TUF 14 Finale Play-by-Play: Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez

November 28, 2011
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Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez

Round 1:  Brandao lands an outside leg kick to start.  They clinch and separate with both missing with big shots on the separation.  Bermudez catches Brandao’s leg kick and takes him down.  He looks for a choke.  He lands a knee on the break.  Brandao lands a right hand.  Brandao misses with a big left hook.  Bermudez presses forward with punches.  Brandao lands a left-right combination that drops Bermudez.  He quickly gets up.  Brandao lands a left hand of a combination by Bermudez.  Brandao lands a flying knee and takes Bermudez down off of it.  Brandao takes his back and suplexes him.  Bermudez gets to his feet.  Bermudez lunges in with a left hand.  Brandao moves in with a looping punch and gets dropped with a counter punch.  Bermudez pounces on him.  Brandao isolates a leg but Bermudez gets free.  Bermudez trying to finish.  Brandao rolls for an arm bar and gets it.  Bermudez taps.  Diego Brandao submits Dennis Bermudez to become the TUF 14 featherweight winner.  Bermudez may have a broken arm.

The official time of the submission was 4:51 of the first round.

TUF 14 Finale Live Results Home Page

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