TUF Latin America 2 Revealed with Kelvin Gastelum and Efrain Escudero

March 4, 2015
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Following a highly successful inaugural season, The Ultimate Fighter Latin America is returning for its sophomore fun.

UFC officials on Tuesday unveiled TUF Latin America 2 with Kelvin Gastelum and Efrain Escudero as the coaches. The series is set to begin filming on March 17 in Las Vegas.

The series, which will feature two eight-man teams each comprised of four lightweight and four welterweights, has much to live up to. The first edition of TUF Latin America drew an average of 7 million viewers per episode in Mexico alone, and millions more throughout the other Latin American countries, according to the UFC.

Kelvin-Gastelum-UFConFox9-750The son of Mexican immigrants, Gastelum was the surprise winner of the seventeenth American installment of The Ultimate Fighter. Uriah Hall was the heavy favorite to win the middleweight tournament, but Gastelum won a split decision in the finale.

Although Gastelum dropped to welterweight after the show’s conclusion, he has struggled on the scale, missing weight in two of his last three 170-pound bouts. So it’s likely that he’ll be competing at 185 pounds in his next UFC bout.

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“My experience traveling through Latin America and my fight in Mexico City opened my eyes to the incredible talent of this region,” said Gastelum. I’m very excited to have this incredible opportunity to help these fighters realize their dreams.”

Gastelum’s counterpart, Escudero, won the eighth season of TUF as a lightweight. Born in Mexico, but now fighting out of Arizona, Escudero is currently in the midst of his third UFC tour of duty. He is 1-1 since returning at UFC Fight Night 51 last September.

“Being one of the coaches of The Ultimate Fighter is something I’ve always dreamed of,” said Escudero.

Like the first season of TUF Latin America, season two is scheduled to be released through channel 5 of Televisa in Mexico, by the UFC Network, and various other broadcast platforms throughout Latin America.

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  • godcmevup

    It’s funny they got escudero as a coach, but it’s a great opportunity for him.

    • guest

      It’s not exactly like they have an extensive roster of non-Brazilian fighters from Latin-America, otherwise they would at least have coaches from the same weight class lol.

      • godcmevup

        Yeah I guess so.

  • Sadstrangelittleman

    What? These are two of the strangest coaching choices I have ever seen. I get that a lot of people have that “I want to watch people who look like me” but come on. That would honestly be like them coming out with TUF: America and only casting american born coaches/fighters. MMA is a worldwide sport and I think that true fans would be entertained and excited to see quality coaches and fighters regardless of where they are from.

    • shakejunt

      yeah but the problem there is that while we all would be entertained regardless, the fighters on the show wouldn’t be able to understand them. speaking spanish is a prerequisite here and the goal is to grow the market elsewhere. this isn’t targeted for an american audience.

      • Sadstrangelittleman

        Fair enough but they have translators just like they used for Chael on TUF Brazil. It’s really that easy. the fact that it may not be targeted for an American audience should really have no bearing on who the coaches are. MMA fans all over the world love fighters from all over the world not just their own country or small corner of the globe.

        • shakejunt

          for sure. it’s just easier to expand the brand in native languages. brazil is an outlier in that it’s already a major player in the sport.

    • Happynormalbigman

      For once you say something I agree with. Congrats dingleberry!

      • Sadstrangelittleman

        Keep trollin “Tha Kracken” hope they IP ban you soon so you cant get on the site.

  • snapdad

    kelvin gastelum will be great on teaching these guys how to cut weight.

  • Guest

    strange choices for coaches. what the hell will gastelum bring to the table to teach other fighters?!?

  • Darin

    One guy is barely more than a rookie and the other has shown he can’t hang in the UFC. I guess they just HAD to have Mexicans, and Cain said no.

  • bob

    Weirdest coaching decisions ever… Guess Mexico won’t care

    • shakejunt

      no more weird than cote & noke. but hey, everyone says that champs shouldn’t be on tuf so this is the solution.

      • Timothy Malone

        And nowhere near as obscure as TUF China, which featured Tiequan Zhang and Hailin Ao (a guy who has never fought in the UFC).

        • LokiD