TUF 16 TV Ratings Drop Down Again in Week 7

October 30, 2012
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TUF 16 Logo - Ultimate Fighter FridaysJust past the midway point of the season, The Ultimate Fighter 16 TV ratings continue their rollercoaster ride on FX.

Two episodes ago, TUF hit a new low point, drawing 624,000 viewers. Last week’s Episode 7 wasn’t quite that bad, but did pull in just 676,000 viewers. That’s still at the bottom of what the series has ever done.

The ratings had come back up slightly in week six, to 811,000 viewers, but week seven returned to the low end of the spectrum.

TUF 16 marks the series’ second season on FX, and also its last on Friday nights.

The show has not drawn well in the Friday night timeslot, but the network and UFC officials gave it two seasons to be sure. They now appear convinced, as TUF 17 has already been announced as moving to a new night.

TUF 17, featuring coaches Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, will find a new home earlier in the week, although FX execs weren’t yet ready to announce which night.

TUF 17: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen premiers in January.

TUF 16 TV Ratings:

Episode 1: 947,000
Episode 2: 872,000
Episode 3: 775,000
Episode 4: 1,100,000
Episode 5: 624,000
Episode 6: 811,000
Episode 7: 676,000

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  • Eric

    Not a huge surprise. The show is on Friday nights and Dana has said it himself all season, “Are they here to fight or just lay around!” “Do they even want the contract?” ; “These judges are terrible!” ; “The judges are giving out 10/8’s like candy.” “You can’t fix stupid!” If even the face of UFC can’t help but trash talk this entire season, then this must truly be a terrible season!

  • Jon Stalnaker

    Quantity vs Quality. Folks like me just don’t care anymore about these.

  • Kong

    Is it any surprise? I can only PVR it at 2:00am here in Canada. Seriously… 2:00am?! Who does that?