TUF Live Finale Video: Martin Kampmann Thinks Johny Hendricks Would Be a Hell of a Fight

June 2, 2012
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Martin Kampmann overcame an early scare from Jake Ellenberger to earn a second-round knockout victory at the TUF Live Finale on Friday night. He gives his thoughts on the fight, and discusses an upcoming title-eliminator bout with former training partner Johny Hendricks.

Check out Martin Kampmann’s post-fight interview with the UFC…

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  • D-rail

    Hendricks ain’t Jake, he’ll finish Kampman. Hell, I don’t even think Kampman can get pass Kosh for that matter.

    • KBEsq

      The implication with this comment is that Hendricks is better than Ellenberger. I highly doubt that is the case; and I doubt ANYONE would have even insinuated that before last Friday night.

      I love Kampmann, but I thought Ellenberger was going to beat him. I’m not saying Kampmann can definitely beat Hendricks, but I think Hendricks is an easier opponent for Kampmann.

      Okay, we’ve seen Kampmann get beat on the feet (despite the fact that he has amazing standup), but what we haven’t seen is Kampmann get beat on the ground, and I don’t think Hendricks is going to be the first to do it. Absent a lucky hay maker, I don’t see Hendricks winning this fight.

    • KBEsq

      I have to respectfully disagree with this comment. Wow, some fighters get on winning streaks, and they get this halo over their head. I guess Hendricks is the latest, but don’t forget that Ellenberger was the most recent fighter with a halo over his head.

      I doubt Hendricks is better than Ellenberger, and before Friday night, I doubt you’d be able to find anyone who would think that. We’ve seen Kampmann get beat on the feet (despite the fact that he has great standup), but what we haven’t seen (which is what Hendricks would have to do absent a lucky hay maker) is Kampmann get beat on the ground. Kampmann is great off his back, and I think people forget that. Obviously, I could be wrong, but I think Kampmann has got this.

  • GiovanniB

    Sorry D-rail but that’s your opinion. Kampman vs Hendrix is a great match up and it could go either way. I’m rooting for Kampman on this one. Hendrix is good, but I think the lucky punch he put on Fitch has given him more hype than he actually deserves. Not only that, but on the Kosh fight he showed a lot of holes in his game and proved to be a good fighter, but not that good – He couldn’t even finish Kosh! I think Kampman stands a better chance at beating Hendrix. Hell I think Ellen-burger can KO Hendrix with that left hook Kampman survived! So hopefully we’ll see Hendrix vs Kampman soon and Ellen-burger vs Fitch or Kosh…those could make for great fights!

    • RubeKegal

      Giovanni said “He couldn’t even finish Kosh”…Koshcheck has been finished twice in his career, so has GSP. That’s your rationale for Hendricks having “holes” in his game?

      • used2bgood

        “Kosh” is old news man..and that eye poking thing he has going on in the recent fights does not look good for him. New fighters are coming and inevitably he will get knocked out, submitted etc. It`s just a matter of time before he meets his Huckleberry…could be Ellenberger..dunno

  • D-rail

    Jake Ellenverga vs Josh Koshinga tu madre would be a great match.

  • jessemalloy

    In a division we have a champion out of action, an interim champion (glorified number 1 contender) waiting for said champion, a number 1 contender claiming to be holding off for the unifying champions match, someone in this mix has to compete within the next year for them to all be worth the wait. Kampmann vs Hendricks for the true number 1 contender’s spot would be a great fight to have a month or so prior to the Condit/GSP fight, in my own opinion.


    kampman is the luckiest fighter out there. but his luck will run out against hendrix. I think he loses via boring azz fight ! ellenberger shud be undefeated in the UFC he beat Condit got robbed ,wasnt even that close prob won 1st rd 10 -8 these days and we all seen that bs last friday hav u not watched this kid fight? he don’t quit he would of weather d the lucky knee got hit a few times ,woke up and won the fight via doctor stopage did you see kamps face. i feel sorry 4 who he fight s next Rory??????Nick???? tko both of dem

    • KBEsq

      My IQ went down 20 points, and I went cross-eyed trying to read and comprehend this.