Top UFC Women’s Contender Cat Zingano Cleared to Fight, Sarah Kaufman Calls Her Out

May 7, 2014
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Cat ZinganoIt’s been more than a year since Cat Zingano last set foot in the Octagon, but after several surgical procedures and knee injections, the UFC’s top women’s bantamweight contender has been cleared for a return.

Zingano on Tuesday tweeted the news that she had finally been given full clearance to begin hard training again.

Zingano rode an unblemished professional record into her UFC debut against former Strikeforce champion Miesha Tate last year, and her arrival didn’t disappoint. She and Tate fought a tremendous battle with Zingano finishing it with a flurry of knees and elbows midway through the third round.

The victory put Zingano in the catbird’s seat for an Ultimate Fighter coaching slot and a subsequent shot at bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, but she suffered a knee injury in training before filming ever got underway for The Ultimate Fighter. In her stead, Tate took her coaching position and got the shot at Rousey.

Now that she’s cleared to fight, Zingano already has a welcoming committee forming with Sarah Kaufman leading the charge.

Also a former Strikeforce champion, Kaufman has been champing at the bit for a fight that would propel her into UFC title contention. Zingano would easily fit the bill.

The only question now is if the UFC and Zingano will relent and put her in a fight against a top opponent like Kaufman prior to her getting a shot at the belt after Ronda Rousey and Alexis Davis fight at UFC 175 on July 5.

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  • Maddawgmar

    I think she should fight Rousey then, there is more than enough time for a full camp for Cat to be ready. Give Davis to Kaufman, Sarah has beat her anyways. Cat is a more legit fight for Ronda.

    • Seth

      No one should be granted title fight like that. If she gets one – so should TJ Grant.

      long break with injury should DQ you from immediate title shot. You
      NEVER know how fighter will come back from a injury. And she had to deal
      with soooooooo much personal stuff too. Let her warm up first. Davis
      earned her title shot too and she should get it, while Cat was out for
      too long to jump in head first into 5 rounder. It’s not hate on her,
      but TJ lost his title shot for very same reason. Rashad also had to
      fight to get his LHW title shot again after injury. So just be fair to

      • Riverdog

        Agreed. Davis is the clear cut number 1 Contender at this point at 135. She has 5 wins in a row over all. 3 and 0 in the UFC. Its only fair. As for Zingano, I think its been too long for her to get an immediate shot. I think The UFC needs to implement a time frame for rankings. Cat should get a tune up fight with Kaufman first. Winner gets a crack at Rousey (if she beats Davis). If Rousey gets past Davis/Zingano/Kaufman then bring on Cyborg if she can make 135.

        • shakejunt

          if/when it happens i’m imagining rousey/cyborg tuf. that’s money right there.

          • Seth

            Agree on this. If you do USA Vs Brazil, would be bigger IMO. Sonnen/Wand should be USA Vs Brazil too… :/

  • Rocco

    Zingano *rode an

  • Jon Mendelsohn

    I think Sarah Kaufman is going to pull off the upset. I like Sarah over Kat.

  • dandogood

    Please spare us from looking at dull pasty pale Sara Kaufman. watching Kaufman is torture.

    • shakejunt

      yeah more gina, less talent! make it happen

  • jk

    Cat I think will destroy Sarah.. She will also put it on Rousey if Mark Beecher comes back to her camp? Don’t think he will tho, but who knows

  • dandogood

    Poor sara needs some money.

  • Tryptam

    Kaufman should either fight Cat Zingano, Amanda Nunes or Sara Mcmann. I think all 3 would probably end up destroying her and it would be very entertaining. Nothing against Kaufman, I just think her confidence will start falling now that shes no longer in Strike Force