TUF China Finale Fighter Bonuses: Knockouts Steal the Show as Kim and Mitrione Score Awards

March 1, 2014
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Matt Mitrione Marcus Jones TUF 10 Finale

The Ultimate Fighting Championship held its first The Ultimate Fighter China Finale on Saturday at the CotaiArena in Macao, China. Immediately following the event, UFC president Dana White announced the post-fight bonuses.

Not surprisingly, Dong Hyun Kim took home one of the two $50,000 Performance of the Night bonuses after he stunning knockout victory over John Hathaway in the main event.

Kim rocked Hathaway early in the fight, but the Englishman battled back, only to get dropped like a rock from Kim’s spinning elbow in the third round.

Heavyweight Matt Mitrione, who had a slow start in his fight, finished the opening round with a flurry, sending Shawn Jordan crumpling to the canvas in a heap. The knockout finish earned Mitrione the other Performance of the Night bonus.

Fight of the Night honors went to a back-and-forth battle between Yui Chul Nam and Kazuki Takudome, who headlined the preliminary portion of the fight card.

Nam stormed Takudome in the opening round and looked like he might secure an early finish, but Takudome turned the tables and battle back strong in round two. It came down to the final round, and both men gave their all, but Nam edged ahead and earned a split decision victory, although both were awarded an additional $50,000 for their efforts.

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  • fightpassboycott

    I expected no one to comment on this because no one, including myself did not watch this. I don’t see how dana thinks fight pass is going to attract new viewers. I am a hardcore ufc fan and I am refusing to pay the 10 bucks a month for this garbage, what makes dana think a newbie is gonna want to buy it? its this kind of garbage that is going to steer more fans toward bellator where it is free and easier to watch on tv vs the internet

    • vulcan

      I am also boycotting fight pass. what a rip off. I order every ufc ppv at 45 bucks a pop, I will take the 10 bucks it cost me to buy fight pass and buy snacks and then watch bellator for free.

      • shakejunt

        orrrrr just buy fight pass and watch the ppv for free.. sounds more money efficient to me.

        • vulcan

          you cant watch live ppv on fight pass. you have to wait 30 days after the live event in order to view it. and by that time I will already know who won, so I will have no interest in watching it. like I said, rip off. what kind of loser wants to sit around and watch fights they already have seen. oh yah, people with no lives. my mistake, ufc will make a fortune.

          • shakejunt

            not what i’m saying. fightpass bouts are exclusively on fightpass, no streams exist yet that i know of. ppv’s on the other hand…

    • shakejunt

      go watch bellator, last night’s card was pretty horrid.