Tyrone Woodley Says Carlos Condit’s Injury Shouldn’t Detract from Him Earning a Title Shot

March 16, 2014
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Tyron Woodley UFC 167UFC president Dana White had no news to announce about who is first up for new welterweight champion Johny Hendricks at the UFC 171 post-fight press conference following Saturday night’s fights in Dallas.

There were two candidates on the card whose names are in the mix – Tyron Woodley and Hector Lombard – as well as Rory MacDonald, who hasn’t been shy about proclaiming his qualifications for a shot.

Woodley and Carlos Condit fought in the UFC 171 co-main event, leading most people to believe it would be a number one contender’s bout, but White wouldn’t declare it so. Woodley’s victory over Condit wasn’t without criticism either.

By all accounts, Woodley put on a strong performance, but the lion’s share of criticism has come from those that believe it didn’t qualify as a quality win because Condit suffered an injury during the fight. (Watch the Condit vs. Woodley highlight video here.)

The injury occurred when Woodley shot on Condit and planted him on his back. At some point during the takedown, Condit’s right knee was injured. In a follow-up exchange, Woodley landed a hard kick to Condit’s left leg that spun him around and sent him crumbling to the mat, clutching his right knee, causing the referee to stop the fight.

Woodley, however, fails to see how the injury detracts from his performance.

“I think it takes nothing away. I think if you break somebody’s arm in an armbar, if you choke ’em out and they don’t tap… it wasn’t like he came in with a pre-existing injury. It came from a double-leg takedown. I saw that he was hurt and I went for the finish,” he said at the post-fight press conference.

“I think I was dominating the fight and that’s a tough guy to dominate in general.”

Whether or not it was a strong enough performance to earn a spot opposite Hendricks the next time he sets foot in the Octagon has yet to be determined.

Again, Woodley believes it should, but of course he could be a little biased since his passion is to capture the gold that is now in Hendricks’ possession.

“I asked for [the Condit] fight because I didn’t think I was gonna lose it,” said Woodley. “You guys fail to realize that I’m in this to be a world champion. I went after the top guy when everybody was so quiet, and I blew (Dana White’s) phone up until he probably couldn’t take it anymore because I want to be the world champion.

“I think that alone, that persistence, warrants me a world title shot.”

Not only does he feel he earned a title shot, Woodley added that there is a little spice to be added to the mix if you take a peek back in time.

“Me and Johny Hendricks got some old unfinished business from the Big 12 days of wrestling. I would love to get my hands on him. It’s a crazy fight.”

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  • Denny Swain

    Woodley vs lombard or gunnar nelson

    • MMAFan

      Woodley vs Macdonald or Lombard vs Macdonald for #1 spot. Let Hendricks enjoy this for a bit until they can get a clear cut contender. Gunner vs Kelvem to put them in the mix.

    • Maddawgmar

      I say Lombard gets Title shot, just because he beat a guy that can make the best look bad, And he did it impressively. I say make Woodley/Rory as an eliminator. If Diaz wants to come back, give him Lawler. Gunner needs a top ten guy before he goes against the title talk fighters

  • uncle

    Title shot for 5 rounds he would gas for sure

    • Sebastian Sassi

      Heck, he almost gassed after one round. It ain’t like Condit had a pre-existing injury YOU knew about Tyron, but it’s not like anything he did on the take down was targeted at Condit’s knee either. These kinds of injuries happen all the time in training too. If Condit didn’t get injured, Woodley was going to be picked apart as the fight wore on. He’d do well to show a little humility.

      • uncle

        I agree I hate to see Condit go out like
        that ,Woodley couldn’t Knock him out
        so he went back to his lay and pray
        I’m not impressed

        • Maddawgmar

          Exactly every time Woodley took Condit down he wasn’t doing anything, Condit was landing shots and going for subs. Had the injury not occurred I’m pretty positive Condit would have picked him apart.

          • Darin

            You sound just like Rogan did during that fight. When Woodley landed a big punch, Joe says, “Woodley is slowing down”. When Woodley gets a TD, Joe just talks about how dangerous Condit is on his back, ignoring the fact that Woodley just slammed him. Look, Woodley was smashing Condit on the feet and taking him down repeatedly. So what if Condit was attempting subs from his back, he never cam close to getting one. Condit lost the first round and was losing the second as well when his knee gave out. In a rematch, I would expect Woodley to win again, and he definitely deserves a title shot over the 1-round wonder Lombard.

          • Maddawgmar

            He won the first round clearly, correct. I’m just saying Condit was starting find his range and started doing what Condit does, and that is adjust. Yes Woodley, was ahead, but there was a lot of fight left.

          • Chris Marshall

            You’re referring to the “alot of the fight left” AFTER he lost, right?

          • Maddawgmar

            Yes, from the time the fight was stopped there was plenty if time left for Condit to turn the tables, which IMO, he had started to do.

            Nothing away from Woodley, he looked really good, but there are times in fights where you see the fight turn, example Rory/Maia, Condit/Kampmann. I just think Condit was turning the tables, would he have won? I don’t know.

          • MaritalArtist

            I do. Condit would have won. Forget scoring and points…. Condit would have ended that fight. He ends most of his fights. His finishing ratio is ridiculous. Just take GSP’s numbers and flip it…. That’s Condit. That’s why Condit would beat Hendricks in a 5-rounder. The only person who could beat Condit is a strong wrestler with excellent cardio. That’s GSP, and he was almost finished.

