TUF 17 Finale Weigh-in Photo Gallery

April 12, 2013
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Photos by Scott Petersen

  • ragin_cajun

    Am I the only person that thinks it was ridiculous for these two women to wear bikinis at their weigh in? No one will take women’s MMA seriously if this happens. They mind as well be oil wrestling if they’re promoting the fight like this.

    • Really dude? Really?

      They wear as little clothes as possible so they have to cut as little weight as possible. Not too hard to figure out if you took the time to actually think about it.

      • El Gvapo

        Obviously the weight of the garment is an issue but your response is needlessly condescending. The dude has a point. I read his comment, thought he was being a prude, then checked the photos myself and I was quite shocked. Their attire is a little on the skimpy side, even the ring girls in the background are wearing more. I agree with the above, the weigh-in gear should be a little more understated if women’s mma is to be taken seriously. Plus the fact that the vast majority of them are haggard pigs, it would be doing us all a favour.

  • T.

    i hope you are the only person. It doesn’t matter, Guys wear oboxers, girls bikinis instead of regular underwear (because some punks would talk about that). What’s the problem ? And by the way, they are girls, fighters, but girls, they don,t have to hide feminity just because they fight. And even if they want to be sexy for men watching, they have the right to do it. That is not a shame. I can respect them even if i find them sexy, Can you ?

    • Ross

      A thousand thumbs up.

    • El Gvapo

      You found them sexy? Dear god…

    • Milosc

      Women can use sex by all means. I’d ‘respect’ them ass to ass. Fair?

  • splaxy

    I swear, that Cat chick… is a post-op or something. There is no way that was born female.

  • bruiser 505

    Lmao look at all the pics one guy has other guys holding a towel around him so he’s completely naked so don’t hate cause u don’t fit in a bikini like that

  • Marc Livingood

    How much do you want to bet that all the black guys win

  • Marc Livingood

    the woman are sexy even cat that body is very good