Training Partner Talks Georges St-Pierre’s Hiatus from the UFC and Possible Return

August 6, 2014

Georges St-Pierre UFC World TourWhen former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre made his promotional debut in January 2004, the highest profile fighter competing out of the Montreal-based Tristar Gym was up-and-coming middleweight Dave Loiseau.

It was a long road from St-Pierre and Loiseau’s humble beginnings to the point where St-Pierre stood atop the MMA world and then walked away.

St-Pierre announced that he was taking a break from fighting following his ninth consecutive title defense at UFC 167 against current titleholder Johny Hendricks.

“I’ve been fighting for a long time,” St-Pierre said during a media conference call in December announcing his relinquishment of the belt. “I’ve been fighting a very long time for a high level. It’s a lot of pressure, a lot of criticism, and I’ve decided I need to take time off.”

Speculation immediately arose about why the 33-year-old Canadian abandoned his title. Rumors ran rampant about an illegitimate child, his father’s health, and countless other speculations about why the greatest 170-pound UFC champion decided to suddenly walk away from the sport.

“Nobody knows what’s going on inside of Georges’ head; so nobody can judge. When he decided to retire, or take a break, I was okay with it. We talked a few times about it as friends, not as training partners, just as friends. As a friend, a real friend will tell you, you do whatever the hell you want. Whatever feels right, you do it,” Loiseau recently told

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“Don’t care about what people say. They’ll judge you no matter what. If you stay, they’ll judge you. If you leave, they’ll judge you. So do whatever feels right, you do.”

UFC president Dana White is confident that St-Pierre will return to fight after healing up from a second ACL surgery. Loiseau believes St-Pierre will fight again, but doesn’t sound as absolute as White about it.

“He hasn’t lost in I don’t know how many years. He’s the champ. I don’t know. We don’t know what’s going on in Georges’ head. A fighter that achieved that level of greatness is alone in his head. He’s alone in his head and he’s unpredictable to regular people,” said Loiseau. “Whenever he feels hungry enough to step back in there, he will.

“One thing that brought Georges to the top, the one thing that kept Georges at the top of the division and the top of the sport, is his brain. This guy used his brain in the gym, in the cage. I mean this guy is very, very smart. Every move he makes is calculated, inside and outside of the Octagon. We’ll see,” Loiseau added.

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  1. Stay retired, you boring Canadian

    • Boring Canadian? Please list your accomplishments in life. It’s usually complete failures that post things like you do.

      • Too true.

      • Thanks for this post. Saves me from calling this guy” Dana is a pig” an utter asshole .

      • Poor argument. No one disputes his accomplishments, but UFC is entertainment, and if a lot of the people who pay for and watch these events think he’s boring, then he’s boring. I personally think he was a very exciting fighter until he got ko’d and started fighting safe to out point his opponents. I mean, he couldn’t finish anyone, not even dan hardy. So if he’s your idol, great, but that doesn’t make him any less boring for the rest of us, and it doesn’t make us lesser mma fans for not liking his style.

        • You’re confused. You confuse not being a finisher with being “boring”. Finishing a fight, and having an exciting fight, are not mutually inclusive. Likewise, some of the best fights in the UFC have not ended in a finish.

          GSP is not a finisher. No one would contest this. However, his fights, for the most part, have been far from boring. C’mon guy. Get off your hate wagon. Condit fight was fight of the night. Hendricks fight was edge of your seat tit for tat exciting. Gimme a break.

          • Give me a break. His fights bore me, I’m not confused about this, nor are many others. I’m absolutely certain that he’s boring—you understand subjectivity or no? If you think he’s an exciting fighter, that’s your problem. I don’t dislike GSP, so I don’t need to climb off of my ‘hate wagon,’ but you do need to climb off of his nuts

          • You’re welcome to your subjective opinion. When you post it in a public forum, and try to pass it off as an objective truth, folks have every right to point out the fallacies in your blanket comments. And your need for public backing shines through as every second post I see from you touts how oh so “many others” share your view.

            Yeah, you do need to get off the GSP fixation because you’re seen literally everywhere, and take every opportunity, to holler how boring and scared, and weak mentally (etc. etc.) one of the greatest pound per pound fighters of all time is. It’s ridiculous and an undeserved defamation of character.

            And seriously kid, the whole “nut” thing on the internet is juvenile and dated. Another fixation you’d do well to grow out of.

