Twenty Years Later… 62-Year-Old Mickey Rourke Returns to Boxing and Wins!

November 29, 2014
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(Video courtesy of FanBanderes)

These days Mickey Rourke is best known as actor… you know, The Wrestler, Body Heat, Diner, The Rainmaker. But if you weren’t aware, he was once and still is a heckuva boxer. In fact, he was an amateur boxer before he was an actor.

After becoming successful as an actor, he mounted a pugilistic comeback as a professional in the early 90s, amassing a 6-0-2 record.

Now, 20 years later and at 62 years of age, Rourke decided to give it another go. He fought 29-year-old America fighter Elliot Seymour in Moscow… and beat him by way of a second-round TKO stoppage.

Seymour isn’t exactly a world beater, entering the fight with a 1-9 record, but more than a decade into his AARP eligibility, you can’t really fault Rourke for not stepping in with Adonis Stevenson or Sergey Kovalev.

Well done Mr. Rourke, well done.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    It was a gimmick, not a real fight.

    • Chania

      If you’d have watched this “fight”, you’d see what a farce it was.. Being in Russia, I’m sure someone made some money ~

  • ed57

    It looked staged to me. Those body shots didn’t look hard enough for Seymour to crumple up like that. I’ll have to say though that Micky looked in good shape for his age!

  • Marcmessier

    hahahahahaha funiest thing I ever watch… And by the way several source tell that this was stage, but did anyone really need those source?