Travis Browne Finally Getting Some Due Recognition (TUF 17 Finale Video)

April 14, 2013
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Travis-Browne-UFC-135-Post-460x270Travis Browne is a fighter that will throw down with whomever his bosses put in front of him.

On Saturday night, he did so with former UFC heavyweight title contender Gabriel Gonzaga, and he threw Gonzaga down, hard.

Travis Browne isn’t about calling out other fighters, but he does want his bosses at the UFC to know that he’s ready to keep moving up the ladder, and would very much like to fight any of the top contenders in the UFC heavyweight division.

Check out Travis Browne’s comments from the TUF 17 Finale post-fight press conference…

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  • Aries

    How many back of the head shots did u see I saw 3 maybe 4

    • Darin

      Exactly! Why is this not mentioned on this site? They should have considered disqualifying him, insted DW gives him a bonus!

  • i thought those elbows were illegal

  • You could clearly see the he was hitting Gonzaga’s ear with most of those strikes. I will agree when Gonzaga started to drop that there were a couple that were questionable but when somebody moves and a strike lands somewhere other than its intended target, that kind of thing happens. Watch the fight again in slow motion.

  • El Gvapo

    I think the only thing that saved him from a DQ was that the first two or three strikes looked legal. The damage was done then the follow up strikes looked dodgy at best.

  • Maddawgmar

    Travis Brown v Mark Hunt or Roy Nelson, next,