Tyron Woodley Replaces an Injured Erick Silva at UFC 156

January 2, 2013
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Tyron Woodley didn’t get to fight at the final Strikeforce show, but instead he’ll get the chance to debut in the Octagon instead as he replaces Erick Silva at UFC 156 in February.

UFC officials announced Wednesday that Woodley has accepted a fight on the Super Bowl weekend card against Jay Hieron as he transitions from Strikeforce to the UFC.

A former wrestler from Missouri, Tyron Woodley has been one of the top prospects in the welterweight division for the past few years.

With wins over names like Paul Daley and Tarec Saffiedine, Woodley is a formidable opponent for anyone in the UFC, and now he gets his chance to prove it facing another former Strikeforce fighter in Jay Hieron.

The two welterweights battle at UFC 156 as part of the card taking place on Feb 2 during Super Bowl weekend.

  • When two really athletic guys like Woodley and Jay H. fight it’s sure to be a good fight.

    • dd

      gsp is athletic too but look at his fights

      • lol … GSP? You mean the GSP the #3 p4p fighter and 7 time defending WW champion in professional mixed martial arts… yea his fights suck let me tell you….. lol fake fans,,,

        • Danny

          I think he was referring to the decision Champion GSP, the one who never finishes fights. Know who I’m talking about???

          • Icepick

            Yea the guy who still won every fight idiot! I bet he’d finish your candy ass!

          • Right, the guy who people are talking about fighting Anderson Silva in a super fight b/c he beat everyone in his division. The guys he has beaten are rarely ever finished, their the toughest guys and top ranked fighters in the world.

          • Triangle choke

            Yeah the one that NO ONE seems to be able to beat. That GSP. I enjoy watching GSP fight. Then again, I’m a “real” MMA fan.

          • Finally a respectful and intelligent fan. Your right, GSP has been fighting all the top strikers, grapplers and wrestlers and nobody has been able to handle him. How is that his fault nobody can beat him? As for finishing fights, the guy is fighting all of the toughest guys on the planet, you don’t just go to fight and finish a guy like Carlos Condit, Josh Koscheckor Jake Shields (minus Ellenberger) Fans how talk about GSP like that are representing the sport in horrible fashion and take away the respect a fighter like that deserves.

          • brian stevens
          • Thanks for link. Even with a difference in opinions at least you know your mma my friend, and that I can very much appreciate.

          • brian stevens

            i understand why everyone loves GSP, but when people start saying he’s exciting I get angry. I’ve been through this with so many GSP fans that are so blinded by their fandom that they can’t be honest in their observation. GSP is smart and that’s why he is dominate. He doesn’t want to be exciting. He wants to win. That is respectful, but don’t tell me he is exciting because my eyes tell me different as do the stats.

          • I don’t believe I ever said he was exciting. But boring and not finishing in fashion are two different things. His fight with Condit was incredible. But to each his own. We can’t all like a way a guy fights, that’s not my issue; my issue is that people disrespect him so much b/c of how he fights. He’s strong everywhere. But his biggest strength is his wrestling and top control. But like I said the guys he beat are the best. Thiago Alves, Josh Koscheck and Jake Shields those guys don’t usually get finished. (Minus Alves/Kampmann and Sheilds/Ellenberger)

        • Richurd Cheese

          When was the last time gsp finished a fight?

  • Joey

    I really hope we see the Tyron Woodley that fought Nate Marquardt and not the lay n’ pray wrestler that he can tend to be. Because that fight was my favorite from 2012 and would make for a very exciting 170 lb fight.

    Hopefully Heiron can stop the takedowns and make it a brawl.

    • Kbroesq

      Totally agree. TW is probably the worst offender when it comes to lay-and-pray. His fights are unwatchable. Eric Silva is the exact opposite. I really believe TW will resort to his old ways because he’s fighting someone with much better stand-up who is more prone to wrestling than Marquardt. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Joey

        Yeah whenever I see Silva’s name pop up for a fight, I smile a bit. You know your going to get a guy that will be coming to blitz someone and either knock them out or knock them down then submit them.

        Tyron Woodley? not so much. Maybe since his last fight he has been working his hands more… but doubtful. It will probably be reminiscent of Brunson’s debut against Leben, which is not a good thing.

  • datdudechrisAGAIN!!!!!

    aww man… i like erick silva its a shame that this had to happen because i was wanting him to bounce back with a win