TUF 18 Finale Results: Julianna Peña TKOs Jessica Rakoczy to Become First Female Ultimate Fighter

December 1, 2013
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26-Julianna-Pena-TUF-18-Finale-w-478x270Julianna Peña was the first fighter selected on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate, and at the TUF 18 Finale on Saturday night in Las Vegas, she proved why.

Peña faced Jessica Rakoczy in the TUF 18 women’s bantamweight final, but never gave the world champion boxer a chance to do any damage on their feet. Save for the one punch that Rakoczy landed in the opening seconds of the fight, it was all Peña.

She quickly rushed in, clinched Rakoczy, and tossed her to the mat, going to work from half guard. Peña stood to drop down punches, but Rakoczy kicked her away and returned to her feet.

That didn’t last long, however, as Peña kept the pressure on, clinching and tripping her back to the mat. Peña stood again, but this time dropped into side control and then moved to full mount and never let up.

Once in mount, Peña rained down an endless barrage of elbows and punches. Rakoczy defended well for a time, but eventually covered up. When she did, Peña turned up the heat and kept attacking until referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the fight with one tick left on the clock.

At four minutes fifty-nine seconds of the opening round, Julianna Peña made history, stopping Jessica Rakoczy to become the first female Ultimate Fighter ever.

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  • Big Tuna

    Such a beotchRousey gets dismissed from the post fight interview by the host her mom should slap her

    • Ruben Gonzalez

      what happend??? i didnt saw it! link?

      • Big Tuna

        I saw it live wish I had the link…but she was sitting with KenFlo, Ariel Helwani, the guy who called the action on fox and Tate for an in depth post fight show kind of like the NFL does. Rousey was acting like such a brat the host, told her to GO away and the fox cameras and host reangled to cut her out of the frame. By far the most disrespectful athlete I’ve ever seen in MMA she is a loser in the game of life. If she was my daughter is smack her straight!

  • jake snod

    Pena looked good.

  • jake snod

    Rakoczy was terrible a disgrace to the UFC.

    • shakejunt

      no, please, tell us how you really feel.

      • jake snod

        look at that emaciated scrawny Rakoczy frail and disgusting to look at.

        • Guest

          wtf is wrong with you?? are you her husband? did she left you?

          • jake snod

            Just hard to watch that emaciated Racoczy who is terrible and aloser.

          • shakejunt

            hate to watch, love to talk about?

  • Rouseydoesn’tArouseMe

    Her fame has gone up her head. Look at her, what the hell was she wearing last night? It looked like a big ass silk hand wrap or curtain that she was holding with her hands so she could keep the “dress” in place…LOL…and I thought Halloween was over, but when I saw her I was laughing so hard. She looked like the devil all she needed was a tail and the pitched fork. I’m glad she got kicked out of the post fight press. Of course, that’s not gonna humble her one bit, she’s just going to get more arrogant and will probably behave like a spoiled brat saying she won’t do any more appearances for Fox…LOL…please, spare us the pain of seeing you on TV Ronda. Go back to surfing or bar-tending!

    • jake snod

      Rousey was dressed like a hooker last night on TV. Tate is classy and Rhonda is just gassy.

  • jake snod

    If the UFC wants the Woman to succeed they need to have more talented fighters on TUF than than table scrap dog bones and left overs they threw on TUF. Hard to look at and very hard to watch and very hard to stomach.

  • jake snod

    Racoczy will never again fight in the UFC as she is absolutely terrible. Outside of Pena all the others aren’t making it in the UFC.

  • jc

    Those women didn’t look very talented to me. I watched all the TUF shows but it really was kinda boring. Pena does have a future….but not the rest.