TUF 17 Finale Results: Cat Zingano Mounts Comeback, Earns Shot at Ronda Rousey

April 13, 2013

07-Cat-Zingano-TUF-17-Finale-wMiesha Tate opened strong against Cat Zingano at the TUF 17 Finale in Las Vegas on Saturday night, storming her from the opening bell.

At the end of the fight, however, it would be Zingano that stood tall, not only winning the fight, but also earning a slot opposite Ronda Rousey as coaches for The Ultimate Fighter 18, as well as a title shot.

Tate took control from the start, not letting the Zingano unleash her usual early aggression. Tate scored the takedowns and outstruck Zingano on the feet in round one.

Tate again put Zingano on the mat in round two and had her in trouble with a heel hook attempt. Zingano not only fought her way out of danger, she turned the tide, reversing position and roughing Tate up with ground and pound as the round closed.

That set the stage for round three, where Zingano unleashed her strength, taking Tate to the mat and unloading with elbows and punches. They returned to their feet, but Zingano was in kill mode, unleashing four consecutive knees to the face that had Tate dazed and backed into the fence. One well-placed elbow sent Tate drifting to the canvas, the referee rushing in to stop the fight.

Zingano couldn’t have been more proud, starting MMA as a mother looking to shed some post-baby weight to fighting her way into the UFC.

“To be honest, I looked up to Miesha since I started this sport. I was scared to death of her, but I had no time to show it,” admitted Zingano after the fight.

“This is a dream come true. Everything that’s happened in my life has led me to this day.”

Zingano’s dream is nowhere near complete, however, as she now has the TUF 18 coaching slot and a shot at the UFC women’s bantamweight championship belt currently wrapped around Rousey’s waist.

“I can’t wait. Me and her, we’re both gonna rumble,” Zingano said of Rousey. “It’s gonna come down to heart, it’s gonna come down to technique, it’s gonna come down to speed. I can’t wait for that fight.”

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  1. Though they both went for it, their technique was pretty bad, both standing and on the ground. Women’s mma still has a long way to go.

    • Honestly, Invicta has the best talent in this regard. You can’t claim to have a women’s division and then only have one weight class, unless it’s open weight, which we know won’t happen in the States anymore. idk man, just want to support women’s mma as much as I can, so maybe I went overboard a bit. You are right about technique, although Cat showed plenty when she found that opening to end the 3rd round. I know people love to play the Cyborg-hate card, as if she were the only MMA fighter to ever fail a drug test. But if we’re drawing up a pound for pound list, hard to imagine she’s not number one on it. Dana is smart…he knew Cyborg couldn’t make 135 and stuck to his guns on 135 only.

    • I just realized man…this was that Griffin/Bonnar fight moment for women’s MMA! It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t entirely skilled…it was just a brawl between two fighters that brought it all and left it all in the octagon…in front of a huge audience.

      • Yeah John it was a great fight. I for one like to see the women fight,and look forward to the next season of TUF. I think Cat and Ronda will make fine coaches.

  2. Wow…loved this fight just for the activity alone! Two warriors bringing it the entire time. I appreciate the fact that everyone has an opinion, and here, we are all free to express it. But I cannot understand how anyone could watch this fight and not at least RESPECT these two women. I understand if old-fashioned, ignorant values keep people from appreciating two women going to battle and putting on a hell of a show. And I understand (and disagree) if some people want to compare overall speed/strength levels between men and women’s fights and say they can’t appreciate the level the women are performing at in this sport (but give me Invicta any day of the week atm until the UFC partners up with Invicta). But if this fight doesn’t win you over…it’s probably not going to happen for you, and if having some integrity on this site is important to you, you might just ignore the whole division/sport and focus on the men instead of spending all the energy disparaging the women. But whoTF am I, right? Okay, off my soapbox…my 6 year old daughter was on the edge of her seat…and so was I. Loved this fight!

    • The women stole the show tonight.

  3. It was a hell of a fight. I was pulling for Miesha, but Cat fought with heart. Great fight ladies.

    • I was too man. I just like Miesha the person when you see guys like Bas interview her…but Cat really held it together and ended it with brutal intentions. Someone like Cat with solid wrestling/bjj and decent striking could put Rhonda in some tight spots.

  4. The fight of the night for sure!

  5. I’m lovin’ the ladies, hope to see more wt. classes.

  6. Still not a fan of any women’s combat sports, as I said many times before, but I do appreciate the hard work these ladies put in….not to mention the obvious amount of heart. God they got guts!

    ….and HOLY $HIT is Cat Zingano’s body something a third world country would idolize and worship or what??? I was digging the hell out of that and when Meisha Tate was on her back and them tight shorts cradled her muffin for the camera! Whoa Nelly!

    • How do you get past that face though?

      • What face?

        • Oh, I get it …….put a bag over it.

  7. Big Nose tate has too much hate in her.

  8. Best were the devastating knees into Big Nose’s Tate’s Big Nose smashing that huge honker and ending the fight.

  9. Big Nose tate lost which is great.