TUF 13 Results: Clay Guida Stops Showtime, Knocks Anthony Pettis Off Title Perch

June 4, 2011
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Clay Guida put a stop to “Showtime” and scored a unanimous decision win over Anthony Pettis at the TUF 13 Finale in Las Vegas.

Clay Guida dropping bombs

Clay Guida dropping bombs

All three judges saw Guida winning every round of the fight, upsetting the former WEC lightweight champion in his UFC debut.

Guida came out with his typical energetic style, but received a left head kick at the one-minute mark. Guida got the fight to the ground, but Pettis defended well from his back. From here, Guida attempted ground and pound, but Pettis worked the wrists well enough so that his opponent couldn’t land effective strikes. Pettis’ guard was nearly impossible to get through and Guida only got as far as being in half-guard and landing shoulder strikes. The round ended with Guida and Pettis on the ground against the cage.

Round two had the fighters opening up with measured strikes before Guida picked up Pettis and slammed him on the ground against the fence. Guida stayed on top, but Pettis got back to his feet just before the midway point of the round. Separated, Pettis threw a nice left high-kick before he tried a spinning back-kick off the fence, which excited the crowd. Guida later got the takedown and worked in Pettis’ guard. The round ended with an exciting scramble on the ground where Guida nearly fell victim to an armbar before circling out.

The final stanza opened with Guida eating a punch. Later, Guida threw a massive overhand right before getting a strong takedown. In Pettis guard, Guida worked hard to try and get in strikes, but Pettis’ guard was really strong. He got to half-guard and used the shoulder strikes that scored him points earlier in the fight. Guida clinched his opponent from the side and against the fence, but Pettis was able to get back up. The transition let Pettis get control of Guida on the ground. He got Guida’s back, but wasn’t there for long. Guida escaped and eventually claimed Pettis’ back until the end of the fight where the energetic fighter would be announced as the victor.

After the bout, Guida made his case for being the number one contender in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

Clay Guida catches and Anthony Pettis kick

Clay Guida catches and Anthony Pettis kick

“Anthony Pettis, that kid hits hard from the bottom,” he said. “(He) kicked me in the back of the head. I felt like I was fighting Diego (Sanchez) again.

“We showed what wrestling was all about. I want to show that I’m the number one contender. And if you guys want to see the most exciting lightweight fights in the world, put me in the ring, Joe Silva, Dana White.”

With the win, Guida gets his fourth victory in a row and makes a big statement for being in the mix for the UFC lightweight title. Pettis gets just his second loss of his career and one can only wonder what is next for him, since after this fight, he was supposed to get the next shot at the lightweight title against the Frankie Edgar-Gray Maynard winner.

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  • grimsgrind

    Clay Guide lays on Pettis for 3 rounds and it’s considered winning? Fucking wrestling…Yeah I guess we really did see what wrestling is all about, it’s all about BEING A PUSSY and not fighting a fight. If he respected Pettis anymore, he would have stood up and banged with him like Gomi, but instead he was a bitch and laid on him for 3 rounds straight. Pettis won the fight, lost the decision.

    • socally

      Are you kidding me. Judges got this right. Pettis’s only game plan was kicks and even if they would have hit..they would have made no difference. I f the 2nd round had 30 more seconds added Clay would have ended the fight with a rear naked!!! Clay had dominant take downs and it showed. The take downs, ground n pound, defense and the control of the fight made it a dominant fight for Clay. Judges got it right.

    • I would hate to see your review of a jiu-jitsu match if you think escaping several dangerous submission attempts is “laying on” someone.

    • collideoverme

      Sounds like the only bitch is you grim. Pettis did next to nothing aside from a few triangles. Won the fight? Ha! Did you bet all of your money on Pettis? You clearly have zero knowledge of MMA at any level. Just stfu and let the people who actually know a little something about MMA and clearly saw Pettis get royally dominated talk.

    • phrankthetank

      People who don’t know a damn thing about mma should not talk shit about talented fighters. I get you’re a pettis fan but to say that it was “lay and pray” is just as disrespectful to pettis as it is to guida. Pettis is far too good on the ground to have anyone just lay on him. Guida just showed his ability as well by avoiding submission after submission and trying to advance position. A very technical grappling battle and an impressive performance by both fighters. If you don’t respect BJJ, try it sometime.

  • luckyshot316

    He did have respect for him. Thats why he went to wrestling him. Guida played off of his own strengths and made sure the fight went to where Pettis would have the most problems…Get a clue on how MMA is. He had a game plan and worked it to the victory.

  • armendo420

    that fight was gay the gay carpender guedo did just lay on him man he sat there for over a min just holdin his leg and it wasnt stood up!? but if u were watchin as soon as pettis got the gay guedo on his back the ref was rite there watchin ready to stand it up lolol!!!! clay should fight in strike force gay guedo would fit in with all those hurtin fighters!!!!!!!

  • armendo420

    its kinda hard to do anything when ur leg is gettin dry humped tho!!!!!!i thought it was funny!!! when gay guedo had pettis on his back and gay guedo was just sittin there holdin on for like 2 min the ref never once looked like he was gunna stand it up!! but as soon has pettis had gay guedo on his back the ref was rite there lookin like he was gunna stand it up!!!!! i dunno what grim is talkin boutbut i think clay should not get a title shot his last 5 fights have been against ppl who r not in the top 10!! so how does he get a shot???? i hope he gets gray cuz i for sure wont watch the fight 2 fags just sittin there try 4 take downs!!! wait wait and then a big old dry humps session for 20 min woow FUCK CLAY FUCK ANYONE WHO LIKE HIM!!!!!!

    • phrankthetank

      You’re a sad individual. That fight was a very complex wrestling and BJJ battle. It was a testament to how talented both fighters are, and the ref called it right (regardless of if he “looked like he might stand it up”). I give credit to both guida and pettis on a hard fought battle. It all you wanna do is watch people punch eachother and don’t respect the other aspects of the sport, watch boxing.

  • shakejunt

    Yes, Guida won the fight… but in the most boring of fashions.
    Okay, idea… let’s have Fitch drop to lightweight and have a “Who can put the audience to sleep first” contest.

  • bean33

    I Agree with Phrank above me! I have respect for Guida, hes willing to grind it out..but i saw just a lot of grappling. He really didnt land anything while on top of Pettis. I wish he would have stood up that way Pettis could have been the first one to knock him out. Im a huge fan of Pettis. And if Clay fights either Gray or Edgar the same way..its going to be a boring title fight!