TUF: The Smashes Begins Filming in Two Weeks, Will Air on FX in Australia

June 11, 2012
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The UFC has announced that the upcoming The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes series, which pits a team of Australian fighters versus a team from the U.K., will premiere this Spring on FX in Australia.

Filming for the show will begin in two weeks time at the TUF house located in Sydney.

Fighters from around the country are currently undergoing tryouts to whittle it down to the final line-up that will compete on behalf of Australia against a contingent from the United Kingdom.

Each team will be coached by a UFC fighter from their country of origin. The coaches will be announced in two weeks.

It has been rumored that fighters will not be required to win a fight to gain entry into the house, which was the case in several past TUF seasons. Eight fighters from each country, four lightweights and four welterweights, will be selected following the tryout and interview process. UFC officials were unable to confirm the details when reached for comment.

Marshall Zelaznik, Managing Director of International Development for the UFC did comment on The Smashes airing on FX in Australia, however.

“We’re excited to be part of the FX family in Australia. When the first series of The Ultimate Fighter debuted in the United States seven years ago, it brought in millions of new fans who tuned in each and every week to watch their favorite fighters. I have no doubt that The Smashes will do the same in Australia. We’re looking forward to working with FX to take the UFC to new heights and new audiences in this country.”

  • aiken drum

    any chance this will be shown here in the UK on FX? Doubt it…

  • elguapo

    Im pretty sure it will be on ESPN as usual over here.

  • aiken drum

    When there is a perfectly good FX channel that could show it?
    Dana really needs to get the whole UK/UFC tv deal done and put to bed so we know where we all are.

  • elguapo

    I’m pretty sure the FX we get over here is not the same as the US. Same company obviously but not the same programming. It has the odd exclusive but is mostly stuff from the FX back catalogue and their US programming. If anything the rights would be bought by SKY. In fact, didn’t SKY show an old series of TUF recently?