picked up the unanimous decision victory.

Bola Omoyele looked a lot calmer and methodical than usual in his pin-point destruction of Brendan Cookman, who seemed comfortable off his back, but more concerned about trying to tie his adversary up, rather than defending the heavy-handed blows that came raining down, and eventually stopped the fight.

UCMMA 18 Full Results:
John Maguire def. Dean Amasinger via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:28, R1
Tim Radcliffe def. Michael Pastou via KO 4at :29, R1
Linton Vassell def. Rolandas Cizauskas via TKO (Strikes) 4:21, R1
Denniston Sutherland def. Jack Mason via Unanimous Decision, R3
Bola Omoyele def. Brendan Cookman via TKO (Strikes) at 2:45, R1
Luke Newman def. Chaz Scott via TKO (Strikes) at 4:36, R1
Wayne Brown def. Michael Sidwell by TKO (Dislocated Shoulder) at 5:00, R1
Dominic Plumb def. Simon Carrington via TKO (Strikes) 3:51, R1
Anthony Liles def. Mark Carling by TKO (Lack of Oxygen) at 5:00, R1
Luiz Tosta def. Tom Dixon via Submission (Triangle) at 1:17, R1
Hussain Garabet def. Peter Waterhouse via Submission (Armbar) at 3:26, R1
Ben Spinks def. Ricci Woodwood via Submission (Guillotine) at 3:13, R2