TUF Brazil 3 Coaches Fight Fallout: Dana White Reacts with Lecture and Expulsion

April 22, 2014
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Chael Sonnen vs Wand Faceoff TUF 3 SetDuring last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3, the coaches came to blows for the first time in the reality series’ nine-year history. After being relentlessly taunted by Wanderlei Silva prior the weigh-ins, Chael Sonnen shoved the Brazilian fighting legend and a melee ensued. While the fighters frantically tried to break up the fight, Silva’s Muay Thai coach Andre Dida sucker punched Sonnen several times.

UFC president Dana White called for a meeting with both coaching staffs to discuss the altercation.

“I’ll start with Dida. I’d like for you to leave the show. You have to leave. You’re going to leave the show,” said White. “What you did yesterday was a disgrace. Sucker punching Chael while he’s down on the ground with Wanderlei, that’s not what this sport is about. And you’re going to have to leave the show. You should probably be arrested to be honest with you. I’d like for you to leave.”

After expelling Dida from the set, White turned his attention to Silva and Sonnen.

“Now you two knuckleheads. I get it. You guys don’t like each other. It’s fun. It’s great. We’ve been flying around the world for years trying to get this sport regulated. Even down in Brazil, where this sport started, people thought this sport was full of thugs and gorillas. And that’s exactly what you acted like yesterday,” said White via video teleconference.

“Listen, if you two want to fight for free, I’d love to not pay ya. That would be (expletive) great! You’re professional athletes who get paid lots of money to compete against one another to find out who is the best. If you would like to fight for free, that would be (expletive) awesome,” continued the UFC president.

“I would assume you wouldn’t want to do that, right? You guys are on a competition mentoring young fighters on what they should do and how they should act. And you two acted like a couple of jackasses yesterday. Congratulations,” White said as he continued to scold the coaches.

“Please do me a favor and show the sport that you are in some respect, show yourselves some respect, and let’s keep this thing cool for the rest of the season please.”

Sonnen and Silva only uttered one word each in response to White’s comments. “Yes,” said Sonnen, while Silva muttered an “okay.”

Following the meeting, Silva called the brawl an isolated incident. But he didn’t seem confident that he’d be able to hold up keeping it cool for the rest of the season.

“If he provokes me again, I’ll probably slap him in the face. I’ll try to avoid it. But he’s a phony jerk. His falsehood is what irritates me,” said Silva.

Silva injured his right hand and his back during the altercation. The back injury forced the fight with Sonnen to be pushed back from its original date. The two were scheduled to meet at UFC 173 on May 24, then at The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Finale on May 31. They’ll finally get to finish the fight that started on set at UFC 175 on July 5 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

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  • IdRatherPostAsAGuest

    Silva, just… ugh. He is a thug and a gorilla. Maybe it’s the years of steroid abuse twisting his perception of reality, or maybe it’s just how they do things in Brazil, but he’s just not the legend he’s made out to be. Far from it. The reason he still has a job is because people like him, because they didn’t know what he’s really like. After Chael whomps him, he’s getting a pink slip.

    • Charles Devin Kissinger Monroe

      My god i couldnt agree more. He is the fake one. First he wouksnr even sign the papers to fight him and nowbhe gets injured over a little scuffle. While the guy he talk crap about was gettting soccer punched and walks away without a scratch.

      • MuayThaiFood

        I’m confused about the soccer punch. I thought in soccer you couldn’t use your hands. Did you mean to say socker, as in he socked him?

        • Milkman

          It’s sucker punch. Not soccer or socker

          • MuayThaiFood

            I knew I could sucker someone. I was being facetious.

    • Jeff Jones

      Worst PR move Silva has ever made. Absolutely destroying his legend. And it’s on TV and in Brazil to boot. Hoping and praying Chael beats him into retirement.

    • CHuZZ

      Chael pushed him first and Chael is the one always talking trash and makes the UFC look like some WWE crap, also Silva is a legend how many belts has Chael ever had? Yea that what I thought, and this is coming from a wrestler.

  • kingdo goodbomber

    everyone is a mark.

  • cs

    Funny thing is, if a Gorilla and a Brazilian Thug had a baby, it would probably look exactly like Silva.

  • Fightfankevin

    While I agree with everything Dana said, ironically, it never stopped him from showing the altercation on every single promo they had for the show.

    • Advance*

      By that logic they should edit out every negative thing that ever happens on TUF. What we saw on the show was Dana’s immediate reaction to the incident. Now that the show is airing and the dust has settled, obviously it’s going to be used as promotion.

  • Nolan

    This whole thing was obviously set up just for ratings!

    • Essential SoundsEnt

      It’s on FightPass only. Ratings are not something that would change based on this.

      • Advance*

        I don’t agree that it was setup for ratings, but it airs on television in Brazil and would affect ratings there. Plus the fight was hyped up so much in the States that I’m sure it influenced some people to purchase Fight Pass.

  • ayydubb

    Dana has always seemed like a big emotional baby to me, but this was a surprisingly mature reaction to this nonsense

  • snapdad

    I love how dana acts as if he is disgusted by this, but we all know he is using this for ratings in a desperate attempt to get people to buy fight pass. maybe next episode brock lesnar can hit someone with a steel chair.

    • mmafan

      Lol! Yep your right on!

  • Milkman

    If he was so disgusted in their actions and doesn’t want the sport represented like this why would they use it as advertising for the show? Why not edit out and lecture them in private and warn them to keep quite about it

    • King_DG

      it’s a front, its almost always about the money

  • Rump Rider

    Dana the pig, Dida the coward, Wandy the retard, Chael the American hero… good TV.

  • MMARecruit

    Way to go Dana. Dida is a foreign coward.