          • Sir_Roy

            One thing I’ll give GSP credit for though, is his chin. After Serra, everyone was raging about how glass jawed he was for years. After surviving the Carlos onslaught and then the bombs from Hendricks, the kid can eat them with the best of em.

            While not as dynamic or dangerous on his feet than Carlos, I would add that GSP won their stand-up battle nonetheless … landing more significant strikes than Carlos did. GSP has had far more time in the stand-up game than his critics give him credit for (looked far better against Diaz on the feet than Carlos as well – which admittedly isn’t saying much). He can control where the fight goes and does so at will – which tends to overshadow everything else. He has no real knock out power which also overshadows his fairly strong stand-up game. He’s not a power puncher and he knows it.

          • MaritalArtist

            You do know Woodley was KO’ed before, right??

          • MaritalArtist

            Condit lost the first round. But you don’t know what would have happened as Woodley and his massive muscles began to tire. there’s only do much you can do once you’re tired, and Woodley blew his load not once but twice in that first round. No way he would have won that fight. Go back and watch Condit’s 5-rounder against Diaz or GSP, both cardio freaks. He kept up like it was nothing. Not saying it was guaranteed, but all I’m saying is 2 seconds before that freak injury, I had Condit a 4:1 favorite.

          • MaritalArtist

            When has anyone ever stood with Condit and survived?

          • Sir_Roy

            Agreed. Condit would have taken Hendricks had their fight gone two more rounds IMHO. Heck, based on aggressiveness and actually putting the other fighter in dangerous positions, I’d say Carlos actually won rounds 2 and 3. All Hendricks could do was take him down – then get into danger on the mat. Let him up – then get into danger in the stand-up. Carlos had his number no matter where the fight was being held.

        • MaritalArtist

          That boy has some chin. Forget about being knocked down…. After all these bombs from Woodley and last year from Hendricks, I’ve yet to see Condit even wobbled. Truly amazing.

  • Maddawgmar

    Woodley just lost to Jake Shields before his last fight. If you want to give anyone an immediate shot, I say Lombard. He beat a guy who makes good fighters look bad. He is 2-0 at 170 beating two guys that have beat Woodley, and did it impressively. Give Woodley an eliminator against Rory.

    • Dragon Kid

      Woodley has had two strong performances since the lacklustre fight with Shields. Losing to a top guy like Shields isn’t nearly as bad as Hector losing to Okami and Boestch.

      • grambo

        He’s right regardless. They had an opponent in common. Lombard ragdolled Shields and Woodley lost. Also, Lombard’s split-decision losses were at 185, so it’s a entirely different situation.

        • Plus Nate was a former contender at 185 in UFC and a SF WW Champion and Okami was a contender at 185 as well in a fight Lombard barely lost.

      • MaritalArtist

        Okami and Boetsch are huge. That’s why Lombard dropped to 170…. Same reason Boetsch dropped to 185.

        • Dragon Kid

          He still fought two guys who aren’t even title material and lost to them. So what if they’re big? Hector is pretty big as a welterweight.

      • ChuangTzu14

        Woodley just lost to Shields and his fight against Condit was a fluke.

        • Dragon Kid

          Woodley made up for it by finishing Koscheck via KO and dominated Condit. Fluke my ass.

    • MaritalArtist

      You make good points. I would agree. Then you would have Diaz fighting…. Who? Or maybe Diaz could be the replacement 5th man out in case someone gets injured.

  • julian moran

    If Hendricks can wait, have Woodley vs Lombard for the next shot and bring back Diaz to fight Hendricks in the meantime (kidding).

    • MaritalArtist

      I will get mad if Diaz gets the shot. He needs at least one fight first, preferably against Rory. I wouldn’t mind a Woodley – Lombard eliminator, but what if Bigg Rigg wants to defend now?

  • julian moran

    You have to admit that Woodley fought the perfect fight against Condit, staying on the outside of Condit’s diverse striking and countering with bombs.

    • MaritalArtist

      He did pretty well. But I still think Condit would have taken it. He would have probably KO’ed Woodley in the third, peppering him with a barrage of strikes, picking him apart. No way Woodley would have survived.

      • Sir_Roy

        I don’t disagree. One of my all time favorite fighters. Condit comes out hard in later rounds. I really, really wanted to see that fight play out till the end. Sucks for us fans, but sucks harder for Condit. Hope he heals up well and quickly and comes back stronger than ever.

  • MPA2000

    It wasn’t a freak injury like with Silva, this was caused by aggression and follow up.

    Tyronne fights Johnny next.

    • Fightfankevin

      I’m not sure I agree. I would give Woodley more credit if he were attacking the knee when the injury happened but that wasn’t the case. The injury was caused by aggression but not intentionally to the knee.

      • ChuangTzu14

        News flash:

        Woodley wasn’t attacking the knees when he went for a takedown.

        Nobody intends to damage the opponent’s knees wheen going for a takedown.

        Like a writer said: It was like he won a lottery that he didn’t know he was playing.

        He doesn’t deserve an immediate shot.

    • MaritalArtist

      It was a freak injury. How often does someone blow out their knee during a takedown? Like, never.


    Sir_Roy, my thoughts exactly. Very disappointing fight for us Condit fans.