Top UFC Welterweight Contender Johny Hendricks Will Wait for Georges St-Pierre Title Shot

March 31, 2013
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Johny Hendricks at UFC 141UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was recently cast to star in Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier as villain Batroc the Leaper.  The sequel to the 2011 blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger is expected to hit theaters on April 4, 2014, with production wrapping up this fall.

Top UFC welterweight contender Johny Hendricks would like for the fight to happen in August, but will wait for his title shot until St-Pierre’s return.

“If he wants to do that, more power to him.  Now I have it.  Now I know I have that fight.  Nothing stands in my way between me and GSP.  That was my main concern right there, to make sure I’m the No. 1 contender and no one can steal that spot,” said Hendricks about the possibility of waiting until the fall or even winter to face the champion.

“It doesn’t bother me to know that I’d like to fight in August, but if it’s September I’m fine with that too,” Hendricks told Knockout Radio, an official content partner.

If St-Pierre is unable to defend his title until the end of the year, Hendricks will not accept a fight before facing the titleholder.

“I’d say no way,” said Hendricks when asked whether he’d take another fight if offered.  “If he gets to wait, then I want to wait for him.”

St-Pierre’s last four fights have taken place in his home country of Canada.  Hendricks doesn’t care where the two fight as long as they do fight.

“Hey, I do not care, you know what I mean?  I don’t care where it’s at.  I just want a shot at that belt so bad I can almost taste it,” he said.  “Nothing else matters but getting that belt.”

Hendricks earned his title shot by defeating Carlos Condit at UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz on March 16.  In the second and third rounds, Hendricks put his wrestling ability on display, something that gets overlooked behind his one-punch knockout power.

St-Pierre utilizes his wrestling ability to dominate his opponents with top control, but Hendricks doesn’t think the champion will be able to do that to him.

“I wrestled Division I.  I was a national champion, but here in the MMA world people act like I don’t have wrestling,” said Hendricks. “One thing I think I did showcase is that my wrestling is just as strong, if not stronger, that GSP’s.”

We won’t know for sure whose MMA wrestling is superior until St-Pierre and Hendricks set foot in the Octagon together, but that is no longer a question of if, but when.

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  • Dean

    Hendricks is hungry…he knows what he’s doing. Should be a good fight!

  • Maddawgmar

    Hope GSP doesn’t ruin that movie. I’ve seen his previous attempts at movies. As a big comic fan I would hate to see Captain America movie ruined because of one person.

    • Cuban VooDoo

      You come to this site to make that whiney post about your stupid movie? The rest of us here hope that movie doesn’t ruin this fight…

      • Maddawgmar

        You caught me. Signed up on this site three years ago and have been posting on articles ever since just in the hopes that I one day can say something about this movie. This fight is about as interesting as Mike Tyson v an infant. GSP will walk through Hendricks like he does everyone else. So out of this article, yes the movie concerns me more.

  • louis

    is there anything st pierre won’t do to avoid big rigg???? , man up georges

    • Right. Man up Georges and continue to fight every top guy the UFC gives you like you’ve been doing your entire career. The guys been undefeated for 6 six years and has already fought the two top guys in Condit and Diaz when coming back from surgery.. I’m pretty sure the champ deserves some time to film a movie and take some time off.

      • Darin

        Diaz was top two? When did this happen?

        • Well you got me there, I guess I was being generous lol. But I said top two mainly b/c his fight with Condit was a great fight and he only lost by decision and being on the win streak he had and veteran status in the sport I gave him top two spot. GSP said it as well if I’m not mistaken but that was his opinion as it is mine as well. I think he should fight Rory McDonald next what do you think of that fight?

          • samiam

            I’d rather see Rory and nick Diaz. Way more entertaining .

          • Agreed

        • Cptmats

          Diaz may not be top two or three but i don’t think Hendricks is either. I think Condit Beat him and i would be willing to bet money on either Diaz or Rory over Hendricks.

          Hendricks looked good against Campman and Fitch but he also had two decisions against guys that George beat decisively, One of which i think he should have lost.

          Hendrick isn’t getting this fight because he the #1 contender, He’ getting it because he cried the loudest

      • Steven Thurman

        Right? Personally I dont think Diaz was top two, but he was up there. I dont see why he would be afraid of Hendricks, GSP has phenomenal wrestling, just as good as Hendricks, maybe better, and I think minus the power, his stand up is much better. Hendricks stand up is kind of sloppy, anyone can see, he mostly just lunges the left hand out over and over and over again. I think GSP’s jab alone would be able to keep that power strike away

        • Oh man you called it right on the money. GSP does always out wrestle even the best wrestlers (Hughes, Koscheck, Fitch) I have nothing against Hendricks he’s a tough guy but GSP is just an all around more complete fighter. I’m dying to see Hendricks bottom game. After this fight I don’t know what would be left for GSP. I like the way you think please follow me on fbook and twitter.

