TUF 16 TV Ratings Match Season High with the Snake Bite

November 5, 2012
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TUF 16 Logo on BlackThe Ultimate Fighter Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson TV ratings for Friday night’s episode 8 matched this season’s high mark of 1,100,000 viewers.

That’s good news for the series, as it had struggled immensely over the past three weeks. Week 5 even hit an all-time series low of 624,000.

Scratching and clawing – or should we say biting – back up over the one million mark has to be a source of relief for UFC and FX executives, who are already gearing up for numerous changes in 2013.

While seasons 15 and 16 have floundered on Friday night’s on FX, Season 17 will emerge in January on a weeknight slot that is yet to be determined. Not only that, TUF 17 will also bring out the big guns, pitting UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones as a coach opposite the undisputed champion of the gift of gab, Chael Sonnen.

TUF 16, however, got a new shot of life itself with the improved week 7 ratings.

TUF 16 TV Ratings:

Episode 1: 947,000
Episode 2: 872,000
Episode 3: 775,000
Episode 4: 1,100,000
Episode 5: 624,000
Episode 6: 811,000
Episode 7: 676,000
Episode 8: 1,100,000

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  • Dale De Souza

    And yet, the only fight not confirmed for the card is the TUF Final…i.e. the only fight on the card that will feature anyone from this season besides Carwin and Nelson.

  • Timothy Malone

    So lets put this in perspective: UFC’s stale reality show about some young punks trying to get into the lower levels of the UFC gets about ONE MILLION MORE viewers than Bellator’s cards featuring their championship fights and superstars.

    I think TUF is doing alright. Even their worst ratings ever is about three to five times higher than Bellator manages to pull in on a good day.

  • El Gvapo

    I saw the headlines to the episode review and the supposed controversy before I watched the episode itself and I expected to see more of a furore than there was. It seemed like it was brushed over at the end of the episode, not mentioned nearly as much as I thought it might be. Also, has he left the house then? Sounds like it from this blog. Shame really, I liked the guy, he wasn’t the stereotypical meathead you usually get in there. Not like that prick with the pink hair, he acts like the crazy big shot, but c’mon, who’s ever heard of a tough guy called Julian? Julian!?!?!