TUF: Live Week 6 Claws Back in the TV Ratings

April 16, 2012
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TUF Live LogoThe Ultimate Fighter: Live, opening to an audience of 1.3 million viewers on FX, has struggled all season long to gain its footing.

A new home, a new night, a slightly altered format, have led the fifteenth season of the UFC’s venerable reality series to some of the lowest TV ratings in the shows history. With last week’s ratings dipping below 1 million viewers for the first time ever for the series, this week’s Episode 6 scratched and clawed its way back to 1.0 million viewers.

This season’s average isn’t much higher, with TUF: Live drawing an average 1.108 million viewers per week, halfway into the season.

UFC officials had hoped that the series’ new jive-format and the move to FX would have been a big boost for the series that found its home on Spike TV up until this year.

But despite the quickly edited for TV footage from the week leading up to each Friday night’s episode, and a live fight at the end of each show, the ratings haven’t received a boost at all. UFC president Dana White, however, has often indicated that both he and Fox officials are content with where the show’s TV ratings are at.

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  • bernardmartin

    What’s the great mystery? It’s showing on Friday nights. The 18-34 male demographic that used to watch it on Wednesdays on Spike are out and about Friday nights. DUHHHH…..

  • pauly12

    The ratings were up and it’s the first time they started the show at it’s scheduled time – coincidence?

  • phrankthetank

    Bad timeslot, sloppy production, and 2 fighters coaching whom I don’t get excited about. TUF with jones and Evans coaching on a wed or thurs would have 5 times the viewers.

  • matty

    I agree tank.

  • elguapo

    Why do you Americans (assuming you are all american) have such interest in the ratings/viewing figures for tv shows? Not trying to be a dick, I’m seriously interested. Is it because if the show dips below a certain figure it gets canned? Is TUF in danger of that? Here in the UK I’ve never heard anyone mention viewing figures or ratings, a show is either popular or not. Also, do these figures include people who record the show and watch it later?

    • The figures do not include people that record the show and watch it later.

      But yeah, basically the ratings are just an indicator of how popular a show is, or more specifically, how it is trending, upward or downward, which could indicate if it is in trouble of being cancelled.

      At this point, I would doubt that TUF is in that territory, but when a show trends downward, there are usually changes made: whether it be a full scale change of format, the show gets moved to a different night and/or timeslot, etc.

      • elguapo

        Cheers for clearing that up Ken, makes sense I guess. Like someone on this thread commented, the time slot in the US can’t help. Do you have +1 channels over there? As in a channel has a second channel which plays exactly the same schedule but an hour later, and are these included in the ratings. It just seems odd to me that they can be disappointed in the ratings when, as someone commented previously, the time slot etc doesn’t help.