      • UFC Politics Suck

        I usually agree with everything you post, but in this sport the time window is relatively short for most athletes to reach their goals. If GSP wants to make movies then that is great, but if he’s going to do that it needs to revolve around his fights not the other way around. What a UFC Champion “deserves” are the accolades awarded by the UFC, but anything outside of that organization should be done on personal time. The politics are starting to get a little silly. Just a little.

        PS – I think GSP is going to be a great Batroc. He has the body and accent for it and he will probably only say a handful of lines example:

        Captain America – “Batroc! Where’s Bucky?!”

        Batroc – “E cood not match my riddum.”

        (Then fight ensues)

        Batroc wins by Unanimous Decision

        • This is the way things have always been. Even in school the athletes would get special treatment. I mean the UFC could always say no on the movie but their granting him the time table. How do you think that fight plays out anyway, with GSP/Hendricks? Please feel free to message me anytime, I’m always up for fight talk. Follow me on Fbook and twitter.

        • Sir_Roy

          GSP’s on a minimum 2 fight per year contract. As long as he respects this, he can do whatever he pleases. He’s got one fight down already. The fall leaves plenty of room for the other.

          It’s not likely GSP was going to fight three times in 2013 regardless. So us fight fans are not really losing out either. As such, the UFC saying “no” to a huge movie opportunity like this would be counterproductive on every single fathomable level. They would be taking money from GSP’s pockets (something your #1 star is not soon to forget) and they would be taking from their own as well … because they’d be denying themselves an opportunity to have their biggest star highlighted on the big screen, in a big budget summer blockbuster. The UFC could not do more to promote their sport than this. It’s free advertising of the highest kind. Everyone wins.

          The penultimate example of a win win situation.

      • MMAreality

        Completely agreed. What is wrong with GSP doing the movie? He dominates every fight. No one has came even close to beating him. People need to give GSP more credit. I am tired of hearing people say that GSP is ducking people. He has fight all of the top contenders to date, minus Hendricks who is just barely proven himself for the number one contender position.

        • Awesome username. And great response. Please follow me on fbook and twitter. Like I’ve said I like Hendricks, he’s tough but I’m so tired of people not respecting GSP that I hope he wins (in any fashion) and shuts people up because after Hendricks I don’t know what more they can ask for from the guy. Besides the cliche finish a fight line. He’s fighting the best professional fighters in the world, you don’t just finish these guys you beat them in a certain fashion most of the time. How many times have guys he fought like Condit, Diaz, Alves, Koshceck and Penn been finished in their careers? These are not guys you just fight and finish.

  • Steven Thurman

    St.Pierre did a much better job holding Condit down than you did, so im not sure you’re that much better than him. Hope Hendricks wins though, im so sick of GSP

    • Advance*

      It seemed like he was taking Condit down even easier than GSP but wasn’t trying to just hold him down. Or at least he isn’t used to employing that strategy

      • Steven Thurman

        In the beginning of the fight it was just take downs then getting up, But everytime he tried to keep it on the ground and take advantage of his position he was mostly being controlled from Carlos’ BJJ.

      • Sir_Roy

        Hendricks knew he was in danger on the ground. He couldn’t come close to neutralizing Condit’s BJJ as Georges can and did. If Hendricks had stayed with Condit on the mat, he would have run into a submission sooner rather than later. And “Big Rig” knew it.

        He did the only thing he could do, win via successful take downs. With an ever so slight exception in the first round, Carlos was also getting the better of the stand-up exchanges. Hendricks ended up avoiding the stand-up via take-downs, and avoiding the fight on the mat via standing back up … fooling the judges into believing it was somehow him who was dictating where the fight went … but he can’t fool the fans;

        It was clearly Carlos who had Hendricks running.

        In short, Carlos won that fight.

  • I hope Hendricks get his shot and all; he’s earned it but I remember fighters like Chuck Liddell who fought Sobral when he was already #1 contender and didn’t want to sit around b/c he loved to fight so much. He was already on a 6 fight win streak in the UFC, 9 total and said if he couldn’t beat Sobral then he didn’t deserve to be #1 contender. GSP has already fought every top guy they have thrown at him, so I don’t think he’s ducking anyone. I do want to see him and Hendricks fight but I wouldn’t mind seeing Hendricks fight Ellenberger in the mean time.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Spot on! Liddell fought Sobral at his best as well, not the guy hanging around the smaller shows that is a shadow of his former self. That being said, I think Hendricks more than showed he is the next guy in line and has taken all comers to this point. Just my opinion….but I would love to see he and Ellenberger duke it out! Can you say FIREWORKS???

      The difference with many contenders and some champions now is the UFC presently has more athletes than fighters. The early days of “anytime and anywhere” type talk and action are increasingly going the way of the Do-Do bird. In the modern UFC, It’s all about career posturing and these “atheletes” have too much sway when it comes to picking who they fight and when. IF it keeps going in that direction, we will have the mess that we call pro boxing,

      • marcus miles

        I agree totally.

