TUF 16 Regular Season TV Ratings End Things on the Low Side

December 10, 2012
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The final regular season episode of The Ultimate Fighter 16 is in the books and the TV ratings are in.

Episode 12 of TUF 16 pulled in average of 678,000 viewers for the semifinal bouts, setting up the final between Team Carwin’s Mike Ricci and Team Nelson’s Colton Smith.

The ratings ended on somewhat of a sour note for a season that struggled mightily in that department. The TUF 16 average was 829,250 viewers per episode, so even that less than stellar number was better than Friday’s 678,000 viewers.

The ratings are sure to be better for this weekend’s TUF 16 Finale, as the UFC’s live events always pull in much stronger TV ratings than the reality series.

The TUF 16 Finale takes place Saturday night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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  • adam1848

    Is it just me, or is Colton Smith the most boring fighter in the history of TUF?

    • Swamp Donkey

      Totally agree with you bro. Though he atleast got me to dislike him enough to boo him with how he got into the house. Touch gloves, immediate ducking under for takedown. Not illegal, but definitely not sporting. Is cheering for the Canadian over the American soldier make me a bad American citizen?

      • adam1848

        I don’t think it makes you a bad citizen, I think it makes you a real fan of MMA. This is an international sport, and I personally want to see dynamic, well rounded, exciting fights…period. Colton has shown us nothing even close to that. Doesn’t matter if we are from the US or Canada, anybody who has watched this season of TUF knows that RIcci deserves that contract and will put on better fights in the UFC than Colton…there is simply no way to argue that. Plus I wanna see more of those Mike RIcci elbows…that KO was sick!

    • El Gvapo

      Hmmm I kind of agree with you. I’m not a big fan of the continuously-chasing-a-takedown style but I think at least he tries to do something once he has his opponent down. The problem is that he’s great at pressuring for the takedown but not particularly good at doing anything once he’s got it. Hence why his opponent often gets up and then we start the whole process again. His previous fights in the house showed his stand-up is dodgy, ricci should just blitz him from the start and I think he’ll win comfortably.

      • adam1848

        Yeah, I agree Colton tries hard, but like you said, he’s just not particularly good at doing anything with it once he has someone down. He is good at controlling against the fence, but look what happened to LeVesseur when he tried doing that to Trujillo on the Fox card. Ricci knows exactly what to expect from Smith and I’m sure has been training to counter his pressure and get back to striking distance, where he will pick him apart. And Ricci is a natural 55er…should make an interesting addition to the LW division, even if Colton somehow manages to pull a bunny from his hat this weekend.

        • El Gvapo

          At least ricci seems like an intelligent guy so he should be able to out-think the relentless takedown tactic. Plus you saw how Manly nearly got a kimura twice in the semi fight, I’m sure ricci and his trainers noticed too.

          Not a great season of TUF overall though, I think that’s reflected in how few of them, if any, have got a fight at the finale. Usually at least six of the cast get a fight. The UK vs Australia series has had some great fights in comparison, I’ll admit most of the cast on that one would get schooled in the US version but they’ve put on some great fights.