Twelve Weeks Removed from ACL Surgery, Tito Ortiz is Now the “Million Dollar Man”

August 5, 2013
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Tito OrtizTito Ortiz is just 12 weeks removed from ACL replacement surgery.

Ortiz, who recently signed with Bellator MMA, revealed the surgery during Monday’s conference call with the media to promote Bellator’s first pay-per-view offering.

The injury was a result of his fight with Forrest Griffin, Ortiz’s final fight for the UFC.

“My last surgery was 12 weeks ago. I had an ACL replacement,” said Ortiz.

The ACL replacement was in his right knee. Ortiz had his left knee repaired in the past.

He healed up quickly, however, which made the Bellator deal possible. Ortiz will square off with longtime friend Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in the main event of Bellator’s first PPV offering, Rampage vs. Tito, on Nov. 2 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in Long Beach, Calif.

“I was back at it in a month-and-a-half,” recounted Ortiz. “In a month-and-a-half, I was back at it, drilling again. My body heals super, super fast.”

The ACL replacement follows neck surgery, which took place about a year ago.

Ortiz hasn’t fought since his UFC retirement bout against Griffin last July. Following the bout, he was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Despite the surgeries, the time off suits Ortiz well. He says he’s feeling better than ever.

“I just feel good. Now I am the million dollar man.”

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  • Triggerman99

    “My body heals super, super fast.”
    Until you lose a fight. Then you suddenly have had a bad back, neck, foot, spleen, and tooth that you have had to deal with during and leading up to the fight, and you’re gonna tell us all about it.

    • Man I agree. We’ve heard this before. Surgery after surgery. He’s not a wuss or anything but he has to much mileage on his body and should give it up based on the abuse he’s taken. I wish him the best and don’t want to see him get seriously hurt but give it up and just train for the love of it and put fighting behind you.

      • Mark McDowall

        Rumor has it Ortiz is broke as a joke currently so he is taking this fight and telling everyone he is in great shape etc etc. We will see…

        • Now if he needs the money and is still hungry for competition I can understand and respect him going to Bellator since his time with the UFC was up. But fighting Rampage to try to earn ratings and going on TNA with Rampage is just horrible. Pro Wrestling Entertainment is awesome and I respect those guys, they are tough and have great work ethic but I’m not a fan of the cross over at all. I’m even okay with Brock going back since MMA wasn’t his thing. but to bring their hype in fighting each other in mma to TNA is just disrespectful IMO.

          • Mark McDowall

            I agree. I don’t see how “cross promotion” with TNA helps. TNA is currently in a downward spiral that is getting worse by the day. Only hardcore wrestling fans are still watching TNA, and hardcore wrestling fans don’t watch MMA (im speaking in general terms of course, I’m sure some do).

            I think at this point that Tito and Rampage are doing this soley for the pay check. Rampage especially…he looked like crap since he came back from filming A-Team. He’s given up and is just in it to feed his ego and his empty bank account.

            I really think that this PPV will be the beginning of the end of Bellator. They are going to be paying these guys more than the rest of the card combined plus whatever else they offered to entice them. TNA has proven that chasing the bigger promotions cast offs and has beens isn’t a good decision financially or for the fans.

    • Jay Magallon

      True story Triggerman99. You are absolutely correct. I like Tito, tho I’m not a super fan and I feel he is full of tons of crap a lot of the time. But no one can doubt this man is a master of promoting himself and selling his fights. He hasn’t been relevant for at least 7 years. It’s crazy. But I still wanna see him fight Rampage. That’s how good Tito’s mouth is at getting him paid.

    • Mark McDowall

      Totally agree with you!! If your body falls apart after every part I think its time to hang it up. I think Bellator is looking for a “freak show” type fight to kick off their PPV era…but I think they should have focused on the talent th
      at they have there now instead of bringing in a couple past it UFC veterans to try and attract people.

      But at $35-45 for the PPV I don’t think they will be able to bring in very many…

    • Milosc

      You can’t just make-up a neck surgery. He either did, or he didn’t, and I think this all depends how the information is interpreted

      Some people work with more details when they think, some like less. We all have minds that work in different ways

      If you ask me how I’m doing, or what happened one day, I’m not going to just tell you some bs “fine” and keep walking. I’ll tell you how I’m doing (and be just as interested when it comes to you). Details aren’t a problem for me, and everything in life is not always about ego

      I don’t take anything Tito has said as an excuse, more a matter of perspective

      • Lawdog1521

        His “perspective” seems to only be an issue when he loses.

        • Milosc

          I think most people are obsessed with ego

          Everything ‘up or down’, ‘black or white’… always trying to figure out who’s taller or has more money. (I think it comes from television, because once you stop watching, you’ll see it everywhere)

          Look up “false dilemma”, “suspended judgement”, and “psychological splitting”. Some things just are what they are, man

      • Triggerman99

        I didn’t say he was making anything up or he was wrong for going into detail. I more or less said he’s full of sh|t- or at the very least, dishonest with himself and everyone else- when he said his “body heals super, super fast”. We all know what he’s gonna say if he loses, because he always says the same thing when he loses. So don’t sit there any bloviate about how wonderfully and completely healed you are. it’s ridiculous at this point to say something like that.

        • Milosc

          Why would you care, other than to hope he healed?

          I’ve been hurt before, and it definitely makes a difference. Maybe he was trying to be positive after a surgery, or not wanting to show weakness to an opponent… but that’s probably the most I care about it, other than to wish him well (or anybody, for that matter)

          Like I said, not everyone has the same criteria for how they see other people

          • Triggerman99

            I don’t really know what you mean when you speak about criteria in viewing other people. Kind of sounds like you think I just don’t listen to him or something, which leads me to believe you are really missing my point altogether.
            I don’t know if he is or isn’t injured right now, but he does. So if he goes out of his way to say he’s 100%, and then after the fight says he’s not, well yeah, that gets under my skin a little, especially when he does it over and over and over again.

  • JessetheJosiah

    man, i’d like to see you guys get in here after having knee surgery… *tear* i put my heart out there, i gave it my best… *tear* deaf people don’t have any equa-wib-wium

    • Triggerman99

      I was gonna retort, but I honestly have no idea if you are agreeing or disagreeing. This is a very odd post.

    • Rodrigo_Silva

      lol Jesse, Tito always goes out on his shield like a true warrior, He will certainly be the best LHW fighter ….of the night….after Rampage.

      I have zero interest in this fight. Even at their peak Tito had nothing for Page. He can’t take him down and wont win the standup. Neither fighter has been relevant for a while.

  • TheCerealKiller

    … Jenna.

    • trent

      Mmmmmmn mmmmmm mmmmmmm…. Jenna!

  • james j

    Let me call it right now, Tito will lose and then say he was injured and fought anyway. Same story for a washed up fighter who was great in an other age of MMA.

    • Lawdog1521

      Correct, Tito uses this same song and dance every time he fights.

  • Kryptonitekid

    When he loses this fight, he’ll tell us all about another nagging injury he had coming into this fight.

  • alexp

    tito should stay retired and work on his promotion skills…as a fighter today, hes irrelevant and will never make a title run in a legit organization.