TUF 17 Finale Play-by-Play: Uriah Hall vs. Kelvin Gastelum

April 10, 2013
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Uriah Hall vs. Kelvin Gastelum

Round 1: Gastelum takes the center of the cage.  Hall circles on the outside and lands a jab.  Gastelum steps in with a right hand and presses Hall against the cage.  Gastelum lands knees to the legs of Hall.  Gastelum backs away and lands an outside leg kick.  Hall throws a high kick that’s blocked.  Gastelum moving forward.  He lands a left hand, and another.  Be backs Hall up. Gastelum presses forward with punches.  He changes levels and takes the fight to the ground.  He works in the half guard position.  He lands punches.  Gastelum lands to the body. Hall works back to full guard.  Gastelum delivers punches to the body of Hall.  Hall stands and they’re back standing at distance.  Hall delivers a hard inside leg kick.  Hall rushes forward and gets a takedown in the closing seconds.  Gastelum immediately bounces back to his feet.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Gastelum.

Round 2: Hall comes out more aggressive this round.  He works to establish his jab.  He delivers a high kick that’s partially blocked.  Gastelum changes levels and gets a takedown.  He works in the half guard position.  Hall lands from the bottom with an elbow.  Hall reverses Gastelum.  Hall stands and delivers a knee to the body followed by a left hand.  Gastelum drops down for a takedown.  Hall sprawls and they’re working for position along the cage.  Hall secures a trip takedown.  Gastelum hangs on.  Hall works him toward the cage.  Gastelum rolls over and stands.  Hall has his back and elevates him and pulls of a powerful suplex.  Gastelum gets up and lands a right hand on the inside.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Hall.

Round 3: Gastelum lands a left hand.  Hall answers with a knee that was went low.  Gastelum says he’s fine and the fight continues.  Hall delivers an outside leg kick.  Hall lands a side kick to the body.  Gastelum bounces on the outside.  Hall landing his jab. Hall has his hands down.  Gastelum rushes forward and slams Hall.  Hall reverses him and lands punches.  Gastelum scrambles to his feet.  He presses Hall against the fence.  They separate.  Hall fires off a high kick that’s blocked.  Gastelum steps in with an overhand left.  Gastelum lands an inside leg kick.  Gastelum changes levels and secures a double leg takedown.  He postures up and lands a left hand.  Hall fires from the bottom and lands a right hand.  Gastelum goes for an arm bar.  Hall defends it.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Gastelum.

The judges score the fight for Gastelum by split decision.  The scorecards read 29-28, 28-29, and 29-29.

TUF 17 Finale Live Results Home Page

  • Maddawgmar

    I scored the third for Hall. He landed some hard shots earlier in the round and his jab landed mulitple times after that. I think the damaged outweighed the control. But can’t argue. It was close