Two Fans Reportedly Stabbed During UFC 169, Sustaining Non-LIfe Threatening Injuries

February 2, 2014
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UFC 169 Barao vs Faber Poster-Gray Graphic-478x270While UFC president Dana White was unhappy with some of the performances in the Octagon at UFC 169 on Saturday night with 10 of the 12 bout results landing in the hands of the judges, he surely was even more disappointed to hear that two fans were attacked.

A report by confirmed with Newark police that two victims suffered non-life threatening injuries after they were stabbed in the stands during the event. A suspect was arrested, but police did not identify the assailant.

The Newark Police Department did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

A UFC official told, “We are aware of an incident that occurred and was diffused by venue security and local police,” but had no further comment on the incident.

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  • Big Tuna

    If you need a knife or any other type of weapon you are soft. The only security man will ever have is his knowledge and own physical abilities.

    • shakejunt

      have fun not being soft when you’re caught unprepared

      • Big Tuna

        Your one of those gun tough guys I’m guessing. 75% of all gun crimes are committed by ones own weapon either on them selves or a loved one. But your prepared for that right…because you’ve educated yourself on how to properly use it right. Learn to put your toe on the line weasel!

        • shakejunt

          what i’m saying is that fighting skills aren’t gonna help much when it’s not an even playing field.

      • taylor2008

        I agree with you shake. I dont care how tough a person is, if someone breaks into your house with a gun there isnt much you are going to be able to do. This tunafish guy is a joke. Real tough guy. Goes around the blogs calling everyone names and making crap up about people. I own a gun but its only at home to protect my family if someone breaks in with a gun of their own.
        I live outside Chicago and one night when I was downtown with my girlfriend about 3 years back I was held up by a crazy dude with a knife. I took a step closer as to give him my money and hit him with a leg kick so hard his knee area caved in. I was so pissed he put my life at risk when i have a daughter i put a major beating on him after he went down with the kick. I also did that because he had 30 lbs or more on me easily.
        A knife I am not too worried about, but a gun is another story that Tunaman doesnt get. You can be cain velasquez but if a guy breaks in your house and hits you with a few bullets you arent going to be doing too much. I support safe gun ownership.

        • Big Tuna

          Safe gun ownership is a myth. Above I provide empirical evidence not anecdote. The gun you brought into your home now has 75% likelihood of being used on you or a household member. Nonetheless is more probable to harm you rather than protect.

        • Chicago

          “a knife I’m not to worried about”…. in a 10′ radius someone trained in how to use a knife is more dangerous than a gun. glad you are ok after the attack. I’m debating if I want to get the new concealed carry card here in Chicago.

          • taylor2008

            This guy was quite a bit bigger but didnt look like he was some knife expert. Just a thug trying to rob us. Little did he know I trained. One of my strong points is fast strong leg kicks. Thats why I made sure I kicked him fast and in the right spot. I had to testify in court about the incident since they were going to put hi away for a bit. The judge thought the police worked the guy over.
            Yes get the conceal and carry. I was thinking about it myself. Especially now that I have a family and a lot of desperate people are out there.
            Keep warm chicago. We have another storm heading our way on tuesday.

  • Chicago

    guns and knifes are a result of people to afraid to take a punch. everyone wants to win a fight, few people want to get into a fight.

    • Big Tuna

      Lots of cowards feel tough with a gun

    • Big Tuna

      Guns make cowards feel powerful!

  • ultimatefatcunt

    This is the failure of the event organizer and they should be held accountable. It happened inside the arena and in the stand during the event said it all. Proper organization of a recognised event must take into account safety precautions, especially the safety of ppl inside. As this is a UFC event, I hold them liable. UFC events are getting boring despite having known names because their rule set allows it to happen. There r other organizations that have different rule set, and thanks god, it’s more entertaining to watch. God knows y anyone would pay a high price for ppv becos it was hyped out, but always end up disappointing mostly.

    • MikeMcK

      It depends on what you’re watching the fights for. If you want back and forth competitive fights then the fighters skill level, and name mean nothing. The two best fighters in the world would/should be as competitive as the two worst.
      If the UFC or fans just want finishes then the fights they should look for are fights in heavier weight classes, and total mismatches.
      If you’d like to see a fight go the distance and have back and forth you’re best off watch two 90lbs women who are poor fighters. It’s simple.

  • Jimmy Rebel

    I would 10.4 million that it was a brazilian.

  • Bill

    I know the guy that was stabbed he is a great guy and great father. He told me the guy just started talking he wanted to shoot everyone in stadium and then all of a sudden attacked him and his friend with a knife. He said he doesn’t know what the guy all of sudden attacked him and his friend. Maybe something about his gf said something to the guy who stabbed him and got mad about it but again he doesn’t know why the guy went after him and his friend. He only speculating i guess he trying to figure out why he was attacked.