Twitter Reacts to Cowboy Cerrone Stepping Up to Fight Benson Henderson

January 6, 2015
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Just two days after defeating Myles Jury at UFC 182, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone stepped up on short notice to replace Eddie Alvarez against Benson Henderson at UFC Fight Night 59 in Boston, which takes place in just two weeks. Following Monday’s announcement, fighters and industry insiders took to Twitter to react to the news.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Guy’s a beast.

  • Seth

    We need more guys like him – willing to step up no matter what. That kind of fighters are called warriors. When it comes to Cowboy – you either like him…or love him. You simply can’t hate guys like him. War Cowboy! 😀

  • taylor2008

    Definitely one of my favorite fighters!

  • Darin

    Cowboy is the greatest UFC fighter to never have a belt. Whether through luck or intelligence, Cowboy has done a brilliant job of managing his career. He has never been a champ and still banks a ton of money. He has Budweiser as a sponsor! The truth is, no matter the result of this fight, it is good for his career. If he wins, he’s a super stud. If he loses, well, he took the fight on 2 damn weeks notice immediately after winning another fight. Nobody does that. A loss won’t give him much of a drop in the rankings and it has won him more fans and gotten him a lot of attention. I’m sure Budweiser is very happy with him.

    With that said, the pic of Cowboy sitting in an office has me curious. I’m guessing this is one of Dana’s offices, or a general UFC office. They framed a pic of the Jones-DC scuffle and hung it on the wall? These motherfukkers have no shame.

  • Victor Hernandez

    Cowboy Cerrone is the man. I like his gladiator-warrior spirit. Dana W. let’s put Cerrone’s pic on Wheaties boxes, he has earned it.

  • lol

    I didn’t really care to watch the hype of conor (ok I’m lying), but now cowboy and Ben should be the main event. I’m curious to see what headaches he will give Dana the week of the fight! Playing hockey with the Bruins or even lining up with grok at a practice? Budwizer should buy that man a beer!