TUF 14 Coach Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Arrested for Assault and False Imprisonment in North Carolina

August 19, 2011
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Jason "Mayhem" Miller

“Ultimate Fighter” season 14 coach Jason “Mayhem” Miller may be on a collision course for a fight with Michael Bisping later this year, but first he’ll have to settle up with the Chatham County Court system.

The flamboyant Miller was arrested on Aug. 7 in Chatham County, N.C., for simple assault and false imprisonment after a scuffle with his sister at a house party.

According to TMZ.com, Miller put his sister in a headlock after she wanted to leave the party and the former Strikeforce middleweight wouldn’t let her go.

Chatham County Sherriffs were called in and Miller was arrested on the scene.

Miller was released on $5,000 secured bond and is set to reappear in Chatham County Court in Siler City, N.C., on Aug. 16 to deal with the charges.

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  • bajafox

    What a bully

  • BigGuy

    This guy is all idiot, all the time. I am no fan of Bisping, but wouldn’t mind seeing him knock Jason “jackass” Miller out!

  • This will get dropped.

  • judo johnson

    man i hope dana dont fire Miller just yet, i wanted to see one from Ceasar Gracie’s fight team SMASH miller, Jake, Nick any of the dudes!!!! MILLER SUCKS

    • clizzark

      LOL, Nick was too damn scared to fight Mayhem.

      What’s up with Mayhem, though? Seems to like getting in fights with family members.

  • bajafox

    My mother always told me never to hit a woman, but she never said anything about putting them in choke holds

  • afk

    for all we know they were both wasted and she wanted to drive home so he put her in a headlock. maybe he really did hurt her without meaning to and when the cops showed up she had marks on her neck. the police always take this kind of thing seriously and that’s likely why he was taken in.

    i’m only speculating, but from what i’ve seen of him he might be a little nuts but he doesn’t seem like somebody who would intentionally abuse their family… you never really know, though.

    i wonder if bisping will use this for verbal ammunition lol.

  • spacinjangler

    I think a good ol’ fashioned double KO would make me feel best about this fight…

  • j-k-martin

    Get those “Free Mayhem” shirts ready.

  • somecokehead

    who called the cops? That person should be shot in the genitals. If it was the sister, that would be the only exception.