TUF 20 Episode 2 Notes: Personality Conflicts, Facial Lacerations and a Majority Decision

September 17, 2014
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TUF20Graphic750x370Personalities began to emerge in the second episode of The Ultimate Fighter 20: Team Pettis vs. Team Melendez and conflict ensued. Team Pettis felt like they were being over coached while Team Melendez turned on Heather Jo Clark.

Heather Jo Clark is Not Making Any Friends on Team Melendez

“The only one that’s getting on my nerves, and maybe a few of the other girls’ is Heather, just the constant whining and complaining. It’s just driving me crazy,” said Team Melendez member Bec Rawlings.

Clark tried to step up as a team leader, calling for a pact between members of Team Melendez but she wasn’t well received by her teammates.

“I think the team is turning on Heather a little bit,” said Angela Hill. “Her demands are starting to get on people’s nerves.”

“Heather Clark, she is on my team but at the same time I can see how some body would not be keen to her,” said Rose Namajunas. “I think she tries to hard to be like the ring leader.”

During a team training session, Namanjunas and Clark were grappling and rolled off the mat, causing a cut about Clark’s left eye.

“Rose, look at my face Rose,” said Clark immediately following the incident.  The cut was small and shouldn’t be a factor in her potential future fights on the show.

The Fight: Joanne Calderwood vs. Emily Kagan

Team Pettis’ Calderwood was seeded no. 2 overall while Emily Kagan of Team Melenedez was ranked at no. 15.

Calderwood, a Muay Thai specialist, stalked Kagan from the moment the fight began. She delivered leg kicks and worked from the outside. Kagan countered well in the early going, but as the fight wore on Calderwood’s striking superiority became clear. She started landing knees to the body from the clinch position and finished the opening round strong.

Calderwood switched things up in the second frame and quickly closed the distance. After some battling for position along the cage, she changed levels and took Kagan down. She landed in side control and battered Kagan with elbows. Kagan worked her way back to her feet and took Calderwood down. Calderwood applied a reverse triangle and delivered elbows to the body. Kagan maintained top position but was unable to escape the triangle. At the end of ten minutes of fighting, the judges scored the fight for Calderwood by majority decision.
“Feeling good that I got the win and was able to come out of the fight uninjured. That’s always good,” said Calderwood after advancing to the next round.

“I wanted the win. I wanted to keep working toward that belt. I didn’t finish the fight. That’s what happens when you don’t finish the fight and you leave it to the judges,” said Kagan after the loss. “What did she do to win?”

Fight Announcement

Team Pettis retained matchmaking control with the win and Coach Anthony Pettis chose his third team pick Jessica Penne to take on Team Melendez fighter Lisa Ellis. The two have fought before in 2012, and Penne dominated Ellis. Ellis hopes to exact her revenge inside the octagon.

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  • shakejunt

    i love how gilbert thinks his team wins every round of every fight.
    being stuck in a triangle doesn’t count as top control and landing a couple body shots doesn’t win you the round after getting outstruck on the feet, taken down, and elbowed on the ground. kagan put up a good fight, but gil needs to get real. 209 mentality.

  • El Gvapo

    Can you stop putting the f#%king fight results in the goddam headline please? No point in watching it now.