TUF 18 Finale Fighter Bonuses: Ryan Benoit Scores $100,000 in Odd Twist on Fight of the Night

December 1, 2013
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Ryan BenoitUFC officials doled out the usual $50,000 post-fight performance bonuses at The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale on Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas… only there was a twist to the Fight of the Night award.

The opening fight of the night, a flyweight battle between Josh Sampo and Ryan Benoit, earned the Fight of the Night honors, which usually means both fighters get a $50,000 bonus check, but not on Saturday.

Despite winning the bout, Sampo went home empty handed for being one half of the Fight of the Night, while Benoit took home $100,000. Sampo was ineligible for any bonus money because he weighed in at 127.5 pounds on Friday and was unable to get down to the required 126-pound limit for the fight.

TUF 18 Finale main event winner Nate Diaz scored the $50,000 Knockout of the Night bonus after pummeling Gray Maynard en route to a two-minute-thirty-eight-second knockout in the opening round.

Chris Holdsworth not only won a six-figure UFC contract with his second-round rear-naked choke to stop Davey Grant, he also secured Submission of the Night honors and an additional $50,000.

UFC officials handed out $200,000 in TUF 18 Finale fighter bonuses on Saturday night.

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  • Jay Mcgarrity

    People were saying Sampo only had 10 days notice to make the weight. While most guys can handle that in normal circumstances, should he really lose his entire FOTN bonus on top of the money he was already fined for missing weight by 1.5 lbs? A bit ridiculous…

    Glad Nate got that 50k bonus after only making 15k for that Thompson fight. I’m curious to see how much nate was paid for this fight as nobody could get to the bottom of the 15k thing.

    • Advance*

      It’s a simple rule. If you don’t make weight you’re not eligible for a bonus. It’s not like they singled Sampo out to make an example out of him. You can’t lose something you were never able to win in the first place.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        I realize it’s part of the eligibility rules when it comes to bonuses but there really should be an exception for fighters taking fights on short notice. Dana hates when guys don’t make weight but if he needed a last minute replacement or called on someone last minute and they told him they may not be able to make weight in time, he wouldn’t rescind the offer. He would tell them to try and make the weight and we’ll see what happens.

        These rules were not adopted when the UFC was purchased, nor were they made up by God. Dana and Lorenzo put that rule in place and they are constantly making new rules and adjusting rules when it makes sense. In this situation it would make sense but I do believe contrary to your statement that Dana is set on making an example out of everyone who misses weight including but not limited to Sampo and guys in Sampo’s situation.

        TUF fighters who missed weight used to stay in the house and train while forfeiting their chance to win the competition. There is no rule allowing them to stay or stating that they are to be kicked. Dana is sick of it so he kicked the two guys off of the show who missed weight this season.

        Lineker misses weight three times and Dana goes off on a rant about how this kid would probably have a title shot right now but since he continues to miss weight, he will not get a title shot no matter who he beats or how good he looks. There is no rule stating you must make weight in so many previous fights before you are eligible for a title shot. I can go on all day here as I’ve heard Dana in many pressers/scrums go off about guys who miss weight.

        If it were anyone other than Dana I wouldn’t be surprised if they revised the rules for short notice fights but as Dana has expressed several times that this is a huge pet peeve of his, guys who fail to make weight will be punished to the fullest extent of the rules and even further depending on the situation and his mood. Besides, if Dana said F it and gave Sampo his bonus anyway due to the fight being on short notice, who’s going to stop him because of the “rules” (he made), you?

        Ariel calls Dana on contradictions and discrepancies all the time and you know what Dana usually replies with? “shaddap Ariel” The boss does what the boss wants.

  • Timothy Malone

    What a dumb FOTN decision just to apparently make a point about fighters making weight. Niinimaki and Yahya deserved it for a world-class grappling contest that ended in a split decision upset.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      Agreed on the Niinimaki and Yahya, that fight was awesome. No love for high end grappling, FOTN almost always goes to the sluggers. Seems like the refs are even standing guys up much more frequently now, even when being active at times.

    • shakejunt

      i appreciate high level bjj guys, but yahya just looked lost and unprepared. reminiscent of belcher-palhares.

    • White Kid Buu

      There was nothing world class about Yahyas weak submission attempts. He’s so admired by the UFC commentators but he showed absolutely nothing in that fight.

  • Laible Family

    Way to go Ryan you had 10 days to make weight and you did it! ! Much deserved for all your hard work!!!

  • Milosc

    Making weight sucks. Why suffer, if you can just have twice the advantage?

    I think giving FOTN bonus to the guy who performed his obligations, was perfect. Everyone would like to feel their best out there

    Sampo is lucky to get through this, with a job. That’s ‘his’ bonus..

  • bajafox

    I didn’t know that TKO’s counted as KOTN bonuses? Good for Nate, he said he fought cause he was broke and made what most people make in a year in a few minutes