          • You’re not very bright, so I’ll explain: this is a forum, which is all about opinions. And if you understood the word objective, you’d realize I never tried to pass my opinion off as anything other than a valid argument. Also, I almost never comment on GSP threads, so you may need to check your meds. You, however, have a serious crush on GSP that is a bit too stalkerish in my opinion. Do you feel you’re his knight in shining armor?? I do not hate GSP, nor do I feel his fighting style is above reproach. I commented on this thread because someone was being called a failure for thinking GSP is boring. Really??! That’s not ridiculous and childish???

          • Bogus retort. You obviously explained nothing (“duh, this is a forum, dur”) but you did highlight your insecurities in your overture.
            You want to talk about not being very bright? Take a look at dumb blanket comments floating around the thread like “he couldn’t finish anyone, not even Dan Hardy”. Who says dumb crap like that? Oh, wait a minute …

          • You’re a low IQ automaton who gets off on rehashing arguments made by others, over and over again. Your retorts lack any insight, and consequently you add no value to this or any forum. It’s meaningless to debate with you, because when a valid point is made you can only resort to personal attacks–i.e. trying to classify someone as a hater or insecure, just because you disagree with their point of view. That, sir, is the lowest form of debate. I stand by my assertion that any criticism of GSP disturbs you to an unnatural degree, and feel that your time would be better spent staring at the GSP posters on your wall.

          • I simply must wonder whether you even realize that you’re the bloke who resorted to insults first and have carried them to the far greater extremes in our exchange. Probably not. You’re obviously far too busy hyperventilating.

        • The confusion starts with you thinking that I am arguing. We know he has not been a finisher of late but most people still find that he brings excitement to the cage. GSP is more than an outstanding mixed martial artist, he is intelligent and fights that way. Just because you read negative things by others and agree with them doesn’t make it true.

        • Was Muhammad Ali boring too? The guy won a ton of bouts by outpointing opponents. People like you should stick to WWE.

    • MMA isn’t for you. WWE —————>

    • You too boring haters

    • Exactly yawn.. Seems like GSP still has fans waiting for him to return. He can cure insomnia with his style of fighting

    • Try reality tv. / Hulk Hogan. Indeed …MMA isn’t for you. GSP was the sh*t. (In the most competitive division in MMA….UFC 170 pounders). If you look at that fight again with Hendricks unbiased against GSP and just watch it emotionless and unaffected that someone was doing that well against GSP… you give the fight 3 to 2 GSP. He controls the Octagon, is more active etc. Watch it again. It was 2 rounds a piece going into the 5th round. (Which GSP won.) If you watch it as just 2 fighters without preconceived notions then you give it to George. Facial damage and crowd noise doesn’t count. Except in Brazil.
      Ask Jon Jones in the Gus fight. He had to go to the emergency room after the fight …on a stretcher.

    • No he isn’t, he’s one of the greatest fighters in UFC.

  2. GSP well trained and caring about what he’s doing would crush Hendricks…probably in a boring fashion, but he would crush him none the less..

    • No he wouldn’t. I’d bet the farm on 2008 GSP but 2014 GSP, with a second ACL surgery added to his resume, would get his head caved in even worse than the 1st fight no matter how hard he trained or how much he wanted it.

      • I think Hendricks is a bad fight stylistically for George. Even 2008 GSP.

        Hendricks is strong. Damn strong. What’s worse, he has great base and top tier MMA wrestling skills to ensure he doesn’t stay on the bottom of a take down for very long. Two areas where GSP is used to dominating (i.e. strength/athleticism and top position).

        While technically the better and faster striker, GSP does not have K.O power. He knows it. His opponents know it. Hendricks, however, does. So a stand-up struggle is one where GSP should out point (and has), but at no small amount of risk.

        GSP needs to fall back on his BJJ, risk being mounted, and risk a finish, to beat Hendricks. To do so, he needs to take risks and that is asking a lot from a bloke with OCD. That said, saying he’ll get his head caved in? That’s doubtful. GSP can out score Hendricks 2 out of 3 fights IMHO. We’re so used to seeing him dominate that our perspective is a bit off from his last tussle. Wha … GSP lost a few rounds? Hendricks DOMINATED!!! Whatever.

  3. The WW division hasn’t been this exciting since GSP lost to Matt Serra. Ever since he’s been trying to win by points. Good riddance

    • I agree 100%

  4. lf he ever returns he will “again” lose to Hendricks.

    • We’ll see.

    • No he will lose to Robbie 😉

      • Lawler???

      • I like Robbie, but no way he can contend with GSP’s ground game. GSP would would have his way with Robbie.

  5. “GSP is boring”… Oh the stupidity.