    • I don’t think GSP is ducking him at all… Remember when Thiago was tearing up the division, and Koscheck couldn’t even take Alves down. This is the same thing a few years later. I think this fight will be tougher for George, being that all fighters seem to be evolving, but I gaurantee he believes he can beat any 170’lb fighter in the world. That’d be cool if GSP was ready for summer, but I feel like he might be a little burned out, and will want to wait a little longer. So much goes into every single camp of his (media, coaches, etc.) that it can’t be easy at all to just go from one to the other.

      • How do you see this fight playing out? GSP always out wrestles even the best wrestlers and has the footwork and ground game. Hendricks is dangerous and I’m interested to see if his wrestling is solid enough to stuff GSP’s take downs and land some good shots.


    GOOOOO HENRICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G_money925

    Hendricks should fight jake ellenberger

  • bajafox

    GSP needs to cash in before he becomes the next Matt Hughes. Age doesn’t care about talent

    • MMAreality

      bajafox lets make a bet if GSP beats Hendricks. You never make another comment on MMAWeekly. If GSP gets beat I will never make another comment on here. You up for it?

      • bajafox

        Nope, IDGAF if you ever post on here or not, but apparently I’ve said something that makes you want me to stop posting on here. All the more reason to keep posting, lol

        • MMAreality

          Yes you are annoying and I think that a lot more people would agree. I have complete faith in GSP’s abilities to beat Hendricks. I base the comments that I make on here by peoples talents and would back them by a bet with anyone. People like you base it on your man crush for an individual. I knew you wouldn’t take the bet because you truly know that Hendricks most likely won’t win.

          • bajafox

            I may be annoying but I’m not stupid. GSP is supposed to win numb nuts. Obviously you’re just a typical GSP nut hugger. As long as mmaweekly doesn’t ban me I’ll keep posting till my hearts desire. Deal with it or go to another site

          • MMAreality

            Hey I am just trying to make the site better for all.

          • bajafox

            We can have this discussion again when your comments are at the top of the comments section, not second to last.

            Until then, do the site and others a favor and stick to the subject.

    • Sir_Roy

      GSP is only 31 yrs old. You realize a man’s physical peak is between the ages of 28 and 35 right?

      So, according to you, GSP should quit a hugely lucrative career right in the middle of his prime???

      A WTF comment if ever there was one.

      • bajafox

        Your reading comprehension really leave’s much to be desired, it’s ok though, I blame the public educations system.

        Nowhere did I say he should quit, my original posts intent was that he is taking time off a fight with a “no name” in Hendricks, to make some money on a major motion picture.

        Hence the comment “he needs to cash in BEFORE he becomes the next Matt Hughes”

        Before being the key word. Could be a year, could be six…

        • MMAreality

          Bajafox is a engineer and smarter than anyone else! (If you don’t believe me just ask him.) Although, he makes comments and when he is called out on how stupid they are he quickly points out a mistake of another’s spelling or punctuation. His grammar and spelling may be correct but his comments are annoying and dumb!

          • Sir_Roy

            Engineer huh? And what would that matter even if it were true (which, well, lol)? I’ve met many a bloke with a PHD who’s dumb as a stump, one dimensional, and too full of his own aura to see past his own nose. And actually, not that it matters a wit, but his grammar is not really perfectly correct … at all. Needs an obvious lesson in third person versus possessive nouns & plurals amongst other things – and all this in the same paragraph wherein he criticized my educational pedigree. But this is all just arrogant banter and pointlessly off topic regardless.

        • Sir_Roy

          You’re going to sit there straight faced and try to argue semantics when what you wrote is obviously very easy to misconstrue given the thread within which it’s written, your past propensity to take a shot at GSP in every single other thread concerning Georges, and the timeline context of ‘right now’ within which your comment is being conveyed?

          ‘Right now’ to ‘very soon’ is extremely implicit in what you wrote. It really comes off more as “GSP needs to hurry up and make some cash and retire before he ends up a fail”. The use of ‘before’ does nothing to suggest you meant to infer some distant, abstract future point way off when in the great beyond bud … a sense of urgency is definitely being conveyed.

          My point is he has plenty of time and a bright future as he’s only 31 years of age so your comment is premature at best.

          Again, It sounds like you were intimating he’s approaching the twilight of his career and had better hurry to fill his pockets. In fact, that’s exactly what you’re saying in your original post despite you elaborating to the contrary. Maybe you need to clarify yourself more, stop pointing the finger, and stop assuming everyone else around you is the idiot.

    • rabbitfrogmma

      Well say that to Anderson Silva…

      • rabbitfrogmma

        I think for Silva you can say that talent doesn’t care about age… And I can say the same thing for GSP (except that he is younger than Silva)

  • MMAreality

    I think that GSP will out strike Hendricks. He did it to Diaz. GSP may not finishes fights but he knows what he has to do to finish each fighter. I don’t see Hendricks beating him.