TUF Nation Fighter Tyler Manawaroa’s Racist Instagram Post That Earned Him a UFC Ban

February 11, 2014
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This is Tyler Manawaroa’s controversial Instagram post from 2012 that caused the UFC to determine he would not be allowed to fight in the UFC beyond his time on The Ultimate Fighter Nations reality series.

Tyler Manawaroa Instagram-Racist Post

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  • Ameri-do-Te

    Being a black man, I actually gave the guy the benefit of the doubts as I was reading this post. I thought to myself; “It sounds like they’re being way too hard on him. I mean… We’ve all made a benign racist joke here and there. Right?” I then proceeded to click the link leading to the IG post, itself. Honestly, if this was a joke, it was a poorly made one. There is absolutely no way you can make an argument for this guy after seeing that post. The funny part is the people who responded, already saw this coming. The post was sore racist, that you can’t even argue that was a joke. I would blame his stupidity on his age, but I know 12-year-olds who would’ve made that mistake. It seems like his primary offense was stupidity, the second offense, being racism.

    • Milosc

      Yes, to be fair: 18 months ago Tyler Manawaroa was 18 years old. At most

      I have a hard time casting a man’s life away over his social philosophies of high school and hope he can eventually see himself past it. Both ways, for real

  • Rence

    19yo or 10yo, i hope his momma just slaps the sh*t out of this fool. IDK, i was raised in a very remote part of south dakota, it was VERY white. Most of the people that live there are only a few generations removed from “the old country”, and the area doesnt really offer much in the way of a reason for anyone, of any race, to move there on purpose. But even there, an area where its all white and not many are college educated, racism was pretty rare. I doubt you’d see a post like this coming from anyone where i lived…and if i’d done it…hell i’m 40 and if i did it today, one or both of my parents would beat me until i realized i was wrong.

    So, like i said, i hope his momma just slaps the sh*t out of him.

  • Rence

    I do love how everyone bashed on him though, not a single person supporting or agreeing. Everyone just quick to point out he shot himself in the foot. 🙂

    That makes me happy.

    And despite my other post being gone for some reason, c’mon mmaweekly i edited out my swear words…kind of, i still hope his momma smacks the {redacted} out of him.

  • Cerebral Assassin

    At the very least the UFC will not offer him a contract, although seeing how vindictive Dana is I’m surprised he was allowed to stay on UFNations

  • Julz

    Do you people know how racist Australia is? This is unfair. This probably is pretty tame compared to other stuff out there. It was a joke. Can’t people take a joke these days. Yet rappers drop the n word everyday. His a fighter. His young. Give the kid a break. Give him a contract on his fighting abilities not some stupid thing he joked about when he was still young immature teen.