Tyler Stinson Ready to Knock Out Pioneering Veteran Jose Pele Landi-Jons

Since becoming a pro fighter nine years ago, welterweight Tyler “Evolution” Stinson has been fairly consistent with his output. More often than not, he’s averaged three to four fights each year, until recently.

Following his most recent win at Titan FC 31 over Jose Figueroa in October of last year, Stinson has been on a self-imposed break from the sport, the longest of his career thus far.

“Leading up to last year, I was banged up here and there, to where it was nothing serious, but just nagging injuries that wouldn’t go away,” Stinson told MMAWeekly.com. “So after that last fight in October, I said I was taking time off, however long it took to heal up.

“This is my longest break between fights and I think it was good. I think I needed it to recharge my batteries and get hungry again.”

While fighting consistently was good for keeping Stinson’s career moving forward, it prevented him from developing his game as he would have liked. So having the time off for that has been positive as well.

“The downside of always fighting is you really don’t get a chance to learn much, you’re just sharpening what you already do,” said Stinson. “You might learn a hold here or there, but if you’re winning, you stick to what you’re doing and work on your weaknesses.

“Not having a fight lined up, I could kind of freestyle a little bit and not have to worry about getting cut or hurt before a fight.”

Stinson (29-10) will look to pick up his second win in a row for Titan FC on Saturday in Montreal, when he takes on fellow veteran Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons (29-15) in a feature 170-pound bout.

“He’s been around almost 10 years more than I have, so it’s cool to fight someone who has that reputation of being a badass (for so long),” said Stinson of Landi-Jons.

“His wins are split between TKOs and submissions, so obviously he’s an all-around fighter. I’m looking forward to going out there and try to knock him out.”

Stinson feels a win over an accomplished fighter like Landi-Jons on Titan FC with their new distribution deal could be a big step forward for his career.

“I think it could only do good things, especially on the platform we’re going to be on with Titan being on UFC Fight Pass,” said Stinson. “It’s good because it’s going to be seen on people, and the more eyes on me, the better.”

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