TUF 13 Finale Post Video: Anthony Pettis is “Gonna Come Back Stronger”

June 5, 2011
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Anthony Pettis went from being the final WEC lightweight champion to having his UFC unification bout delayed to losing his Octagon debut to Clay Guida at Saturday night’s TUF 13 Finale in Las Vegas.

“I didn’t do enough to get up or get off my back,” Pettis said of Guida’s grinding style in the fight, not saying anything to discredit his opponent.

What does he do now, having lost his title shot? He goes back to work, of course. At 24 years of age, Pettis has time to retool and get back in the championship groove.

“I’m gonna come back stronger.”

  • grimsgrind

    Jacksons entire camp, INCLUDING Guida, are abunch of safe fighting wrestlers that are RUINING THIS SPORT. It’s a FIGHT. not a “SAFE WAY TO WIN” FIGHT. If you don’t have the heart to put it all on the line out there, then don’t fight. No one wants to see someone lay on someone else for 3 rounds. In a fight on the street would you lay on someone after you took them down? The judges need to stop giving points for laying on people and start giving more credit for submission attempts and strikes thrown from the bottom,…..I repeat FUCK Greg Jackon, FUCK the Jackson camp and style of their pussy footing way of “fighting” and FUCK the UFC judges. FUCK the dudes who exploit the UFC rules to wrestler their way to decisions because THE GUYS WHO WRESTLE AND GRIND, KNOW THEY CAN’T BANG WITH THE BEST OF THEM, SO THEY PUSSY FOOT AND GET THE DECISION!!! BUT DID PETTIS REALLY LOSE? IN MY HONEST OPINION, AND EVERYONE THAT I’VE TALKED TO AT MY JIU JITSU SCHOOL AGREES. PETTIS WON THE FIGHT, LOST THE DECISION. FUCK CLAY GUIDA, FUCK GREG JACKSON. THEY’RE RUINING MMA.

    • armendo420

      lol u had to post this more then once u r a hurt sack buddy!!!!! just mad cuz one of ur fav fighters lost!! u sound like a punk bitch wit all the bitchin ur doin!!!!! lolololololololol go smoke some more crack bud