TUF Brazil 3 Finale Fight Highlights Video: Demian Maia vs. Alexander Yakovlev

June 1, 2014
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(Courtesy of Fox Sports)

Watch highlights from the Demian Maia vs. Alexander Yakovlev fight at the TUF Brazil 3 Finale, which took place on Saturday, May 31, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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  • George Sperry

    What kind of match up was this? Maia is a top 10 Middleweight Yakovlev was in his 1st UFC match and they hold the match IN Brazil.
    The Russian looked like a welterweight also, I doubt he cut and regained much weight.
    If they want to just set up the Brazilians to win they couldn’t have made it look more obvious.

    • Darin

      Good points. And yet somehow, Maia still looked horrible. Every time he fights we hear about how brilliant his jujitsu is, but I can’t recall the last time he impressed me.

      • lowlb

        It seemed like Maia was trying so hard to not use his Jiu Jitsu..
        I was wondering all of this as well.. Why is Maia fighting this guy, then he barely won..

    • Darin

      Good points. Yet, Maia still looked terrible. Brazilians in general have sucked lately, what with Barao getting pummeled and Wanderlei running away from drug tests…

    • Wolf Ticket

      The Russian looked like a welterweight? Maybe because this was a welterweight fight?

      Also, Maia was supposed to fight Mike Pierce first, but he got injured and UFC probably wanted to keep him on the card, after Wandy vs Sonnen was removed. The card was pretty weak anyway.

      • George Sperry

        Hmmm.. I thought it was a middleweight fight. I probably should have just said the fighters looked to be a division apart.

        • Lucas Freire

          Because Maia is a former MW fighting on WW. Of course he’ll be bigger most of the times.
          And frankly, with all these invict russians coming up I wouldn’t try to warm them up when most of them prove to be top10 material. They just went for the most convenient fight, the russian didn’t lose anything and Maia just got a W on his record.

  • Me

    Not available in my location? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu