TUF 14 Finale Results: Bisping Finishes Mayhem

December 3, 2011
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For all the hype and hatred that seemed to lead Michael Bisping and Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller to the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ season 14 finale, the ending came with a resounding thud.

Michael Bisping dominated a very tired Jason Miller to earn a third round TKO to defeat his fellow coach, and move one step closer towards his ultimate goal of a UFC title shot.

When the fight started, Miller attacked and moved forward in his normal zombie like style, not fearing Bisping’s power at all.

The former Bully Beatdown host snagged a quick takedown and pushed Bisping against the cage where he looked to mount, and gain a dominant position. Unfortunately, Miller couldn’t pull Bisping away from the cage and he never took full advantage of the move, and eventually the Brit was able to work his way back to the feet.

It was standing where the mismatch began. Bisping’s boxing was much more solid as the season 3 winner of the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ threw jabs and straight punches with precision while Miller could only fire back with haymakers.

As the second round wore on it was clear that cardio and conditioning were going to be a big factor with Bisping stepping forward and striking, while Miller started to back up and his gas tank was depleted.

Bisping fired off huge body shots and cornered Miller against the cage and unloaded several unanswered shots. At one point, Miller rose his arms and gave Bisping a free shot, which he gladly took. Miller was able to absorb the punch, but it really was the beginning of the end.

Bisping came out firing again in the third round and once he got Miller on the ground, it was over. The Brit blasted away at Miller, who at this point had a bloodied nose and a huge mouse under his left eye.

With Miller only defending by covering up, referee Steve Mazzagatti saw enough and stepped in to stop the carnage.

Through all bravado that Bisping showed before the fight, even going as far as dropping a few ‘F’ bombs at the Las Vegas crowd during Friday’s weigh-ins, he showed class in victory and paid credit to his opponent’s toughness.

“He’s a tough guy, I knew if I was going to finish him, I had to have a high work rate. He’s a tough son of a gun, congratulations,” Bisping said towards Miller.

“Listen, you know booing whatever, I’m here to entertain. I feel me and Jason put on a fantastic season of the ‘Ultimate Fighter’, congratulations Jason and thank you all for tuning in and watching it.”

The bad blood going into the fight was put to rest, and in a very classy move, Miller applauded Bisping’s performance and apologized for his own.

“I trained really hard for this fight, I’m sorry guys I got tired,” said Miller. “I can’t make any excuses about it, for all the boos that Michael Bisping gets, as a fighter he deserves your applause.”

As for Michael Bisping, the win moves him closer to his ultimate goal which is eventually challenging for the UFC middleweight title.

Despite a strong finish over a tough opponent, Bisping was quick to point out that Saturday’s performance was far from his best, and it’s going to take nothing less than perfection to get past someone like Anderson Silva.

“I’ll be honest I wasn’t happy with that. First round didn’t go to plan, second and third was good, but if I was to face the champion a first round like that wouldn’t cut it. Still a lot of work to do,” Bisping stated.

The win does put Bisping right in the crosshairs for a major fight in the division however, possibly facing a fighter like Vitor Belfort if he’s successful in his next bout at UFC 142.

Love him or hate him, Bisping performs and at the TUF 14 finale he simply outmatched Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller.

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  • Mario

    Mayhem looked horrible!

    Bisping won, but he isn’t ready for Anderson Silva. He needs a quality victory over a guy like Mark Munoz, Chael Sonnen or even Belfort. Once he beats one of those guys, then he’s ready. I think even he knows it.

    All in all, a pretty forgettable card.

  • Iamrozylo

    Prime example of fighters coming lesser organizations. Jake shields, Nick Diaz, Gilbert Melendez, Shinya aoki, Eddie Alvarez. Big fish in small ponds syndrome.

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      couldn’t agree more… but this will somehow put Bisping up to the number 3 spot on MMA’s world rankings

    • chewith

      diaz does not belong in your list,he will test gsp!

    • BlackDog2009

      What the hell are you talking about? Jake Shields defeated the likes of Dan Henderson and Martin Kampmann and fought GSP and GSP didn’t look great against him at all. Nick Diaz is originally from UFC, he dominated Strikeforce, has come back to UFC and destroyed BJ Penn. Melendez, Aoki and Alvarez have yet to fight in the UFC so put away your imaginary crystal ball and stop hating, hater.

