TUF 18 Moves to Fox Sports 1; Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano Set as Coaches

April 14, 2013
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Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano-478x270Cat Zingano on Saturday night earned The Ultimate Fighter 18 coaching spot opposite UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey with a third-round stoppage of Miesha Tate.

TUF 18, however, isn’t breaking ground solely with women coaches and both male and female fighters in the house for the first time, it’s also going to be the first season of the venerable reality show to air on the upcoming Fox Sports 1 network.

“The next season of the Ultimate Fighter is moving to Fox Sports 1,” UFC president Dana White announced after Zingano’s victory. “We’re going to be a big part of the programming and we’re really excited about it.”

TUF 18 not only moves to Fox Sports 1, but also moves to a new time slot on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET. The West Coast tape dealy in the United States will also be a thing of the past with the show airing at the same time across the country. The series will launch at 10 p.m. ET on Sept. 4.

“Bringing The Ultimate Fighter to FOX Sports 1 is like adding a big bat to an exciting young lineup,” said Fox Sports president Eric Shanks.  “TUF has jump-started the careers of dozens of fighters, many who have gone on to become UFC champions.  It’s going to be a welcomed addition to FOX Sports 1, and the perfect anchor for our Wednesday prime time UFC block.  We’re absolutely thrilled to have it.”

At launch, Fox Sports 1 will be available in over 90 million homes, making it the biggest sports cable network launch in history, and one of the largest network launches ever.

It boasts nearly 5,000 hours of live event, news and original programming annually. In addition to TUF 18, over the course of the year FS1’s Wednesday night UFC programming includes live fight events; UFC Tonight, the weekly authority for UFC news and information; and the best library programs.

The Ultimate Fighter has already seen significant growth from its first season on FX. The most recent season, TUF 17, was up 34 percent over season 16 and up 19 percent over season 15. Moving to a sports centric network in FS1, the expectation is that TUF 18 will only improve upon the viewership growth it saw with season 17.

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  • polk14

    Cat did a great job shutting Tates smart mouth!


      And kicking in that Huge Nose of tate’s

      • polk14

        Yes, It was fun watching her get her whinny face knee’ed in LOL.

  • R

    The tape delay is gone, that is the best news in this article!

  • onehitwonder

    so…. are they couching guys and girls or just guys??

    • polk14


  • Cereal Killer

    I would love to see her whoop Ronda so we can stop hearing from her every time a fight happens.

    • Guest

      Amen. I can’t stand this Rousey moron giving opinions on everything in MMA. She’s telling fighters not to sleep with each on the next co-ed season of TUF? This coming from a dumb broad who has been sucking off Dana White for ten months now. (I live in Vegas and it’s not a rumor…it’s a fact.)

      • mike

        So you live in Vegas and know what Dana White does with his penis? Weird..

      • polk14


  • Santz

    When will they give it a rest with this show? The winners of this show haven’t even been significant to the UFC since like Nate Diaz…what was that, like season 5? The winners now are hardly even divison gatekeepers.

    • Timothy Malone

      They will give it a rest when people stop watching. This overplayed reality show still pulls better ratings than even the most stacked Bellator cards.

      • jimmy cliff

        Great response! Exactly. People whining about the show seem to lack common sense. Lol. Its lime saying bellator shouldn’t be aired. Tuf has better ratings than bellator and better ratings than a majority of reality shows and many other shows on cable.

      • Santz

        Timothy and jimmy, it seems you girls clearly missed the point of my post. It was more about being critical of the fact the winners pose no threat to the division as they once did. The show once upstarted successful careers, but it seems nothing comes out of it except for overhyped camera feuds.

  • John Bunch

    I liked when John said to Dana White, ” I bet you don’t want to be anywhere near that house,” and Rhonda looked a little pissed for a second. It did come off a little awkward to me.

  • Timothy Malone

    This can only be a bad thing I think. The Ultimate Fighter has always been about trying to use a reality show format to bring in people that wouldn’t normally be fans. Now it is going from a mainstream tv channel to one dedicated solely to sports.

  • jeremy

    Cat is HOT!!! this will be a fun fight to watch, id rather see them mud wrestle lol or have a water balloon fight 🙂

    • polk14

      Oil wrestle would be my choice.


    Cat beat up Big Nose tate which is great news.

    • falloniousWolf

      Why the hate for Miesha Tate?

      I started not liking Tate because of the whiny attitude she was showing. She whines whines whines about Ronda’s success.

      Let’s be honest, Ronda is probably the biggest reason why Tate even had a job with the UFC. And Tate tried to discredit that.

      • polk14

        Yes Tate’s crying about Ronda turned me against her! She had her chance at the big time, She could not get by Zingano!


    Cat is better for TV as Tate has a face better for radio.


    Cat is hot tate is not


    Cat is good for TUF while Tate has a nose for radio


    Meisha Big Nose tate only has a face for radio.