TUF: The Smashes Settles on Two Weight Classes for First Aussie Ultimate Fighter

June 2, 2012
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The UFC recently announced the second international version of The Ultimate Fighter would be Australia vs. the U.K.

The Australian series, dubbed The Smashes – a play on the 130 year-old cricket rivalry – will see undiscovered professional MMA fighters from Australia and the United Kingdom live together in The Ultimate Fighter house in Australia and compete against each other for a UFC contract.

When announced, the call went out for applicants ranging from 135 to 170 pounds.

The UFC has now settled on two specific divisions. The Smashes will feature welterweights (170 pounds) and lightweights (155 pounds), according to Marshall Zelaznik, the UFC’s director of international development.

Applicants that fit the bill will soon receive an email letting them know when and where to try out.

“Australia and the UK have a fierce, long-standing rivalry, and where better to settle the score than in the UFC’s Octagon,” said Zelaznik.

No coaches have yet been named for the series.

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  • KBEsq

    Wow, either the UFC is over stretching itself too early, or I just have no idea how big MMA is right now.

  • aussie;s will kick arse

  • justintimebr

    Ross Pearson and George Sotiropoulos as coaches?

  • elguapo

    Hmmm very interesting. I can’t see how this will be of any interest to anyone outside of the uk or Australia. The one advantage will be that it’s gonna be just stand up the whole way through. Zero wrestling and very little BJJ, should make for some good scraps. God knows who they’re gonna make coaches though, the only Aussies I can think of are sots, perosh or sinosic. There’s no commercially viable equivalent in sots or perosh’s division ad I can’t see elvis being good enough to be anywhere near the UFC. I just wonder whether they may do away with the coaches fights at the end of the season this time around.

    • silent_nick

      Yeah, Sotiropolous and Perosh sure don’t have any BJJ.

      • Not to mention that god awful Paul Sass 😉

        • elguapo

          They are all well established fighters in their own right. What I meant was its unlikely you’re gonna get any cast members who are excellent wrestlers or BJJ practitioners. Usually every season of TUF has 3 or 4 collegiate level wrestlers, don’t think that will happen this time around.

  • bezzr

    Im going with Ebersole as one the australian coach and possibly Hardy or Hathaway as UK

    • elguapo

      Ah forgot about ebersole. As much as I like Pearson, Hathaway, etim etc I don’t think they have a high enough profile yet to be a TUF coach. Having bisping again would be overkill so that leaves hardy. I couldn’t think of a suitable aussie but now you mention ebersole, that fits in perfectly.

  • sadly the only 2 fighters that make sense are bisbing vs lombard since they are the only ones close to a title shot