      • MrAdidas

        DOG09: You say GSP did’nt look great Vs. Shields, yet you say Shields beat the likes of Henderson & Kampmann (though “WE” ALL know who won that fight & it was Shields), so GSP did something most people could not do for… how many years was Shields unbeaten for?!? 7 yrs – noone could touch him, yet GSP did it fairly easy considering he could only see out of one eye. If GSP did’nt look good Vs Shields (which is half true, b\c GSP only had one eye), then how bad did Shields look… who had two good eyes. For 10 mins Shields had vision in both eyes while GSP only had vision in one eye, yet you say GSP didènt look great Vs Shields….. BAHAHAHA Okay!

    • Michaelchimique

      i disagree,let mayhem fight one or two more times before we can add him to the list. after this was his first fight since september 2010. ring rust isn’t a joke,

      • MrAdidas

        110% RIGHT! Samething happened to Cung Le, it happens to 90% of fighters. Believe it or not, the only fighter that I can think of who was not affected by a long lay off (@ least 12 months)\ring rust was Rashad Evans! He actually looked better Vs Tito, than he ever has when he was figthing with Jackson. Jakcson is still da man, but Evans actually proved that he can do it on his own. Was it the best moveÉ Time will tell.

        Though, you are right – “ring rust is NO joke”!

  • decolonize

    I think that’s the first time I can recall the Count seeming genuinely hurt by the fan reaction! To spend more time in the post-fight talking about Miller, the UFC and entertaining fans than his usual smack talk, whoa.

    I know Bispig shrugged off the reaction when he was asked on the MMAWeekly podcast, but I was really surprised he was so affected by it in Vegas.

  • BlackDog2009

    Love him or hate him, Bisping’s conditioning have never been in question. He has gas and very good boxing skills.

  • Iamrozylo

    Jake shields looked like ass against kampman, GSP, and ellenberger.

  • monkeyharris81


  • bluemma

    Blackdog – at least you talk sense! Bisping is right up there and probably the best of the rest, there are probably a few that are just a bit better – Sonnen, Belfort and of course Silva! With regards to other comments on here. I thought the fights last night were great and we have some great additions to the UFC! I know UFC will swallow up the fighters from Strikeforce, but it still doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in the UFC and to suggest they don’t is just plain dumb! They have applied their trade elsewhere and gained valuable experience and this will be valuable coming up against the best in the UFC! Diaz & Melendez have and will prove to be great additions and fighters we will all wish to comment on!

  • joao pedroribeiro

    mayhem was not ready to jump from strikeforce co-main event , to UFC main event. Don’t get me wrong , mayhem is one of my favourite fighters but maybe he needs to warm up in preliminary card or in soft main card fights.


  • Miller beat himself much more than Bisping beat him. Bisping, as he himself admitted, did not look good in that first round.

  • RubeKegal

    Blue, its too early to make that statement about Bisping. Look at the MW top 10. Bisping at #5 and Belcher at #10 are the only 2 on that list that haven’t faced anyone in the top 10. Since Sonnen and Munoz are facing each other, Bisping fighting anyone other than Belfort or Okami is simply unacceptable. Quite frankly I think he gets thrashed by either one of those two.

  • KBEsq

    I don’t agree that Mayhem needs warm-up fights before entering major fights in the UFC. The guy has been fighting for years in front of larger crowds in Japan that most UFC shows, and he has fought in the UFC. In fact, he fought GSP! Granted he lost, but at least he made it to decision, and that was at 170!

    I really am confused and disappointed at his performance. There are three reasons he could have gassed: (1) lack of training; (2) nerves due to the gravity of the fight/situation, and/or (3) getting beat up so badly, as Bisping says.

    I really think the only option is (1) that he didn’t train hard enough. I don’t think it was nerves for the reasons already stated above, and it could not have been getting beat up because Miller was gassed out in the second round before he even st

    • KBEsq

      (Con’t from above [wow MMA weekly needs to make a way to edit/delete your post because I accidentally post before I’m done so many times!])

      To continue, Miller was done even before he started taking a beating. I really hope he takes this seriously and gets another chance.