Top of the UFC on FX 2 Fight Card Nabs $50,000 Fighter Bonuses

March 3, 2012
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UFC on FX 2 posterThere were several knockouts, submissions, and back-and-forth battles to choose from at Friday night’s UFC on FX 2: Alves vs. Kampmann at the Allphones Arena in Sydney, but UFC officials had to narrow it down when issuing its $50,000 post-fight fighter bonuses… and the top of the card came shining through.

Controversy reigned over the Fight of the Night, which UFC president Dana White dubbed the flyweight semi-final bout between Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall. After the two fighters knocked each other around for three rounds, Johnson was announced the split decision winner to a chorus of boos from the Aussie fans.

White, however, explained at the post-fight press conference that an error had been made when tabulating the scorecards for the fight, and it actually was scored a three-round draw. There should have been a “sudden victory” round, but due to the error, that extra round never took place.

Johnson and McCall had to be somewhat assuaged by nabbing an extra $50,000 each for their efforts, but fans will be the big winners, as the two will rematch again in the coming months to determine a finalist to square off with Joseph Benavidez for the first-ever UFC flyweight championship.

Benavidez, in defeating Yoshuhiro Urushitani in the other flyweight semi-final bout, also earned a $50,000 bonus. He dropped Urushitani with a counter-right punch, finishing him off with a series of right hands just 11 seconds into the second round to earn Knockout of the Night honors.

The Submission of the Night went to main eventer Martin Kampmann, who had to pull a rabbit out of his hat to score the victory. Thiago Alves had been putting the hurt to him, especially in the final minutes of the fight.

Alves, however, shot a takedown, leaving his neck exposed for Kampmann, who has an excellent guillotine choke. Kampmann took full advantage, scoring the victory and the $50,000 bonus.

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  • RubeKegal

    The biggest organization and the biggest stage and a mistake like this to be made? Score fight….hand scorecard to ring official….ring official to Buffer…. How the f*ck does that process get f’ed up?!?

    In 1st grade, we played the “telephone” game and the 20 some odd first graders didn’t f*ck that up when we had to whisper the same message from student 1 to student 28.

    Ian got robbed either way….Kegal Out!

  • Someone posted the score card on the UG:

    I guess rd 3 from D’ Amato was supposed to be an 8 for Johnson (making the fight a majority draw) but it looks like a 9 with a tail.

    • fitefan

      For the record, I’m glad Ian is getting a rematch. I think he won that fight. but…

      according to those cards he lost a decision. It’s a pretty big stretch of the imagination to think the 9 with a tail should have been an 8. It curves the wrong way.

      My question is. Who is the guy that scored the first round a 10/10? In a must win scoreing system? 29/29 is impossible!

  • Scores should have read:

    – 28-28 (draw)
    – 29-29 (draw)
    – 29-28 (Johnson)
    Majority draw

  • phrankthetank

    I still dont see any way that Johnson took that 1st rd. I’m a fan of mighty mouse but I’m trying to be objective and I definitely think McCall had the 1st and 3rd

  • D-rail

    All I know is that Sydney got a hell of a show!! I haven’t seen a card tear it up like that in long time. I enjoyed every bout, from beginning to end. Great job guys, that’s how It’s done, and free to top it off.

  • Towers66

    Damn!!!! Good stuff. What a card. Me satisfied.

  • Do you guys agree with the sub of the night? I mean Kampmann’s comeback was great, but wasn’t Pineda and even more so Waldburger’s submissions much more impressive than a guillotine?

    • fitefan

      yeah, I thought the arm bar was a better submission myself. Not by much tho, Kampmann did roll Alves over into a mounted position.

      They gotta introduce a comeback of the night bonus. Give that to Kampmann and let this arm bar kid get his money. It was pretty impressive how quick he did it.

  • 10 + 10 + 8 = 29

    • I can has job as eggsekutive offisser on combat sportz now?

  • D-rail

    WTF??? dude!