TUF 17 Finale Results: Kelvin Gastelum Derails Urijah Hall to Claim TUF Title

April 14, 2013
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04-Kelvin-Gastelum-TUF-17-Finale-wKelvin Gastelum has caused a major upset defeating Uriah Hall via a split decision to claim the TUF 17 title on Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

Hall came into the finale as the short-priced favorite on the back of brutal finishes in the TUF house, but it was the 21-year-old from Arizona who deservedly took the fight on the judges scorecards (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Gastelum came out with the intent of pressuring Hall and had him backpedalling early as he rocked Hall with a flurry of overhand shots before securing the takedown. Hall returned to his feet late in the round and looked more comfortable.

Hall opened the second round firing off his jab as he looked to have found his range, but Gastelum secured a takedown. Hall got the reversal off his back, bringing the fight back to the feet before tripping his teammate to the mat. Hall pulled off a suplex, but it was Gastelum who worked Hall back against the cage in the final seconds.

Coming into the final frame the fight was locked at one round apiece on all the scorecards. Gastelum took the initiative early, landing the takedown before Hall sensationally reversed moving to the top position, firing away with ground and pound. Hall had every possible opportunity to finish his younger opponent, but Gastelum returned to his feet before scoring with another takedown and ground out the victory, earning a six-figure UFC contract.

“I can’t put it into words,” an emotional Gastelum said post-fight. “I knew he was a good striker and I was confident in my striking. I worked a lot on it during camp, and you see the results.”

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  • tyrone

    I guess thats one fighter who wasnt listening to danas bull about everyone being afraid of hall.haha. love when danas wrong

    • pa

      Dana just a rich guy , hes usually wrong

      • jeremy

        he must have been right about something to get rich.. And are you saying rich guys are usually wrong because there rich? pull your head out.

  • polk14

    Kelvin Gastelum looked good in every fight this season. I saw no reason that he could not beat Hall, and god bless him for putting a grand in my pocket! LOL

  • kenny powers

    I had the fight for Uriah. I believe Kelvin won the first, and Uriah won the 2nd and 3rd. Despite the last takedown Kelvin had, Uriah was landing shots off his back, got the better of the stand up exchanges for majority of the round and finished the round on top. And I think Uriah gave the more significant shots and damage. But, coulda gone either way, and Kelvin’s a F’n beast. Looking forward to both these guys real first match ups.

  • Timothy Malone

    I feel Hall might have underestimated his opponent, what with his Anderson Silva impersonation of keeping his hands down and dodging shots. If he didn’t have an eight-inch reach advantage it would have turned out even worse for him.

  • bdono555

    Efrain Escudero and Phillipe Nover sure have put on weight since the last time they fought and Nover sure has gotten tan. Moral of the story hype train derailed! Hall has only beaten cans in his career and Gastelum is young and raw with a lot of potential I hope to see him develop his skills and potentially drop to welterweight.

    • Cptmats

      “Moral of the story hype train derailed!”

      Hype train derailed ? How do you figure ? Because he looked great losing a super close fight to another equally talented young fighter ?

      And to be honest i thought there should have been a fourth round ! If you set aside the option of a fourth over-time round why not use it, it’s not like the fight could have been any closer. I think if they were gonna judge based on the three rounds we saw then Kelvin should get the decision but if there had of been a fourth Hall may have started to pull away. Hall looked to be getting stronger while Kelvin was starting to slow !

      ” Hall has only beaten cans in his career”

      Dylan Andrews is no can !

  • The_Commentator

    Didn’t look like hall was even trying to win that fight.


      It looked like Uriah wanted to lose the fight.


    Wow what an upset. What was Uriah thinking??

    • Cptmats

      He was face with an Intelligent opponent that new the best way to stand with a dangerous striker is to pressure him and make him fight while going backwards and never let him get set. Exactly how Fedor beat Crocop !
      Look what happened to Vitor the second he stopped pressuring Silva.

      • NoobKiller

        Silva is known for his counter striking, so that point makes no sense at all

        • Cptmats

          Maybe not to a noob but to anyone who actually understand fighting, It makes perfect sense !


    there is a reason Uriah hall is 28 years old and still unknown and unsuccessful.

  • Matte

    Hall for sure hade some strange antiques going. I guess he wanted to be entertaining and sadly it backfired.

    He, and his team, also did not have the clarity to adapt his game plan accordingly.

    Ofcourse Kelvin did a really good job aswell.

    I do feel that Uriahs head also keep messing with him. I do hope he’ll stick around and develop we.. Still think he came become something special.

    • Bobbie

      Antiques? You mean like his gloves? Signed or something? What are you talking about fruitcake

    • Cptmats

      Did you perhaps mean “antics” ?
      Be careful with that s*** ! The grammar cops are thick around here !

  • NABU

    What happened to the devastating striker Urijah Hall?

  • Jason Decipher

    Seems like Hall felt more comfortable on the show than the finale. Maybe it was the pressure of the hype behind him or underestimating his opponent. He could & probably was thrown off by the fight not going his way. If Jon Jones started off on TUF he’d have won easily. Raw talent + being efficient with every minute on the fight. Saying Hall could beat A. Silva was premature. Its all about having that killer instinct. You can be super talented & tear people up at the gym in training but not be able to put it together in a real fight. I quote Bas Rutten “fighting is all in the mind everything is up there”