TUF Live Ratings Down Slightly in Week 4

April 2, 2012
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The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX has continued to post steady ratings, but are they the ratings that the UFC and the cable network were hoping for?

The latest installment of the Ultimate Fighter Live pulled in an average of 1.1 million viewers for Friday night’s broadcast according to industry sources.

TUF Live: Cruz vs. Faber has stayed even and steady since the debut, but has seen no significant increase over the last several weeks.

The debut episode has been the highest show yet averaging 1.3 million viewers, and the last few weeks have gone from 1.1 million up to 1.2 million for week three, and now back down to 1.1 for week four.

The new format of the Ultimate Fighter has featured a live fight every Friday night, with the latest showcasing Myles Jury against Al Iaquinta in what ended up being a three round bout.

UFC officials have continued to be positive about the show and stand behind its eventual growth over time on FX. Some fans have expressed displeasure with the Friday night time slot.

Previous installments of the Ultimate Fighter that aired on Spike TV were shown on Thursday nights.

Week 5 of the show will debut Friday night on FX at 10pm ET.

  • adam1848

    I agree the Friday night time slot sucks, but as for the new format of the show, I personally like it. I think the live fight at the end of the previously recorded material works great and makes the show more interesting. Get two more popular coaches and put it on Thursday night and I’ll bet those ratings shoot up 25-30% easy.

  • I dont like the new format. I think it works better for hardcore fans but not as well for casual fans, and the latter are who the reality show is intended for.

  • bajafox

    Not only did I forget to set my TiVo but I didn’t even sweat it when I knew I missed it. I don’t know what it is, the time slot or the new format but I can’t get into it