TUF 20 Episode 8 Notes: Mean Girls

November 12, 2014
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The eighth episode of The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned featured the final preliminary round match up between Team Melendez fighter Bec Rawlings and former teammate turned Team Pettis fighter Tecia Torres.

The Skrapettes Target Torres

The five members of the Skrapettes: Bec Rawlings, Rose Namajunas, Angela Hill, Angela Magana and Emily Kagan attempted to kick Heather Jo Clark and Torres out of their room.

“Things have been awkward since I’ve been set to fight Tecia and she was taken over to Team Pettis. We share a room, so it’s like really awkward,” said Rawlings. “She’s quite good friends with Heather, who is on our team, so I feel like I can’t trust Heather. I just hate feeling like there’s a rat in our team. I hate feeling cheated, and I just hate slimy people.”

The five want Clark and Torres to move out of the room with Rawlings, Kagan and Namajunas and into a room with Lisa Ellis while Hill and Magana move in.

Namajuna seemed to be the voice of reason among the Skrapettes. “We can’t force her out,” she said.

Magana quickly disagreed with Namajunas, saying, “Yeah we can. She’s not going to have a choice. If you all said you don’t want her in there, it’s her choice. Just make it disgustingly hard for her to be in there.”

“I’m definitely not moving when I’m fighting,” said Torres. “I’m not going to move. I’m not going to do anything to inconvenience myself especially before my fight.”

“After the fight I may be willing to leave, but not right now,” she added.

“They’re just mean They’re mean girls,” said Ellis about the Skrapettes.

“We asked nicely and we can’t trust her in the room. Why does she need to stay if there’s an alternate? There’s a choice there, and if she doesn’t make a choice soon, the choice is going to be made for her,” said Magana.

The Fight: Bec Rawlings vs. Tecia Torres

It was a second chance opportunity for Torres. She was Team Melendez’ first pick, but was upset by Randa Markos in the first fight of the season. After Justine Kish was forced out of the competition due to a torn ACL, Torres was brought back, but was forced to join Team Pettis.

Torres landed leg kicks early while Rawlings inched forward. Torres would explode with a flurry of punches and move out of the way of counter attacks. Rawlings came on late in the round, but Torres out worked her to win the opening frame.

Torres continued to target the legs of Rawlings with kicks in the second round. Rawlings secured an early takedown, but Torres quickly got back to her feet. They battled inside the clinch position with each landing shots. Torres secured a takedown late in the round and delivered punches to the body. After ten minutes of fighting, the judges scored the fight for Torres by unanimous decision.

“I’m really happy that Dana White gave me the second opportunity. I’m glad I went in there and got the W. I felt really good,” said Torres after the win. “I had a little faulty start but now I’m back at it. I’m on the board again and I want to win it all.”

“It’s pretty tough. I came half way across the world, left my kids and lost,” said Rawlings after the loss. “It sucks.”

Quarter Finals Fight Order Announced

Felice Herrig and Randa Markos will be the first quarter final fight.  Jessica Penne takes on Aisling Daly in the second quarter final match up.  Top seeded Carla Esparza meets Tecia Torres in the third quarter final fight.  The last Team Melendez fighter in the competition, Rose Namajunas, faces Joanne Calderwood in the last quarter final round match up.

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