TUF 13 Finale Post Video: One-on-One with Clay Guida, Title Shot Next?

June 5, 2011
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Clay Guida has been a near contender time after time, but with Saturday night’s victory over Anthony Pettis at the TUF 13 Finale, he’s got to be among the top couple of fighters vying for a shot at the UFC lightweight title.

Taking nothing away from Pettis – the final WEC lightweight champion – Guida believes that such a lofty win, his fourth consecutive, puts him in the mix to be the guy to fight the winner between current champion Frankie Edgar and challenger Gray Maynard when those two finally square off.

MMAWeekly.com spoke with Guida after his victory to breakdown the fight and get his assessment of the UFC’s lightweight division and just where he stands in it.

  • collideoverme

    It’s time…Guida definitely deserves this Dana. Give it to him!

    • Cptmats

      He does deserve it , but fucking i hate watching him fight, most boring fighter there is !

      • MrAdidas

        Cptmats: 1st of all, was Guidas fight Vs Pettis exciting? Not really, but its funny how people like you/uneducated morons, along with a few other idiots who posted here about Guida being a boring fighter. Your douche bag comments are proof that you have absolutely NO CLUE what you’re talking about. You ASSume Guida’s a boring fighter b/c of his last fight Vs Pettis, yet Guida has 4 FIGHT OF THE NIGHT Bonuses (2 of which resulted in FIGHT OF THE YEAR Awards) not to mention his 2 submissions of the night.

        B4 lastnights fight, Guida had 4 Bonuses in his last 6 fights – 6 total bonuses out of his last 11 fights, but of course you morons know what your talking about. (BAHAHAHAHA – Wink Wink) Funny how one stupid fuck makes a comment without knowing the facts (though he thinks he does) about Guida being a “boring fighter”, so then keyboard warrior dumb fuck #1 sees the 1st idiotic comment, and figures “I might as well pretend to know what the fuck I’m talking about to” (while in reality he doesnt know the difference between an Americana & a Gogoplata) & makes a complete fucking dummy out of himself!!!

        Pretty pathetic & sad when you NOOB fags think that a guy who won 4 fight of the night Bonuses (2 of which were fights of the year) in 7 fights, along with 2 Submission of the nights, think he’s a boring fighter based on 1 fight.

        THANK YOU for proving me RIGHT, some of you dumb fucks have NO CLUE what you’re talking about. It’s called research, maybe you should try it sometime. Theres also a thing out there called the Internet, maybe you should look into that the next time you try & pretend to know what your talking about, so then maybe… maybe you wont look like a complete fucking idiot like some of you do right now After reading some of ur comments, I feel dumber!

        P.S Ur some fucking STUPID!

    • grimsgrind

      If Gay Guida deserves a title shot after that horrible performance than Fitch earned a title shot 15 decisions ago.

      • collideoverme

        Guida’s last few fights he finished, so why the complaints? So he took a safer route to beat Pettis. His game plan worked. It happens all the time in MMA. It’s what MMA is all about…Mixed Martial Arts!

        • armendo420

          its is mma not just hold on to buddys legs and dry hump him like a gay gueido!!!

          • wonggfan

            I just try not to watch his fights or pray that his opponent gets back up and KOs his ass.

            Guida is a nice guy but let’s be real. He is a gate-keeper.

            To be a top 10 fighter, you have to be able to finish Guida.

            Trust me, a serious fighter would not get dry humped by this guy. They would blast him away.

  • Prodigy815

    His last four wins have come against non top 10 opponents.If he beat two top 10 guys then maybe, but honestly he will never win the belt.

    • wonggfan

      I agree.

      Let’s be realistic. He will never get through top 10 opponents, let alone top 5.

      He is a good gate-keeper at best.

  • grimsgrind

    Jacksons entire camp, INCLUDING Guida, are abunch of safe fighting wrestlers that are RUINING THIS SPORT. It’s a FIGHT. not a “SAFE WAY TO WIN” FIGHT. If you don’t have the heart to put it all on the line out there, then don’t fight. No one wants to see someone lay on someone else for 3 rounds. In a fight on the street would you lay on someone after you took them down? The judges need to stop giving points for laying on people and start giving more credit for submission attempts and strikes thrown from the bottom,…..I repeat FUCK Greg Jackon, FUCK the Jackson camp and style of their pussy footing way of “fighting” and FUCK the UFC judges. FUCK the dudes who exploit the UFC rules to wrestler their way to decisions because THE GUYS WHO WRESTLE AND GRIND, KNOW THEY CAN’T BANG WITH THE BEST OF THEM, SO THEY PUSSY FOOT AND GET THE DECISION!!! BUT DID PETTIS REALLY LOSE? IN MY HONEST OPINION, AND EVERYONE THAT I’VE TALKED TO AT MY JIU JITSU SCHOOL AGREES. PETTIS WON THE FIGHT, LOST THE DECISION. FUCK CLAY GUIDA, FUCK GREG JACKSON. THEY’RE RUINING MMA.

    • armendo420

      lol ur a funny guy i hate gay guedo as well but jjacksons camp runnin scared that made me laugh lol. ur serious u think cuz u take jiu jitsu u no how shit goes eh lol!! hmm jackson has prolly produced the most champs in ufc history but eh u say they suck lolol think b4 u speak budd!cuz u dont no what the fuck ur talkin about!!!

    • MrAdidas

      grimsgrind: LMFAO – BAHAHAHA – ROFL!!! WOW dude you are so stupid, I dont even know where to start making fun of you, for your dumb ass comment!

      “Jacksons entire camp, are abunch of safe fighting wrestlers that are RUINING THIS SPORT” WTF are you talking about you fucking loser? Tell you parents to stop having sex with family members you waste of a jerk, to think of all the lil “swimmers” you actually won… wow that doesnt say a whole lot.

      According to you & your genius thinking, Greg Jackson’s is ruining MMA? Are you really this stupid? Do you even follow MMA or are you just a dumb ass Red Neck loser who has sex with animlas & jerks off while MA & PA are making love?!?

      So your telling me that Brian Stann, Brendan Schaub, Diego Sanchez, joe Stevenson, Jason McDonald, Nate Marquardt, David Loiseau, Keith Jardine, Roger Huerta, Melvin Guillard, Clay Guida, Leonard Garcia, Carlos Condit, Donald Cerrone, YUMMY Gina Carano, shane Carwin, Andrei Arlovski, Jon Jones & GSP are safe figthing wrestlers? (Rashad Evans is who he is today as a figther b/c of Greg Jackson). Yeah some of those fighters have a few boring fights, but dude you are such a fucking moron, if you actually think that Greg Jackson is ruining MMA.

      Greg Jackson is #1, El Presidente, The Man… JESUS when it comes to MMA Game Plans/Coaching/Training etc. Anyone & Everyone who fights or wants to make MMA a career, I can guarantee you that @ least 8/10 people would choose Greg Jackson over any other Champ on the planet. Jackson had Rashad Evans (Former LHW Champ), Shane Carwin & Andrei Arlovski (Former HW Champs), Jon Jones (Current LHW Champ), GSP (Current WW Champ), Gina Carano (Former MW Champ), Carlos Condit (WEC WW Champ) & Brian Stann (Former WEC LHW Champ).

      Yeah your right Grimsgrind, Jackson’s camps are shit & are ruining MMA!!! LMFAO you are by far the boggest fucking moron on this website & thats saying ALOT! You shouldnt be aloud to comment about anything, but especially MMA, your above comment is proof that you dont know what the fuck your talking about. Talk about a H8-ER, y dont you play me that tiny violin you got there, do you want any cheese with that wine? Snif Snif muffin, I’ll get you a tissue princess.

      Funny how you site behind a computer screen & talk about real MMA fighters who have the balls to step into the ring/octagon/cage & say they dont have the heart to fight – WTF are you talking about, you fucking loser? B/C you go to BJJ classes you think your so tough, give me a break FAG. when you make it to the UFC & you win the title or when the fight is for the #1 contendership, let me know how you do & let me know if your all heart & your going to risk your belt and/or title shot b/c your a fucking dummy with no gameplan, but as long as you please the fans, thats all that matters right hero? Ok keyboard warrior/jello cock, its very easy to talk alot of shit behind a computer screen in the basement @ mom & dad’s house with NOTHING to lose (except your virginity – which you’ll have for life).

      Though, I guess you’d have no problem going punch for punch @ the center of the Octagon & risk your title along with millions of dollar$ to please the fans right?!? STFU u loser, y dont you stop commenting about shit you clearly have no clue about & do the world but especially your parents a HUGE favor & see how much water you can drink while holding your breath under water – you fuck up!!!

      • Prodigy815

        You seem really angry

  • Bob

    Awful fight! The ref should have stood the fight up, just because he was moving on top does not constitute a fighter that is dominating and trying to advance his position. Clay stalled his way to a win. Pettis did more from the bottom and I think he won the fight and lost the desision.

    • Bob

      No way would I pay to see Clay get a title shot. Maybe they should have his title shot on the undercard!

  • armendo420

    gay guedo will get kill by frankie or grey

    • wonggfan

      I agree.

      Guida is a nice guy. He is humble. He brings a lot of heart to his fights.

      But let’s be honest. He is not a championship material. His takedowns will not work so easily against top fighters. Even Kenny Florian schooled this kid.

      The thing is this. We all know that the moment Guida fights anyone in the top 10, he will lose.

      So for him to ask for a title shot after getting schooled by Kenny Florian not so long ago is just ridiculous.

  • miktin2005

    I actually was hoping for guida toi win then after the fight I am no longer a fan in his next fight I will change the channel when his fight is on
    he went in there with one plan to get a decision win by dry humping the other guy to death
    he did nothing but go for a takedown after his opponet let his hands go I guarantee he would lose in a rematch now the pettis knows guida is afraid to fight
    I was a guida fan but no more Guida makes the Ufc look bad if all fighter were like guida I and the rest the usa would go back to watching boxing
    guida you will never get the title because you will not get a shot because nobody would buy th ppv now becasue I seen more action in a wwe match